shoots that kill me

Imagine fighting at the battle of hogwarts and you turn to your left and see a muggleborn duelling a death eater, then the death eater disarms the muggleborn but then they pull out a gun and the death eaters starts laughing because “hahaha muggle technology could never kill me how cute” but then the muggleborn shoots them then BYE BYE DEATH EATER and the muggleborn starts running around hogwarts shooting all the death eaters

Also there was a cute mccree last night that kept going for the same flank presumably to high noon my team and I killed him like three times and finally I said hi and we were just hanging out above the point while our teams murdered each other below

“Next cosplay”! Yes, please.


My two favorite warm things when the weather gets cold.

(Hat knit by the fantastic @rose-de-noire !)