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Just got the jacket for my Halloween costume this year and I LOVE IT!!!! Had to take some pictures!!! I’ll take better ones after it’s all pulled together.

I’m just so excited!!!! This has got to be the most well-made article of clothing I own! It’s a custom piece by EimeeBG on Etsy (curse mobile’s terrible links. Here’s the shop address: )

i just had a nice thought

i want to open up a cafeteria that offers support whilst there is chillhop/lofi hip hop music calmly playing in the background.

there, the employees can offer homework help, help with stress or any other type of support while the customer is sipping on hot cocoa/coffee/tea/any other beverage. 

it’ll be a nice place to study and it’ll be a very happy and lively cafeteria. 

though, i don’t think i’ll do that since i’m incapable of socialising in crowded areas or just anywhere with people. 

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Hi, I just wanted to confirm that the tickets will go on sale everywhere at 10am local time? I live in Australia. Oh and do you know if Australians have to do that fan registration thing? Thank you!!!

sale for the US tour: May 5th, 10AM (venue local time), must register before May 3rd, 10PM PT - fan registration

pre-sale for the UK tour: May 4th, 9AM BST - May 5th, 8:59AM BST, accessible for people who have pre-ordered album via Harry’s UK or Euro shop with delivery address in the UK or for those who filled out the “no purchase necessary form” before May 3rd, 4PM BST, all info here
general sale for the UK tour: May 5th, 9AM BST

sale for the Europe tour: May 5th, 10AM CEST, check the website for the correct local distributor

sale for the Australia/NZ tour: May 5th, Melbourne: 4PM AEST, Sydney 5PM AEST, Auckland 5PM NZST, check the website for the correct local distributor as it varies for the different venues in AUS, further info here

sale for Singapore tour: TBA

sale for the Japan tour: TBA

October 7, 2017

  1. Taurus

  2. Capricorn
     Address book

  3. Virgo

  4. Cancer

  5. Scorpio
     Ballpoint pen

  6. Pisces
     Ticket barrier

  7. Aquarius
     Latte art

  8. Libra
     Waist bag
     Light blue

  9. Aries

  10. Leo
     Matsutake mushrooms

  11. Sagittarius
     Japanese food

  12. Gemini
     Musical instruments

Anon: hi, could you do one of Park Jin Young where you are his fan and it’s like he sees you in a dream and he fell in love with you… He start to know you and you became his gf and we’ll the smut :3 I want it very lovely please

Author: Admin A

Character(s): Junior (Got7)/Reader

Word Count: 3496 (Sorry it’s really long) 

Summary: There is a legend that says if you cannot sleep at night, it is because you are awake in the dreams of someone else. 

Rolling over, you looked at the clock and let out an agitated sigh. 3:41 am. You hadn’t gotten a wink of sleep and it was already 3:41. What made this worse? This was the sixth or seventh time this has happened in the course of two weeks. The first time was right after the Got7 concert, but you figured that was just your concert high having not worn off. Now, you were beginning to wonder if it was something you should get checked out. Sighing, you rolled over and closed your eyes, attempting to get at least two hours before you had to report to work to open the shop.

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Let Not Light See My Black and Deep Desires, an Adlock fic

So, this came about as a result of this post based on a dream @francesca-wayland​ had.

Slightly NSFW under the cut. (By slightly, I mean that there’s nothing explicit, but you  still don’t want to read this with your boss or family members looking over your shoulder.)

The title comes from Macbeth, when the titular Scotsman is plotting to murder the king and doesn’t want anyone to know. Because if I can use a Shakespeare reference (or even if I can’t and have to reach), I will.

(Also, I’m sorry this took so long. I’ve been in rehearsal all week.)

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So I started my weekend off on Thursday morning. I flew to NYC to see TD. My flight was one of the last ones to get into LGA before landing strip closures for the weather. He was supposed to arrive an hour after me, but because of delays he was about 5 hours.

