I sure wasn’t expecting the WHOLE original trilogy to be revamped. Elites are back in multiplayer. Halo 5: Guardians Beta. TV Series. The Arbiter. What can I say? I’m impressed and a little bit hyped. Hoping for a Xbox One bundle to come with it, need to get one.

ughhhh, the thing that bugs me about the halo tag is that so many people repost the same thing over and over again, so there isn’t much new content. and people are keep stealing pictures and gifs also. if the content isn’t yours, source it. 

So that everyone isn’t confused, Microsoft has stated that the Halo reveal at E3 is NOT HALO 5.

“We haven’t named the game yet. It was just purely, “Halo is coming” and we wanted to give it a date. This was just more about confirming that 343 are making a real Halo game, a first person shooter, coming in 2014.”

- Phil Spencer


i sure got a great deal, it may not have been the nice white sunset overdrive one, but i sure am pleased with my purchase. i basically got everything i needed for $400 only.

now only a few more days and then halo: tmcc comes out