Hey!! Do you like stuff ? Cuz’ I sell stuff !!

I oppenned a Redbubble account because I really need money to pay my art school and  the supplies (and also food to live, but that’s an another problem)

There is some Steven Universe, Beauty and the Beast, Rick and Morty, Undertale, Alien stuffs and more !! (I will add more things about Disney ,Feminism, LGBTQ pride, manga, anime, cartoon…)

And you can put them on almost whatever things you want : Shirt, phone case, note book, bag, mug, clock etc…

I upload new designs almost every day ! And there’s some of them I’ve never uploaded on tumblr or D.A.

You can find my shop HERE 

Feel free to help me !


Hello All!!!

Just dropping in for a shameless plug! I’ve recently been expanding my redbubble shop with a lot of Yuri!!! on ICE designs! Please consider checking out my shop and buying a design if you like it! LINK HERE

I also have designs that are not featured here in this post for YOI as well as My Hero Academia, Noragami, and RWBY! Please take a look and let me know if you like what you see!

I am happy to take commissions or requests, so feel free to message me here or on Redbubble!

Have a beautiful day! <3

Here is another link…. just in case.


⭐️New Overwatch Pins are in! Get them at my Etsy!⭐️

This time the newly added ones are MERCY, SOLDIER:76, REAPER and ZARYA!!! Joining the previous 8, we’re up to 12 now ;u;. I’m very blessed that there has been enough support for me to continue adding to this collection! I hope i can do them all, but it’s a slow process.

Thank you so much if you reblog even if you can not purchase, your support means the world ❤️

Hey guys! To answer some questions I’ve been getting: these are roughly the three sizes. They range from $15 - $35.

I’m going to put the first round of them in the shop update on Friday! I’ll be making individual listings for the most part, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

💎 Melanie’s Affordable Crystal Etsy Shops Masterlist 💎

Here’s a list of Etsy shops I’ve found that sell affordable crystals and stones! These are only the ones I’ve discovered so far, so please add on or message me if you have any more (especially if they sell bulk for cheap!). Who doesn’t love lots of crystals and stones for low prices?!