On my way into the city I stopped by my future roommates company in Long Island City and gave him my deposit and first month’s rent. He’s a super cool guy and it was nice to touch base the week before I move up permanently.

As soon as I got to the airport in the current city I realized I forgot to pack the two sex toys TD and I use. He LOVES using them on me so I sent him a text apologizing. By the time I landed, he had forwarded me an adult shop address near the hotel and told me to go and pick out a few things. I only carried my Neverfull for the NYC leg of my trip, but it was raining so I wanted to unload at the hotel first.

After settling in (we stayed near Central Park) I ran over to Bergdorf’s to get a new foundation (I use Charlotte Tilbury and ran out a couple weeks ago) and a couple more Chanel eyeshadows. Then I went to the sex shop. It was a boutique and a woman maybe 10 years older than me led me around and asked what my preferences were. We settled on a super cute vibrator with a little flipper end (I’m pretty sensitive so the big vibes are too much for me), a butt plug vibe and a great new lube. None of them had prices on them and I didn’t want to ask. But she rang me up, it was $250. What the fuck. The most expensive toy I’ve ever bought was like $40.

I texted TD and told him how expensive it was, he said not to worry about it and he’ll send the money on PayPal. I went back to the hotel after and decided to have a glass of champagne and Manhattan at the bar. I chatted with the bartender for a while and she asked me what brought me in. I told her my boyfriend was there on business. After about an hour I went upstairs to shower, shave and lotion up.

There was this great alcove in our room I could sit in next to the window. I perched up there in my slip until he finally arrived. We had about 45 minutes before our reservation at Lavo. He was pretty horny from the second he got in the door so we had sex real quick before. I touched up my makeup then we walked over.

We started with our glasses of champagne, then he ordered a bottle of red. We got cocktail shrimp (my favorite at places with a good raw bar), split a huge salad and then split two entrees. He got a swordfish special and I ordered a linguine bolognese with a massive meatball on the side.

We had a really long and leisurely dinner catching up on my new job and how his business and family are doing. Both tables to the left and right of us finished about halfway through our dinner, new parties filled the two tables and they left before we were done.

We talked about our highlight reel from Vegas and how much fun we had together. He told me the hotel bill was crazy high when he got the final invoice 😂 I gave him an innocent “oh no, I’m so sorry!” He just laughed and said it’s fine, it was worth it. Obviously he didn’t realize I charged that Alo outfit to the room.

When we were really relaxed and conversation was flowing easily, I slipped in asking for a favor. I’m moving next week, but my apartment is a walkup in Chelsea. My mom and I are driving there together so I can give her my car to take home. She has really bad arthritis and has trouble with stairs, but hotels in the city are crazy expensive, so I asked him if he could book me two nights. He said we’d figure it out tomorrow and I left it at that.

There’s a 20 layer cake on the dessert menu that sounded amazing. I was so full, I could barely eat anything more, but I asked if I could order it for a couple bites and take the rest home. When we finally wrapped up, we started walking back to the hotel.

He asked if I wanted to get another drink at the hotel before calling it a night, to which I obviously obliged. The same bartender from earlier was still at the bar. I told her my boyfriend was older… but TD is in his 40s 😂 so I’m sure she had a good laugh at my expense.

We went upstairs and unwrapped the toys, had some fun together and called it a night since we both had full days the next day. My friends were driving up to Boston and drove through NYC to pick me up on the way there. They stayed in Brooklyn for the night and his meeting was in FiDi, so we packed up and left the hotel together.

Before we left, he handed me a wad of 20s and apologized because he didn’t have time to get 100s out. He also said he’d set up a hotel reservation and text me the confirmation over the weekend. We went down in the elevator together, then bid each other ado on the street corner. I got on the subway to Brooklyn and went back to vanilla life.

