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Context: our group is playing through Princes of the Apocalypse. We’re just coming back to the earth temple a week later to finish off the boss, who we didn’t kill last time. Our party - a snarky wood elf ranger, a priest of Lathander who carries a keg, a huge ill tempered dragon born paladin, and a big red haired barmaid with a great sword (me) - clears the room at last, but the main baddie starts his get away. We’re all across the room from him, and he’s already at the door.

Dragonborn: throws two javelins, both which hit, but don’t kill him.

Ranger: (from the ceiling, where he’s been the whole fight thanks to spider climb) shoots an arrow, misses one, but the boss is still standing.

Me (ooc): Shit, I already threw my handaxes!

Ranger (ooc): You still have (checks paper) an iron frying pan and a shovel?

Me (ooc): YES! I throw my frying pan!

DM: ……. Alright, I’ll give it to you. But you only get strength bonuses.

Having been given the blessings of Lathander (which, combined with the heals, has helped us so often that the whole party has become devout believers) I manage to land the hit. I roll to damage, and all of us look up at the DM expectantly. There’s a long pause.

DM: *slowly takes the boss’s miniature off the board*

The whole party breaks into hysterics. The pan is bent out of shape now, but none of us want to fix it.

Ok, Spider boy.

Summary: You and Mr Petey ‘fight’ because he’s always cancelling last minute for his plans with you ( cus’ he’s spider man n shit ) but all turns out well.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Swearing (what can I say, I love a good f bomb)

Word count: 1357

A/N: Finally updated Mr. Barnes and so I don’t clutter my feed with just that I’m gonna write about my boy Peter Parker. Also I had a strong development with the insert character and Aunt May because it makes me so happy when I see a positive relationship between the lady friend and the motherly figure. Also generally I think of Tom Holland’s Parker when I write but I think you can really think of whichever one you would like. As always requests are open and my masterlist is here -Hannah xo

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You finished getting ready in the mirror when you saw out of the corner of your eye your phone light up with Peter’s face. As you picked up your phone it was really loud and all you could make out was Peter’s voice. “Y/N! I’m glad you answered. I uh.” There was a large band followed by the slow fade in of sirens. “Hi, sorry. I can’t make dinner tonight. I’m sorry.” The blare of sirens gets increasing louder through the speaker of the phone. “Peter, where are you? Are those sirens?” He didn’t respond. You could only hear chaos. “Peter?!” you yelled in the phone. “I’ll make this up to you. I’m sorry.” and the line went dead.

 This was the 5th time this week he cancelled a date with you and it was already a Tuesday. He even would cancel on study dates, and this was an automatic red flag to you. Peter would always pull through. You knew he wouldn’t be around to text or talk to for a while so you changed into something more comfortable, and headed over to his apartment. You knew May would be home and she loved you like a daughter, and it wouldn’t be the first time you hung out with her instead of Peter.

 She was also very suspicious of why Peter was MIA as often as he was. So when the two of you spent time together it helped both of your suspicions, the only thing you dreaded was when he got home and you were there.

 After taking the bus to May’s apartment you walked up the stairs to her door and before you could knock she swung the door open. “He called you too didn’t he.”

 You gave a half smile as you walked in and kicked your shoes off and fell face forward into the couch. “Do you even know why he’s being like this?” She asked sitting on the small recliner across from the couch. “I honestly wish I did. I don’t know what he’s doing, it could be anything and I feel like I did something to push him away.” She leans back “Sweetheart, it’s definitely not you, he gets so happy every time I bring you up. He’s just…Peter.”

 “Besides, I was just about to start dinner and unlike Peter, I like cooking with you and I know how much you like cooking.” Shit she was good. You both went to the kitchen and made pasta and before you knew it the two of you were laughing as you sang and dance horribly to the songs on the radio.

 The two of you had a amazing meal as always, filled with conversation to keep both your minds off the boy at hand. You both started to clean up the dishes and leftover when you heard a voice from the living room. “Hey, May. Sorry I’m late I wa-” He stopped mid sentence as he saw you standing in his kitchen. You usually would’ve left by now, but you obviously lost track of time leaving you in this awkward situation.

 “Uh, I’m gonna go get ready for bed. I’ll leave you two alone.” She read the situation perfectly and left Peter and yourself to your own devices.

 “Y/N, I can explain.” He says making his way towards you. “Peter, you can’t even honestly tell me why. So why bother trying to explain.” You pushed your way past him and walked towards the door as he followed right behind. You kicked your shoes on and went to open the door before you feel something cold and sticky shoot by you and land on your hand, bonding it to the door.

