shooting teen wolf

Not a Chance *smut*

Author: obrosey-af

Characters: Dylan x Reader

Word Count: 2,762

Warnings: smuuut

A/N ayy this is kinda different than the usual smut I write but we’re gonna roll with it aight. I started this a few weeks ago and being the space case that I currently am, I forgot about it, but I hope you enjoy(: -Er

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“Okay everyone, great job today!” Jeff called, “See you all tomorrow morning.”

Today was probably the longest day of shooting Teen Wolf you’ve ever experienced. You filmed most of your werewolf scenes today, so there were tons of action shots and make up transitions. All you wanted to do was go back to your trailer and sleep for a week. Of course, you knew that wasn’t the case since Holland made everyone promise that you’d all go out for drinks tonight. You had agreed to go before today’s events and you were regretting saying yes at this moment.

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Me: *thinks of adorably quirky thing my favorite character does* haha, alright

 Me: *thinks of same thing but in a horrible angst filled context* NOT ALRIGHT!!! NOT