shooting alien faces

Intergalactic Teenage Space Romance

Pairing: Peter Parker X Quill!Reader

Prompt: You meet a strange set of humans on Titan. One of them in particular catches your eye.


A/N: Still #indenial about everything. I had a really great time writing this prompt, so I hope you all have a good time reading! Peter Parker must be protected at all costs. 

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It was a strange enough day when a muscular man rammed right into the front of your brother’s spaceship, but now it was just plain weird. After a failed attempt to stop Thanos from reaching the reality stone, the gang had all went to Titan to meet up with Nebula. What you didn’t expect was for a red and gold robot man, some sort of floating wizard, and a…a thing in a red and blue suit to ambush you on spot.

The last guy seemed to be a lot worse at fighting than the others. He was afraid of Mantis for goodness sake. And he kept on yelping out words while shooting sticky string everywhere. What was this guy? By far the strangest alien you’ve ever met, and you’ve met space trees.

Firing off a few blaster rounds, the jumpy guy kept on making really weird remarks. It kind of reminded you of what Peter would say, except a lot less vulgar. No, Peter Quill was busy chatting up a storm with the other weird guys trying to find out where Gamora was. You were frankly getting sick of these new guys anyway.

“What master do you serve?” The wizard shouted.

You scoffed at the notion as Peter replied with his usual level of sarcasm and spunk. “Thanos sure is getting some weird help these days.”

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Reading Cold Days in The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher is almost like reading a crack fic at some points. Like, Harry Dresden beat up Santa Claus, then led the Wild Hunt to fight against what are essentially aliens, and in the middle of the battle “We Will Rock You” starts playing and Harry sings along! And then he shoots an alien in the face after saying “Get rocked,” which is both a pun and basically him saying “Get wrecked.” This book is amazing.

anonymous asked:

When you have a second, I need your advice: should I get Destiny 2? I played the original a lot, but it seemed like I always ran out of things to do about an hour after I started. I know there's a lot of good things being said about it now, but I remember the same thing happening with Destiny 1 until the hype wore off. I don't want to spend $60 on a game I'll get fed up with so soon, so hype aside, is it a good game?

Well, I will be very honest with you. The game is fantastic. The story is great, there are hints about future content that actually mean something, the scenery is as beautiful as ever, and it is always fun to shoot aliens in their respective faces. THere are some quality of life features/updates here and there that could be adjusted or fixed, but there isn’t anything that makes the game unplayable. 

However, at some point, you are gonna hit a bit of a leveling wall. And it WILL make you play the same strikes over again, run the same patrol missions over again, play crucible over again. The grind is still there. And like Destiny 1, it is more enjoyable with friends, but you can do a lot of the game solo and still have a good time. In fact, there is a feature that will be in Beta soon called Guided Games. This lets Clans take solo players under their wing temporarily into Normal Mode Nightfalls and Normal Mode Raids. It could even ignite a spark of friends and good times, and you’ll want to join that clan and do the Prestige difficulty of Nightfall or Hard Mode of the Raid.

It’s up to you really. Destiny 1 got better over time. Destiny 2 hasn’t been out a full week yet, you have plenty of time to make the call.