Tied in Silk- Blood Sweat And Tears Smut (JiminXReader)

It all felt surreal. Everything. The fact that you knew an idol. The fact that you were friends with them. The fact that the 2 of you constantly talked to each other. Each occurrence seemed more improbable than the last. And this one was no exception.

You sit on your couch staring at the college textbook in front of you. Words and numbers fill your head in a mindless jumble. You groan and smack your head on the desk in front of you, muttering more than a few innovative curses to yourself. Why you thought studying abroad in Korea for few years was a good idea remains a mystery.

Your stomach growls in its ever present hungry state. What even is your stomach? A vortex that consumes all types of junk food? You aren’t sure but what you do know is that you need to eat something if you want to be able to focus. You gaze at the kitchen which seems so far from your seat on the couch… so fucking farrrr.

You push through though because the only thing worse than exercise is a hungry stomach. Groaning, you drag your lazy ass to the kitchen and open the fridge door. You’re greeted by a shelf of soju, a dozen eggs, some milk, and cabbage. As much as you appreciate a few soju bottles you can’t possibly drink just soju as a snack and the rest of the items are not very appetizing to eat raw. You go over to your pantry but you’re greeted by yet another near-empty space. A pack of ramyun is all that is left and with a sigh you go to the stove to boil some water.

The doorbell suddenly rings at your apartment door. Hangry and annoyed, you lower the flame of the cooking ramyun, walk over to yank the door open and demand “What do you want?”

To your surprise Jimin, as in THE Jimin, is standing outside your door with a slightly amused look on his face. You scan your attractive idol friend up and down, scrutinizing him with a glare. “Well hello to you too,” he answers with a smirk. You roll your eyes but can’t help but smile back, “You interrupted my ramyun making, of course I’m gonna be annoyed but, with all due respect, come right on in,” you make a grand gesture towards the interior of your dingy apartment.

“You’re certainly catty and sarcastic today,” Jimin notes. “Thanks, it’s a side effect of living alone and staring at a textbook for hours. It’s called acute hyper psychotextbookosis or in basic terms the insanity that follows studying; savagery is the response to it,” you ramble off.

“I see you’ve been studying your medical terms doctor-nim,” he bows cutely. “Good job detective, now would you mind explaining why you’re here, how you got here, and what I’m supposed to do now? I know I’m great company and all but I doubt you came here because you missed your pal,” you evaluate.

“Geezus, Y/N, you don’t even give me an opportunity to say a word. Always the smart-ass. Would you mind if I sat down before I gave you the story,” Jimin asks you politely and you nod. The two of you sit on the couch and he begins his rant:

“I don’t know if you’re aware, but we just started our promotion for our new album Wings and our title song Blood, Sweat, and Tears. Well, ever since the teaser released I kept seeing messages from this foreign ‘fan’ on sns forums and they’re all like: ARMY FANS WE CAN DO THIS BTS HWAITING! ARMY LET’S CRUSH THE OTHER GROUPS. JIMIN STOP HURTING ME SO MUCH. BABY JIMIN, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. UGH JIMIN I WILL RUIN YOU THE WAY YOU RUIN ME.”

“That escalated quickly. What drugs are these fans even on?” You wonder aloud. Jimin simply laughs and goes on with his story

“At first, I didn’t think much of it, just them being a fan. Slowly it got to the point where they posted really disgusting fanfictions. Normally, I’m don’t mind the stuff fans write but this was sickening things. Again, I just ignored it. But now, I think the fan is stalking me because pictures of places where normally no one knows I go to pop up with my address at that moment tagged. I keep getting obsessive fan mail and really objectifying pictures sent to me and I think they were trying to catch me back at my dorm after the dress rehearsal and performance today and tonight. I just needed a place to hide out and I saw your friend, Jikyo, at a coffee shop and got your address from her since I figured I could come here. Would you mind if I hid out here for a few? I already talked to my manager and members, they thought this was the best option… whaddaya say??”

