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Through it all, I learned a few things that I think might be useful to smaller guys hoping to make it to the next level.

The first thing is that you have to get a thick skin. I’ve heard my fair share of chirps throughout the years. Different things about my size, said in so many ways … including plenty of stuff I’m not so comfortable repeating here. Get used to it, because it’ll come. Everyone handles it differently, but I’ve never been a big chirper myself because the sound of the goal horn is loud enough.

You’re always going to have people on you about your size, so do what you can to be in on the joke. Last All-Star weekend, Ryan Johansen brought out a little kid during the penalty shootout and scored a goal with him. So as a gag, Jakub Voracek came up to me and asked if he could use me as a prop for his shot.

I thought it was hilarious.

The Players’ Tribune: Here’s Johnny (Johnny Gaudreau)

And the second thing? “–keep your head up. Always. You’re not built to take heavy shots, so you have to be twice as careful out there. This one I learned the hard way.”
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A post-ep for 7x14, ‘Come Back

“We’ll always make time for noodles,” Kensi says softly before pushing up on her toes and pressing a sweet kiss to his lips.  “Always.”

“Can that time be now?”  Deeks mumbles against her mouth, causing her to pull back slightly and roll her eyes good-naturedly.  “What?  I’m seriously hungry.  Which means you must be starving.”

She huffs in retort, but can’t deny it, she is hungry – they’re getting off work over an hour later than normal and the intense shootout at the safe house this afternoon didn’t leave a lot of time or opportunity for a snack.  Yet, she’s torn between wanting to grab some dinner and really wanting to get to her house to load up the SUV with her stuff.

It’s just a formality, really, the whole “moving in together” thing.  They spend most of their nights together and so many of her belongings are already at his house, but Kensi can’t wait to make it official.  Since they decided to take this step almost a week ago, she’s spent the past few days and nights at her place, boxing up the possessions she can’t bear to part with and (much to Deeks’s surprise) throwing out or donating the vast majority of everything else.  Two, maybe three trips between houses and it will be a done deal.

Just the thought of it is enough to bring that goofy, excited grin back to her face. 

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I did some audio stuff for some awesome animators this weekend

Ali Krieger’s Professional Goals

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FFC Frankfurt: 2 goals
Washington Spirit: 2 goals 
USWNT: 1 goal 

*Krieger scored a penalty kick for the USWNT during the 2011 WWC in a penalty shootout. This doesn’t count as a professional goal but is worth noting. 

*While in college, Krieger scored 3 goals for the Washington Freedom. I didn’t count those here because she wasn’t on the team at the time she scored the goals, and wasn’t a professional. 

*Krieger scored 11 goals while in college at PSU. These are obviously not professional goals either, but I’m throwing that factoid in anyway :D

thanks to @semiblackgirl who helped confirm this information! 

I met James Reimer once. It was at last year’s outdoor practice and all of a sudden he was maybe two feet away from me and I had to say something. Except I didn’t know what to say so I said “You’re very popular with lesbians.” He started laughing really hard and I didn’t know what to do so I started laughing really hard and we both stood there in -30 degree weather laughing until we both started coughing from the cold. He smiled the now-famous crooked smile and said “Thank you” and his face was that fire engine shade of red that it gets during shootouts. It was awesome.

It’s true though: he is very popular with lesbians. Well, bi girls, ace girls, and non-binary people mostly, but my brain had entered Emergency Shutdown Mode and the only word I could come up with was “lesbians.“And our weird little encounter is something I’ve thought about a lot since, mostly because he seemed so genuinely delighted to be very popular with lesbians.

I’ve got a theory as to why LGBT Leafs fans (And POC. And straight women.) have latched on to him with such…fervour? No, not fervour. Relief, maybe. I’ve explained it in detail on Twitter, but I’ve never really consolidated it into a proper long form post. See, his detractors (and take a look at the demographics of his Twitter detractors sometime - I’m definitely on to something here) like to say that he “flops around like a fish out of water.” They say a lot of other things too, things that are far worse. But they always return to “fish out of water.” He’s not an NHL calibre goalie, they say. He’s literally out of his league. He doesn’t belong.

There seems to be a general consensus in the anti-Reimer camp that James Reimer never paid his dues. He didn’t start playing organized hockey until he was in his teens. He stumbled into goaltending and never really learned proper technique, so on the ice he just sort of flings himself around between the posts, splaying his limbs, as one detractor put it - like a starfish. He relies too much on his pads, has a weak glove hand. But here he is, one of this season’s frontrunners for best save percentage and best goals against average in the league. On a winning team, he’d have Vezina-calibre numbers. And yet still it persists: “Fish out of water. Not supposed to be here.”

But perhaps the thing that sets Reimer apart most is that he’s so nice. He is infamously, almost cartoonishly, optimistic, cheerful to a fault. Success? He got some good bounces and was able to get his glove on them. Failure? Well, you know, the defence worked really hard but the other team played really well and sometimes these things happen. Maybe he’s a son of a bitch in real life, who knows. But there’s a charming artlessness to his public persona, a pervasive sense that he might be genuinely kind. And that drives more traditional hockey fans crazy.

