The dangan ronpa cast in a fighting game

Makoto Naegi - he would have a ranged attack of pointing at an opponent and shooting “truth bullets” at them and a close range attack where he bends down and uses his ahge to injure his enemy

Kyouko Kirigiri - she would be a very up close combo fighter flipping her hait to stun her opponent and then doing a quick succession of combos to finish them off

Byakuya Togami - you need to play him at a distance as he is vulnerable to being hit very often so to combat it he throws large wads of money at his opponents and stuns by wrapping them in a lamp cord

Kiyotaka Ishimaru - has too modes one where he is regular ishimaru and uses his sword at midrange and trips opponents with a pool of his own tears and ishida mode where he drops the sword and pummels with his fists for high damage but is more vulnerable to surprise hits from behind

Celestia Ludenburg - uses her finger claw thing at close range to scratch opponents and uses a hammer to batter opponents at midrange, she can also throw scalding hot tea at her opponent’s at range and can inexplicably summon demonic hell fire from below

Touko Fukawa - also has two modes when shes in her normal personality she can scream at them to knock them back but when in genocider mode she can do air and ground combos very quickly with her scissors

Junko Enoshima? - uses variety of guns and weapons to keep her targets at bay and does heavy strong attacks while up close with a metal beam

Monokuma - gimmick character that uses items like fish, honey and firetrucks to bring desbear

Thats all i have feel free to elaborate or add more