You hum under your breath as if contemplating. “Wellllll…” you stretch, “I personally think you brought some of this upon yourself. Your title song is literally about BDSM and they always give you these super weird revealing clothes. Don’t you think you’re just begging to become a sex toy?”

Jimin frowns at your response, “So that’s a no?”

“I mean, I don’t think I’d mind you staying here but your concept is very… provocative, and I just think this should be an expected response from fans. You attack their fragile souls you know?” You explain, failing to maintain your poker face.

Jimin catches on to your teasing and raises an eyebrow, “You certainly happen to know how I affect my fangirls and fanboys. Not to mention how aware you are of our concept. Are you sure you’re not the one making our concept sexual?”

“Please,” you scoff, “Not even the most innocent bunny could convince me that shoulder throw of your sparkly suit on stage is a wardrobe malfunction.”

“You watch me perform?” His smirk grows.

“Correction. Jikyo does. Avid fangirl she is… She always insists I watch your songs and ‘support my friend’ but secretly I think she just wants me to become an ARMY as well. I really don’t bother with your group… Why would I watch a Jimin all perfect in front of the camera when I could just talk to the real idiot without all the disgusting makeup. Don’t you remember how we met in the first place? I assure you I’m not one of your psycho fangirls.”

Jimin laughs as he recalls that particular event. “I didn’t think you’d be such an aggressive drunk. Seriously, all I did was bump into you at that cafe shop and you got all up in my face, calling me a pretty boy with zero manners. When I tried to apologize and help you up, you cussed me out for assuming you were, and I quote, ‘a damsel in distress’. I still can’t believe you had the guts to do that even after knowing I was famous. I was highly impressed,” he tells you begrudgingly.

“Yeah, well, I was in a mood after exam results and I wasn’t gonna handle anyone’s shit,” you mutter without the slightest hint of embarrassment.

“You know, this I why I insisted on being your friend. You don’t treat me like an idol and you’re not afraid to shred people into bits,” he tells you.

“That’s me, chimchim. Forever the ice princess. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to my dumbass textbook and notes,” you start to get up but he pulls you back down by your waist onto his lap.

“You’re too stressed Y/N… Loosen up,” he mumbles in your ear, too close for comfort. You can tell he’s trying to spur a reaction out of you and you know that 2 can play at this game. You turn to face him and stare blankly into Jimin’s eyes. You decide to use the element of surprise.

“No,” you say and lean forward to give him a chaste kiss before pulling back.  You can feel his grip loosen slightly as his pulse rises and you attempt to wriggle out of his grip. Almost instantly, he recovers and pins you back down. You have to admit, he’s perseverant and you don’t mind this more-than-friends thing going on either.  He IS a hot idol for goodness sake. You’d be lying if you said you never felt sexually attracted to him.

Jimin is the one that surprises you this time by pressing his lips against yours. Your eyes widen and your mind starts to calculate the repercussions of kissing back. Before you make your decision, Jimin’s lips leave yours. “Payback,” he says with a smug look. “I think not,” you reply, not about to let him win this one. You pull him back down with more force and crash your chapped lips against his soft ones.

Things start to get more heated than anticipated and you hear Jimin growl in arousal. Your own smirk grows at this and you leave practically no space between you and him.

“How did we even end up here,” you mutter in between the uncalled for kiss.

“You started it,” Jimin says in an accusing tone.

“Yeah and you didn’t make any attempt to stop it did you know?”

“Why should I? You’re beautiful, sarcastic, smart, and so dominating,” he attempts to flatter you.

“You are aware that I can’t blush right? And was that last part supposed to be hinting something?”

“That’s up to you babe,” Jimin answers as he moves to kiss your jaw and neck

“I hate the word babe,” You inform him.

“Okay sweetheart,” he corrects.

“That’s only slightly less gross. I’ll take it though… and Jimin?”

“Hmmm?” he asks as moves down your collarbone, occasionally biting at the skin there.