Hockey is not about kindness; at least, it’s not supposed to be. It’s supposed to be where good (white, cishet) Canadian boys grow into manhood, prove their worth. You’re not there to play like a girl. You’re there to man up, fight like a man, play like a man. And here’s James Reimer, with his softpoken, thoughtful reflections and gentle, Prairie boy cadence, his aww shucks humility, his quiet admiration of every badass thing his wife does. Whatever the NHL script for manhood his, James Reimer quietly rejects it every time he laces up his skates. And for anyone who’s ever felt completely alienated by hockey’s macho bravado, it feels like he’s doing it just for us.

He’s all of us who have ever been told that we’re not supposed to be here, that hockey isn’t for us, that we’re too delicate or feminine or soft-hearted or concerned with doing the right thing. He’s everybody who found this game not through the “proper channels” but through joyful coincidence, everybody who stuck with it no matter how excluded we were made to feel just because of the sheer joy it brought us. He’s the guy who threw his first punch after six seasons and then shyly admitted “Sometimes you’ve got to let people know that you’re not gonna get bumped anymore.” He’s proof that gentle things can survive in the harshest of worlds and that sometimes outsiders can make good without sacrificing the things that make them unique. And when I told him that in my weird, clumsy, outsider way, he was delighted.

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  • tuukka rask before a shootout:okay listen up dumbasses since you guys are incapable of doing your job and actually scoring i'm going to do everything.
  • Tuukka rask:spooner i swear to fucking god if you don't go top shelf i'm punching you in the throat.
  • spooner:o.o
  • Tuukka rask:everyone clear?
  • bruins:...yes tuukka.
Of Idols and Shootouts --BlackSkye

Skye wasn’t feeling too hot after the encounter with Natasha.

Before, she would have assumed she’d feel light-headed and giggly, to have met an idol. Then again, she didn’t think bringing up such a sensitive topic and damn near being interrogated on the sidewalk of New York City would happen. It didn’t really dawn on her that she’d have to lie (by omission) about Coulson to the Black Widow herself - or any of the Avengers, for that matter - until she was standing in front of Skye, questioning who the new director was. 

She should have been more careful, should have watched her words and simply acted like a fangirl, but it was much too easy to try to find a way to relate to her. S.H.I.E.L.D. was the easiest way of doing that. It wasn’t even common knowledge that there was a covert group of individuals still loyal to the organization. Even if people thought that it was a dangerous group with too much power, they were all dedicated to what their real objective was - keeping the world safe.

And that’s exactly why she was tailing Josh Figger, HYDRA informant extraordinaire and quite frankly, a disgusting pervert who walked with a swagger that made her want to gag. Still, she kept at his pace, a good five yards or so between her and him. The tall, black laced boots helped her average frame keep up with him, but as the crowd dwindled, Skye wasn’t sure she was keeping enough distance. That could have been the paranoia talking after meeting Natasha, but she shoved that aside.

A cool gust of air, a sign that spring was not quite done with, caused goosebumps to raise on her flesh. She pulled her army green jacket closer to her form as she twist and turned through the streets of New York.

Before long, it was practically only the two of them, and sunset was just minutes away. Skye was beginning to regret this whole thing, despite the pistol hidden by her jacket, and wished she had just waited for back-up. 

No, she had to do this on her own. Had to prove she could hold her own in a fight. May’s training would not go to waste, she was sure of it…

At least, that what she told herself before she found herself in a shoot-out. 

“Come out, Skye! You’re outnumbered. I’m sure Ward wouldn’t want swiss cheese for a girlfriend! At least, not again.” She grit her teeth again and loaded another round into the six men and women who were approaching her cover. Somehow, she had ended up behind a kitchen counter that was surprisingly resilient, but that would soon be null and void when they were close enough. Or when she ran out of ammo, whichever happened first.

The solid black wristband around her right arm was brought inches away from her mouth. “Coulson, I need that calvary like yesterday!” Skye peeked over the counter, only to have a bullet pierce the air just a foot from her. She bolted back down. Really, now was the time for any latent superpowers to arise, because despite her ability of picking out patterns and anomalies, it was no getting her out of this pickle. @uncertainheroes-widow

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Are we all not going to mention the fact that MacCready probably loves public sex so him and M!Sole probably first have sex after a shootout with the raiders? Adrenaline pumping. Close quarters. One thing leads to another and all of a sudden MacCready is against the wall with M!Sole behind him and fiddling with MacCready's belt and kissing his neck. MacCready is grinding against M!Sole's hard bulge and moaning. I'm sure MacCready would moan so loud that everyone in the Wasteland could hear

There’s a few raiders left nearby that don’t know about anything that happened and they’re just listening to the loud moaning asking each other where its coming from.

10 minutes later the moaning stops m!SS runs into the room with the remaining raiders guns blazing while mac trails behind, struggling to button his pants because he’s all shaky.