shooting water

Poetry about 2016

2016, boy what a year
It can’t get any worse, don’t have a fear
With Hillary and Trump neck in neck
And so many shootings, what the heck?
Everything’s red
Harambe is dead.
The world’s fighting terror
We did Brexit in error.
No longer Ebola we fear
But Zika fear is here.
Kim Kardashian was robbed
No one has jobs
Brangelia split
The world’s gone to shit
Flint still has no water
Each other we slaughter
Prince and Bowie are weeped for
We’re all invested in a silly war
Christina grimmie dead by gunshot
And the UK got too hot
What could be worse, in this fear riddled town?
Oh, I know, let’s throw in some clowns.

2016, you better not fuck up the last three months.

The U.S. government: We don’t want the DAPL “protesters” to freeze or anything, so they need to evacuate. We care about them and are worried about their safety.

Also the U.S. government:

*Takes militarized action against the water protectors*
*Sprays them with water cannons*
*Shoots them with rubber bullets*
*Fires tear gas and sprays them with mace*
*Fines those who bring supplies to the camp thousands of dollars*
*Literally wants to put a major pipeline that is likely to spill and cause major disasters near their water supply and homes*
*Destroys areas of cultural importance for the pipeline construction*
*Wants to continue destroying areas of cultural importance for the pipeline construction*
*Has openly colonized and abused indigenous Americans since forever and does everything in their power to keep indigenous Americans in poverty*
*Ignores that people fucking live there*

“Polaris and Friends, with Special Guests, the Perseids”

I caught 15 Perseid meteors during this 4 hour timelapse, along with a few planes, and a bunch of stars.
Here’s a version without the star trails, where you can see the meteors much better.

“Late to the Party”

I went down to the point to try and get some shots of the lake steaming under the stars, and I was lucky to catch a meteor streak across the sky while I was trying to figure out the best way to illuminate the steam coming off the water.
After checking out the 2016 meteor shower schedule, it looks like this was either a late Perseid meteor, or a random straggler. (The Perseids active peak ended August 26th. I shot this on September 3rd and the start of the next active shower was a moth away.)

  • what she says: i'm fine.
  • what she means: sm finally released the long awaited switch mv. the lords have answered my prayers. did you see them in that mv? my children are so talented. mork lee is so loyal. when will an nct member shoot me with a water gun? the world is a blessed place. what a great day it is.

Chiron: Well, they finally caught the thief.

Connor: Wow, they’re really going to ban him from Camp just for stealing pudding cups and toilet paper?

Chiron: No, he was caught taking rare weapons from the Big House.


Chiron: …Have you been stealing pudding cups and toilet paper?

Connor: What? No. I - I hate pudding and I don’t - I don’t use… toilet paper.


Connor: I have one of those French thingies that shoots water up your butt.

Chiron: Bidet?

Connor: Bidet to you too.