“I am the dominant type,” you whisper into his ear. You grab his purplish hair suddenly and pull him back up to kiss him harshly. You push him off you, surprised you could even cause him to budge. You’re well aware of how built he is and you figure he is just letting you have your way with him.

You back him up towards your bedroom door and press him up against it, using all your energy to kiss him. You don’t let him easily have it. Your kisses sting and every time you pull away his lips are more swollen.

Your hands move on their own towards the buttons on his shirt. As you undo them, Jimin’s hand reaches behind to open the door to your bedroom door. It clicks open and you force him all the way back to the edge of your bed.

“Blindfold me,” he asks. You smile a sickly sweet smile at him. You grab a silk scarf and tie it around his eyes. He falls to his knees before you and extends his wrists. You realize what Jimin wants: he wants you to keep him blinded and bound the way he is in Blood, Sweat, and Tears. The thought makes you slightly uncomfortable. For all your talk about not blushing, the idea of doing what you are about to do makes you embarrassed.

However, you decide ignore the sane, normal part of you that wants to stop with whole roleplay shit and just let your wild side say: the heck with it, are you really going to turn down an opportunity to be with your dumb but totally fuckable idol friend. Even the rational part of you can’t argue that.

For some odd reason, you realize you have an abundance of silk scarves just waiting to be used for this very moment. You bind his wrists and order Jimin to get up. He does as you say with ease and once he’s up you tilt his chin up harshly and pull it towards your lips. It was at times like this you appreciated your height of 5’8”, when you’re at the perfect height for a kiss.

You slide the shirt off Jimin’s shoulders, barely ghosting your fingers down his chest and torso, slowly and deliberately avoiding the places he wants your touch the most. You can feel him breathing heavier  and you already notice his fist clenching.

“Do you want to see me?” You ask softly in his ear. He whimpers slightly. “I said, do you want to see me?” You repeat yourself. “Yes… Please,” he begs.

“But you’re blindfolded aren’t you. If you want me, you can’t see me, you can’t touch me. You can only have what I give you, you know that right?” You tell him.

“Well fuck…” Jimin mutters and you can tell that he’s beginning to regret what he asked of you. On the other hand, you are starting to enjoy this more.

You force him back onto the bed and climb onto the mattress as well. “Undress me,” you instruct Jimin. His face scrunches up in confusion. With his hands tied and eyes covered you can see him trying to comprehend how you expected him to remove your clothes.

It takes Jimin a moment, but he does exactly what you want. With less difficulty than you anticipate, he drags your top up with his mouth, brushing his teeth along your torso. When he can push it up no more, you decide to help him and peel it off your body. Jimin moves back down to the waist of your athletic shorts, pulling it off quickly in an almost savage manner. He trails his lips back up to the line of your undergarments, but you push him off, not wanting to let him have you just yet. You are also extremely thankful for the blindfold on Jimin because you found your daisy duck underwear and mismatched heart bra humiliating. Jimin wouldn’t let you live that one down.

You grab him by the belt of his pants and unfasten the buckle quickly. “Someone’s done this before,” he mutters, slightly annoyed. You find his territorialism amusing but you don’t let it show. “I don’t see how that matters… and did I allow you to speak, Jimin?” you ask with a tug of his hair. “Maybe I shouldn’t be so easy on you…” you muse aloud. Jimin shakes his head violently, desperate to avoid your teasing. His dramatic response causes you to almost laugh and you try hard to stifle it. (lolol bepsae)

You continue to drag his pants down then push him back down onto the mattress. Jimin’s palms are clenching tighter now and restraint shows on his creased forehead. You straddle his torso and slide your palms up and down his shoulders and chest, moulding the muscles and skimming the sides. Leaning forward, you take his lips between your teeth and tug at it causing Jimin to groan. You press your lips down his jawline and mark his neck.

“Your turn,” you whisper. Jimin immediately latches his mouth onto your neck, biting and your own hand goes behind your back to unclasp your bra. You pull apart from Jimin and fling the bra halfway across the room. When you lay your body on top of his, Jimin freezes, hyper aware of the fact that a certain article of clothing was just discarded.

