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From my recent shoot with Surbhi of HeadTilt. This girl was so awesome to shoot !  💖

Wardrobe: Matsya


J'ai fait un régime pendant 2 semaines, vous savez combien j'ai perdu ? 2 semaines 😜 !
Photographe: Lady Bulle - Studio
Modèle / Make-up: @van_hitman Vêtements: @punkrave.official Shoes: @gothpikes #goth #gothic #gothique #gothgoth #gothboy #gothguy #deathhawk #mohawk #gothmakeup #gothmakeupartist #makeup #makeupartist #model #modeling #alternative #alternativemodel #gothmodel #gothstyle #punkrave #punk #punkboys #death #punkstyle #batcave


Behind the scenes of Barney’s World Universal Studios Theme Park on set with Barney. The kids love Barney and The Barney’s love the kids. Yes, Barney’s! There are multiple costume Barney’s. They have to change because of the heat from the Florida sun and being outside. So Barney takes a break every so many minutes and goes inside and out comes the next Barney so the kids do not realize its someone new. Shooting with Panavision is always fun. Mainly the name and the cameras are quite a bit larger than Arriflex. I personally owned two Arri camera packages, 16mm & 35mm. When the client wants to use Panavision we rent Panavision. (BTW you cannot own Panavision Cameras only rent them) Just look at the size of the camera and the weight the assistant had to carry around for each setup! Shooting kids with Barney was actually easier than I though! They were there to see Barney and did not concern them selves with our lighting, dolly and camera crew. Barney was their world and they were in it. Had to get their attention a few times but in all it was an easy shoot We shot Barney for a couple of long hot days, they were fun days really doing what you like to do and with people you like to work with! ENJOY!

ok so… check this out.
btw…. lots of photography nerd talk here so if anything enjoy the lovely crop.

I got a new lens…. the Rokinon 16mm 2.2F…the new STROBE I GOT….. but the lens ok this is a post about that lens… LOOK AT THAT SEXY BEAST!!! on top of that I have the clarity TURNED DOWN -20!!!!
I paid about $350 for this lens……. yes people this is the LEAST amount I’ve spent on a lens btw….because photography isn’t cheap DESPITE how my prices are usually free or $30…. so Put that into perspective. /salt
This lens was QUICKLY one of my most favorite lenses. even at 2.2 it’s viciously sharp! This is shot down at 5.6 with Canon T3i meaning it’s a 18mbp pic. nothing HUGE, not like the Mark II ect up the line. but look at that, that is just sexy! I could PRINT THIS easily at a 20x16 and get just a stunning look! even though this is all online and really I dont HAVE to have this sort of clarity its nice to know I can easily print super large and get fantastic clarity!
only “drawback” is it’s a manual lens. but it’s so easy to operate with my Katzeye it’s kinda not an issue. I usually shoot my camera on manual anyhow ( I don’t like the sensor on the digital cameras.) and having a lot of old school Zukio and Zeiss film lenses, a manual lens is nothing new.

I’m So super excited about this whole new set up, lens, strobe… it’s not even funny! I haven’t been this energized about photography and my beloved art in a LONG time so seeing this is just AHHH!!!

I’m also so thrilled to have @faidflourite and @akakiri as my models and essentially guinea pigs for this new set up. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! They are among the short list of people I absolutely ADORE To shoot with.  I can’t wait to share with you some of their final photos among my long list of OTHER photos I really want to share!

Talk back at me if you want, questions, comments. all good. Trolling will be reported because I’m too old for that shit.

My hypothesis on Deckerstar’s future

WARNING: Season 1 & 2 Spoilers ahead!!!

Looking at this gifset not only incites massive Deckerstar feels, but it spawned my own questioning of where they’re going with Deckerstar…

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