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good things in explorers of sky:

  • you can be Super Gay
  • those moments when your partner is doubting themself but thanks you for trying to help
  • “i can be brave thanks to you, (player).”
  • grovyle and your partner talking about how special you are together
  • sending your partner and the guild members gifts
  • croagunk’s swap shop and pokemon specific items
  • dialga and pialka shouting at all times, even while relaxing in spinda cafe
  • bidoof’s southern accent
  • each partner pokemon has slightly different dialogue
  • sky jukebox
  • all of it . all of it is Good

last night the thought of kuro!neki visiting :re couldn’t let me go. some au ideas in the tags.


Depeche Mode – Just Can’t Get Enough.
Swap Shop 1981 🇬🇧

#depechemode #justcantgetenough #1981 #neontalk #depeche #davidgahan #vinceclarke

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Television: In 2013, 73% of households in the world owned televisions.

The Oscars are No. 1. Everyone goes crazy for a gold-dressed man.
⬆ Saddling up right behind at No. 2 is Steven Universe. Far out.
Fuller House is everywhere you look, debuts at No. 10.

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Movies: The largest drive-in movie theater in the world is the Fort Lauderdale Swap Shop.

Zootopia (No. 2) is slowly waking up from hibernation as we draw closer to release date.
⬇︎ Has Crimson Peaked (No. 20)? It fell to the very bottom of the list.

Music: The first car radio was introduced in 1930. It was called the Motorola.

Rihanna’s double music video shot her up to No. 1.
The 1975 releases a second album, serenades fans at a Tumblr IRL, rests easy at No. 3.

Celebrities: You can have many paparazzi or one paparazzo. Language is neat.

Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar and our No. 1 celeb of the week. All hail Leo.
Cate Blanchette (No. 11) and Rooney Mara (No. 19) didn’t win an Oscar, but they did make their Fandometrics debut.
⬇︎ Kylie Jenner fell to No. 5, despite selling out of her lip kits in 20 minutes. Again. For the third time.

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Games: Atari’s E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial took only five and a half weeks to make.

Pokémon is No. 1 for their 20th anniversary. Pika, Pika.
☆ The newly announced Pokémon Sun and Moon debuts at No. 7. So many Pokémons.
⬇︎ Undertale fell to No. 2 for the first time in months.

Web stuff: Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee is the inventor of the World Wide Web. Really.

danisnotonfire returns to his usual No. 1 throne.
Troye Sivan makes a smooth transition to No. 4 after releasing his latest video. What a talented young man.
☆ Hey! Check, Please! (@omgcheckplease) is Tumblr born and bred. We’re proud to say it debuted at No. 10.


clearly Edith and Sybil were the two sisters that swapped clothes in the Crawley family

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svt on a field trip

scoups: the one who furiously takes roll to make sure everyone is present and accounted for and of course that usually never happens the first time so the group is always late bc he’s gotta go hunt down the missing person

jeonghan: makes sure everyone crosses the street carefully and hogs the window seats on the bus and sleeps

joshua: lends the person next to him an earbud on the bus and shares his snacks at lunch, buys a giant map and navigates the group through the museum

jun: is initially excited to go on the field trip but then gets tired easily :(((((((( after lunch though he bounces off the walls and runs around the museum

hoshi: loiters at the gift shop and does face swap with the exhibits

wonwoo: appreciates the art but sometimes stands too close

woozi: halfway through he gets too tired and makes mingyu piggyback him around the museum, probably has to pay for lunch

dokyeom: somehow accidentally becomes a tour guide even though he knows absolutely nothing about the museum, has to leave in the middle of explaining nonsense about a painting when scoups tells him its time to go home

mingyu: takes selcas with the art and puts them on his story : “ is that the art or is it me :-) “

the8: hangs out with wonwoo because he’s interested in seeing the art, rolls his eyes when wonwoo gets scolded by security guards for standing too close

seungkwan: the one who got lost or is late to roll call,,, now he has to stay right next to scoups where he can keep an eye on him

vernon: overpacks and has to drag around his heavy backpack all day : “what do you mean we wouldn’t need 10 ice packs and this giant flashlight”

dino: feels so so about the museum part of the trip even though he liked spending time with the members but is excited to go to the gift shop and buy stuffed dinosaurs

Hey Pittsburgh, you want to make some comics and draw together? The comics salon’s got you covered. Come hang out with us at Biddle’s Escape.

From 3-6 PM join the @pittsburghcomicssalon’s floating academy this Saturday 3/18 at the Saturday Comics Studio.
- hang out, drink some coffee, grab a bite and make some comics with me and other like minded folks - we’ll be @biddlesescape 401 Biddle Ave. meet some other makers, talk shop, swap zines - it’ll be cozy n casual. #pittsburghcomicssalon #comicsworkbook #pittsburgh #comics ///////// JF

Film swap with Danny | Recycle shop

A Yorkshire film swap with Bradford based photographer mannydarsh.

First exposure by Danny in Bradford and second exposure by me whilst on holiday in the Lake District.

Film: Kodacolor 200

  • Libra and Aries: They go and do crazy shit together and never think twice, they are like one crazy powerful awesome friendship.
  • Libra and Taurus: One of those awkward friendships where you both really want to hang out but literally have nothing in common.
  • Libra and Gemini: Talking over each other all the time, probably end up at a coffee shop swapping stories or rollerblading down a steep hill, cause why not?
  • Libra and Cancer: Painting each others nails (or something to that extent) and watching really lame TV shows, which Libra is talking over the whole time telling Cancer exactly what happens in the show.
  • Libra and Leo: Like best friends doing everything together, waiting for each other after school sleeping over at each others houses, never going home, all though you guys probably fight ALL the time because you are so similar
  • Libra and Virgo: Sort of awkwardly sitting together waiting for your other friends to show up, Virgo trying to start conversations and Libra being bored quickly, and Virgo getting annoyed at Libra for being bored.
  • Libra and Libra: HA oh man this would be beautiful, probably enter a dance contest together and say things at the same time and then turn to each other really quick and get really mad and then end up laughing your butts off.
  • Libra and Scorpio: Libra is constantly trying to get in the Scorpio's head and wanting them to talk when the Scorpio just wants it to be quiet and ACTUALLY watch the movie.
  • Libra and Sagittarius: Random road trips and inside jokes are their thing, probably too cool for everyone else.
  • Libra and Capricorn: Libra pushes Capricorn out to a party and Capricorn complains the whole time but actually has a super good time but would never tell Libra. Secretly these two are bffs, I know it's true.
  • Libra and Aquarius: Painting outside while lying on their front lawn naked and not caring about who passes by them, okay maybe Libra cares a little but Libra's gotta be tough for Aquarius and show them how fricken awesome and careless they are.
  • Libra and Pisces: Watching clouds and relaxing, Pisces would be Libra's chill friend, someone they know they can just go to and relax without even a worry.
  • I hope none of this comes off rude, any sign can be friends with any sign and I'm sure you'll have a beautiful friendship this is just what I imagine how a friendship with a Libra is for each sign.
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