“Shiiit,” he whines to himself. You kiss Jimin some more and hold him down on the bed. You move yourself down to the foot of the bed and in one swift movement you pull Jimin’s boxers off. You hear Jimin gasp as you grab his length and wrap your mouth around it. A string of curses fall from Jimin’s puffy lips and sweat starts to cover his forehead. His fingers dig into his palms and he tries his best to remain still under your command. Your tongue slides up and down, from the base to the tip. You hollow your cheeks and suck in harshly and Jimin moans out loud.

“Shhh,” you tell him and continue moving your hand on his shaft. You hum against his cock and the vibrations course throughout Jimin’s body and he muffles a moan. You decide you’ve teased him enough and let go of your grip on his soaked hardness. You take off the last piece of clothing on you and your own core starts to ache with need. Still, you want to to stretch this a little longer… you slowly slide up and hover your hips over Jimin’s face. Without warning, you press your wet center on his mouth. His tongue swipes across you and he pulls at the nub with his lip. You nearly collapse then and there but instead your grab Jimin’s and rock back and forth riding his tongue. “Holy fucking shit,” you mutter as the feeling intensifies. You feel yourself getting closer and you reluctantly move off him to finally, finally give both of you what you want.

Slowly, just to tease Jimin, you lower yourself down on his length. “Please, I want to see you,” he begs. You can tell how much pain he’s in by glancing at his red nails that are caked with blood from digging into his palms. Feeling merciful, you untie his blindfold and lean down to his face to kiss his eyelids.

You roll your hips back and forth easing the tension in both of you. Jimin lets out a sigh of relief  and you moan Jimin’s name.

“Fuckkk, oh god, that feels so fucking good, please don’t stop” he pants. You whimper, unable to generate a full response. You slow your movements just the slightest and almost immediately Jimin thrusts his hips upward into you harder to soothe his pain. You nearly move off him but his eyes widen in fear that you’re going to leave him like that. Chuckling, you pin him back down and rock harder and faster. Your entire body is covered in sweat and you let Jimin run his tongue all over your nipples and up to your neck.

You feel yourself getting closer and closer as the pressure coils up at your center. “Shit, Jimin-ah I’m so fucking close. Fuck me right there!” You nearly yell as you convulse around him, riding the waves of a high ecstasy. Just as you finish, Jimin cries out loud and he comes inside you, shuddering at the intensity of the feeling. You pull yourself off of him and lean down to clean the mess with your tongue.

Your body collapses besides Jimin, exhausted and spent in the most earth-shattering way possible. Jimin extends his hands towards you and your eyes shift down to his still-bound wrists and with a smirk you undo. You press your lips to the bruises on his wrist; a rather chaste gesture after what you 2 had just done but it still made you feel slightly self conscious.

“What the fuck did you do to yourself?” You ask Jimin as you notice his fingers covered in blood and his slightly bruised lip. “Sweetheart, do you have any idea how insane you made me. I couldn’t bear your teasing but I knew if I said anything you would’ve walked out on me.”

“Still, why do you look like you committed murder when all you did was have sex,” you mumble.

“I honestly think that murder would be the less sinful of those two,” he chuckles. “Besides, the best way to have sex is with blood, sweat and tears.”

“What kind of loser makes a reference with their own song,” you counter as a smile tugs at your lips. “Also, what kind of kinky bdsm shit are you into, Jimin.”

“I should be asking you that, dominatrix. You looked so fucking hot in control like that babe,” he whispers huskily into your ears. You cringe at the word babe once again. “I told you not to call me that Chimchim. Besides, I said I was dominating, not sadistic,” you inform him

“I think my dick begs to differ Y/N-ah. Don’t worry though, you’ll look much hotter tonight.”

You furrow your eyebrows, “What’s tonight? Don’t you just have your stage?” you ask.

