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Sabine Radmacher was the perpetrator of the 2010 Lörrach hospital shooting. The attack took the lives of three people and injured as many as eighteen. Residents of Lörrach, a city located in Baden-Württemberg, Germany with a population of approximately 49,303, were shocked by the rampage, mainly due to the fact that Radmacher was described by those who knew her as “quiet”, “nice” and “sincere”. However, friends and neighbors of Radmacher noticed a change in her behavior weeks before the massacre. On September 19, 2010, after a possible child custody dispute, Radmacher shot her ex-husband with a legally owned small-calibre pistol before smothering her 5-year-old son. Following this, she set off an explosion at the appartment complex she had been living in for the past months. Armed with a knife and a pistol, she crossed the street to the St. Elisabethen Hospital, severly wounding two pedestrians on her way. When she arrived at the hospital, she murdered a male nurse. She was killed in exchange of fire with the police. Although the actual motive for the rampage was never determined, authorities believe that a custody dispute escalated between Radmacher and her ex-husband. It remains unclear why Radmacher decided to go to the St. Elisabethen Hospital. However, a miscarriage there in 2004 may have sparked her decision to go on a rampage.

Right Wing Terrorist Attacks in the United States
  1. 2017 Austins Bar and Grill Olathe, KS Shooting
  2. 2015 Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooting
  3. 2015 Lafayette Shooting
  4. 2015 Charleston Church Shooting
  5. 2015 Florida Police Ambush
  6. 2014 Las Vegas Police Ambush
  7. 2014 Kansas Jewish Center Shooting
  8. 2014 Blooming Grove Police Shooting
  9. 2014 Forsyth County Courthouse Shooting
  10. 2013 Los Angeles International Airport Shooting
  11. 2013 Alabama Bunker Hostage Crisis
  12. 2012 Tri-State Killing Spree
  13. 2012 St. John’s Parish Police Ambush
  14. 2012 Sikh Temple Shooting
  15. 2011 Pacific Northwest Killing Rampage
  16. 2011 FEAR Militia
  17. 2010 West Memphis Police Shootings
  18. 2010 Carlisle, PA Murder
  19. 2010 Austin, TX Plane Attack
  20. 2010 Florida Sovereign Citizen Police Ambush
  21. 2009 Minutemen American Defense Hispanic Slayings
  22. 2009 Okaloosa County, FL Police Gun Range Attacks
  23. 2009 Brockton, MA Black Targeted Shooting Rampage
  24. 2009 Pittsburgh Police Shootings
  25. 2009 Holocaust Museum Shooting
  26. 2009 George Tiller Assassination
  27. 2009 Flores Murders, Pima County, AZ
  28. 2009 Brockton, MA Murders
  29. 2008 Knoxville, TN Church Shooting
  30. 2004 Tulsa OK, Bank Robbery
  31. 2003 Abbeville, SC right-of-way standoff
  32. 2002 Massillon, OH anti-government shootout
  33. 2001 Anthrax Attacks
  34. 2001 Dallas Anti-Arab Revenge Shootings

Before 9/11 but after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

  1. 2000 Pittsburgh, PA Racially Motivated Spree Killing
  2. 1999 Los Angeles Jewish Community Center Shooting
  3. 1999 Midwest Murder Spree
  4. 1999 Redding, CA Arson Attacks & Anti-Gay Murders
  5. 1998 Barnett Slepian Assassination
  6. 1998 Cortez, CO Watertruck Shootout
  7. 1998 Birmingham, Alabama Planned Parenthood Bombing
  8. 1997 Army of God Attacks
  9. 1997 Aryan People’s Republic Six State Terror Wave
  10. 1996 Spokane Phineas Priests Bombing Campaign
  11. 1996 Atlanta Centennial Olympic Park bombing
  12. 1996 Jackson, MS Larry Shoemake murder spree
  13. 1996 Aryan Republic Army FBI Shootout
  14. 1995 Palo Verde Amtrak Derailment
  15. 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing
  16. 1994 Boston, MA Planned Parenthood Shooting
  17. 1994 John Britton Assassination
  18. 1993 Pensacola, FL Women’s Medical Clinic Shooting

Lotte Verbeek (ad Mr Graham McTavish) photographed by Iris Edinger at the Magic Con 2017 in Bonn, Germany.

When you receive an Oscar nomination they have a ceremony where you get a certificate ⎯ and a jumper, too. After I’d been up on stage to receive mine, Meryl Streep grabbed me and said, “I took a great picture of you. Give me your address and I’ll email it to you.” I said, “Um… OK…” This was Meryl Streep. Carey Mulligan (x)


ginodepinto Stoked to photograph @avengedsevenfold today!! Bts of me with the band from my shoot in 2010 ! Time flys! #hardrock #music #greatband