We are currently unpacking a brand new shipment of lovelies!

The palm stones in my hand are miriam stone (also called miriam jasper) which is actually a fossil! It’s absolutely mesmerizing.

In the background you can see selenite palm stones, selenite moons, and various eggs and points.

We will be sure to post lots of previews this week! You guys are going to love what we picked out for you! 💜💜💜💜


- Dlin Dlon Etsy time -

My shop on etsy is now open and you can find there printed copies of my 2018 sketchbook full of drawings of the last months. 


☾ size 21x14,8 cm
☾ 42 pages
☾ 160gsm paper


☾ showcases a collection of some of my 2018 drawings
☾ watercolor, mixed media, ink and digital
☾ It doesn’t feature my digital paintings
☾ Each sketchbook comes with a custom drawing on the first page.

You can find it HERE

Some G/t shenanigans with @ashiftingworkshop. That’s it. Nothing else going on. Just. Shenanigans.

If I was a giant I would totally hit my head on every ceiling fan.