“You know for a girl getting her masters you sure lack common sense,” Jimin muses.

“What the fuck are you saying Jiminnn, what’s tonight” you half whine.

Jimin brings his lips to your ears and whispers something as your eyes widen.

“Round 2, babe. But this time, I’ll be in charge.”

And it’s in that moment you realize that your ramyun is burning in the fucking kitchen.

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Pride prompt Coffee shop AU wheee Skye is kicked out by her foster parents and she runs into May who decides to take her home where she lives with her girlfriend Natasha

AN ~ lucky you get to jump the queue as it allows me to cover a few further up the list as well :D I hope you all like your found families with an extra helping of Gay™ this time of year! also tagging @mocking-point who prompted me something similar a while back in relation to this fic (tw: abuse), and @the-shy-and-anxious-fangirl, sorry I don’t write much Maria, but I put a little of her in here for you <3 I hope everyone enjoys!

main relationships: Skye & May, May x Nat. some background Skimmons.

Rated T mostly for swearing and some sexual references, but in this fic Skye is underage, so I won’t be writing any smut for it, though I am open to other prompts in this ‘verse.

Read on AO3 (~2000 words)

Where the Heart Is

There was always a place at Mack’s with her name on it, the manager had told Skye once. She’d been grateful for it at the time, but never more than in this moment, as she hissed and swore at her computer screen and its crappy wifi and everything that her day, so far, had been. She had a backpack, a duffel, and her computer bag surrounding her like rounded wagons; all her belongings in the world not even reaching the other side of the booth. She had a table at Mack’s with her name on it, and not much else except the tears running down her face.

“Shit- fuck – shit!” she muttered, wiping furiously at her tears and raking her hair back in one hand. Lincoln was out of town, Fitz and his mother barely had enough room for themselves, and Jemma was probably having her own ass handed to her right at this very moment. Mack had his daughter to think about, and Skye had way too much damage to bring herself to taint their lives with hers. She dragged her hands down her face, all the guilt and fear and panic combining into bitter-tasting, gut-wrenching shit.

“Can I help you?”

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Till I Found You

Word count : 12 516 holy cow ! I’m not even sorry !

Author’s note : It’s finally here. I have no idea of what to put as a prompt, so I let you discover the story by yourselves. This is the rewrite of an old fiction I wrote (in French) a few years ago, the basic story stays the same and I changed the end. It’s longer than the previous version, I add some things and I was much more inspired. There will be fluff, angst and smut (that’s the real first time I write one so long and with details). I used a few songs in that story, and  you should listen to it when I mention them, I link a Youtube playlist below the masterlist, the music is really important in that story for some emotions. For the tags I add the usual people, people I asked if I could tag them and some people I read the stuff and some mutual. Message me if you want to be tag in the next things I’ll post. It took me a week and a half to write it, so I hope you will enjoy.

Ps : I’m sorry my theme is crappy to read, I have to change it, my tip : zoom to read.

Y/E/C  = your eyes color Y/H/C = your hair color

Warnings : AU, language, smut very hot fonduing (protected sex), cheating, red Henley of sex.

Song of the title : Till I Found You, Josef Salvat

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I didn’t came back here for at least five years. I left everything all at once, my family, my friends because of my girlfriend’s ‘suicide’. Natasha’s family held me responsible because, I must admit that because of my PTSD, I was taking some drugs at that time in order to forget all the horrors I’ve seen with the army, yes I was an addict, but she decided by herself to take that dope, mixed with medicine and sprayed it with alcohol. She made an overdose. I was with her at that party, I took a few things myself, but when she started to abuse of everything, when I was already quite high, I tried to stop and reason her, she didn’t listen to me, and didn’t follow when I tried to drag her behind me when I wanted to leave. “Let go of me !”, she screamed. “Leave if you want to, I stay here.” before two men, twice my size threw me on the wet sidewalk. So I left, letting her there. The next day, she was found, with some other, in one of the house’s rooms. I was twenty five and I decided to stop everything and get help for my drugs and PTSD problems.

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How to life

Short guide to becoming aware of what being an independent, organised and peaceful human being implies .

(feel free to complete the list)

1. Stay organised

  • Keep a journal
  • Manage your budget. Think before you spend money and take a couple of moments to decide whether you need that certain thing or naw. Ask yourself : Do I need it? Can`t I live without it? When it comes to spending money please don`t be a spoiled ass bitch. Don’t let money control you. You don’t belong to it, it belongs to you. It’s yours. Use it smart and wisely.
  • Manage your activities. (school+job+leisure)
  • Plan your day, week, month, year if needed. ( Set specific goals - so you won`t fail)
  • Have a calendar or planner attached on a wall. Stare at it, see the big picture of what your day, week, month looks like and imagine how you`ll go through what`s coming. 
  • Manage your time. I`ve said it before in a quote and I am going to say it again : Don’t let time control you. You don’t belong to it, it belongs to you.It’s yours. Use it smart and wisely. 

2. Know how to

  • cook
  • treat others
  • behave, act ( good manners are the key)
  • take care of your home ( know how to repair some things )
  • take care of yourself 
  • dress up
  • make up
  • drink alcohol ( don`t be garbage. have fun, get drunk af but know what drinks can be mixed with what drinks and same with drinks and pills. you`re a smart person. act like one.)
  • be alone, do things alone (get used to spending time with your own self)
  • pay bills ( money management + where to pay them)
  • treat yoself (self respect  etc)

3. Know where to

  • call when you have an emergency ( care provider, 911 etc.) ( here would be more than helpful a list with all them numbers and addresses)
  • shop (good prices, sales etc.)


Having been horrified when Mellie explained her lack of technical knowledge, Cris had volunteered to come over and get her set up.  If nothing else, a simple website that advertised her business.  She needed some sort of web presence, in this day and age, it was financial suicide not to have that.

Hauling two laptops, Cris grinned as he entered the small shop at the address Mellie had given him.  It wasn’t like any shop he had ever been in.  She had told him a little about her products but this was not what he was expecting.  Still, he looked around.  “Mellie?” he called, wondering if he had other employees who might be working that day.  “You here?”

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How to Use BTS Official Shop (Credit Card & Paypal)

Firstly, make sure you’re using a PC computer (preferably Internet Explorer) and that you have the payment plugin installed. It’ll prompt you to install the first time you check out, so just install it and that’s how your payment will be processed.

Credit Card Payment

1. After entering your address, click 결제하기/Check Out.

2. Select “신용카드” (the 2nd radio button), tick the checkbox to agree to the terms & conditions, and click 결제하기.

3. You’ll get a pop-up that asks you to re-confirm the payment terms and conditions, so tick that checkbox as well and then click “Next.”

4. All of the credit cards on the main menu are Korean, but if you choose the “Other Card” drop-down menu it gives options for Visa and Mastercard. Choose you card type.

5. Enter your credit card number and expiration date and click “Next” again.

6. You’ll get a “processing” popup from your credit card company, followed by a screen that asks you to confirm the details of your payment, tick another agreement box, and then click “Send Order.” After you click “Send Order,” you’re done!

Paypal Payment

1. After entering your address, click 결제하기/Check Out.

2. Select the Paypal payment button (the 3rd radio button this time), tick the checkbox to agree to the terms & conditions, and click 결제하기.

3. A pop-up from Paypal will come up, showing your payment details and asking you to log in. Enter your Paypal login information and log in.

4. Confirm your payment information. Don’t worry if your shipping address doesn’t match what you put in the website–the Official Shop prioritizes the address you enter at checkout on their website, not on Paypal. Click “Pay Now.”

5. Your payment is complete! Click “Continue” to be redirected to the BTS Official Shop website and see the details of your payment.