Your eyes shot open and you turned to see whatever was on your hand coming from Peter’s wrist. “Peter…w-what is? What?!” He rushed over to your side and put a finger up to your mouth, shushing you. “Do not say a single word, if May finds out I’m beyond fucked.” Still in shock he removed the, what was understood to be web, from your hand and shuffled you to his room plopping you down on his bed and bolting the door behind him.

 “W-what was that?” you said as you felt the substance on your hand. “Y/N, you’re right and I haven’t been honest and you’ll understand why I wasn’t” You were confused as he walked over to his closet. Your mind was so all over the place still confused to why he was shooting what looked like spider webs out of his wrist. “Showing me your dirty gym clothes isn’t going to hel-. Holy shit.”

 He was standing in front of you holding the spider man suit. “Peter. Where’d you get that.” He chuckled before tossing it onto the bed, sitting next to you in the process. “Y/N, it’s mine.” You stared blankly before standing up. “So your excuse to missing our dates is because your spider child?”

 “Spider Man. and Yes. That’s why you constantly hear the sirens over the phone when I try to tell you I can’t make it somewhere. Because I’m saving people.” You stared at Peter for a good minute. “If you’re Spider whatever then consider me Scarlet Witch.” You said as you turned towards the door. Another web coated the door sealing it shut.

 “Why do you keep doing that? Better yet. How do you keep doing that.” He rolls his eyes and walks over to you. He sticks his hand out and you just stare at it. “Take my hand Y/N.” You grab it as he pulls you into a hug. “We’re going on an adventure tonight.” You cocked your eyebrow at him unsure of what adventures he could conjure up in less than a couple minutes.

 He let’s go of the hug and walks to the door. Wiping the webs away before opening it. “May, Y/N’s gonna crash here for the night, and we’re headed to bed.” He yelled down the hall hoping she didn’t come see him. “Okay, you two, I hope all is well. Sleep well.” She said as she just poked her head out the door. “Goodnight, May.” You both said as he pulled himself back into the bedroom.

 “If you want to do this, you have to trust me, and I know you’re having a hard time right now but you’re going to have to trust me.” You narrowed your eyes before giving in. “Fine, but we have to be home by at least 3. I want to get my homework done.” He chuckled before grabbing your waist and hoisting you out the fire escape very carefully trying not to make any noise.

 “We’re on a rickety old fire escape. This is your idea of trust.” He shot a web across to you and pulled you to him kissing you when you finally reached his arms. “Don’t give me attitude. Watch.”  He wrapped his arm around your waist “And hold on.” 

“Hold on, what do you mean hold-” Before you knew it you were swinging across and between buildings. You buried your head in his chest as you swung around. “Y/N, you can look around. It’s safe” He yelled over the background noise of the city. You looked over his shoulder at the city below you before you land in an alley and he sets you down. “Peter. Why didn’t you tell me.” He pulled your hips closer to his “Well I didn’t want you to get hurt. There’s already so many terrible people and I couldn’t let them do anything to you.” You smiled before planting a kiss on his cheek.

“Well. Spider boy.” He groaned “It’s Spider Man.” you chuckled “Ok, Spider boy. Do you have anything else planned? Because if not I’d love to go back to the apartment and blow off some homework and watch movies.” He grabbed your hand and placed a kiss on the back of it. “I’d love that, but maybe finish a lil bit of homework first.” You kissed him and all you could think about is how much you love that little nerd.

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Don’t Even Bother Denying It [ P.P ]

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Hi! This one here is a request for anon and I tried my best to write what you wanted so here you go!

Request: Could you please do an imagine where the reader gets saved by Spider-Man (not knowing it’s Peter her best friend) and kisses him by lifting his mask. Then the next day Spider-Man shows up in her bedroom and Peter reveals he’s Spider-Man, and more fluffy kisses ❤️️❤️️

I kind of messed up sticking to the description and I apologize dearly for that! I lost track of what I was writing I am so sorry!

Once again, I apologize that it isn’t exactly what you wanted. If you’d like I could write it up again for you!

Word Count: 1243

Warnings: Violence (?) and flufffff!

“Goodnight, Mads!” You yell, smiling slightly at the old lady as you walk through the doors of the diner you’ve been working at for almost six months. It was a cute little place; brightly colored and always a great place to spend time with friend. Madison’s Diner may have been an ideal place to go on a Friday night with family if it weren’t for it’s poor location.

The diner is smack bang in the middle of the worst part of the city, with drug lords and criminals littering almost every nook and cranny of the streets. You had talked to Mads - the kind old woman who owns the diner, about this but she had just waved a hand at you saying that nothing would ever happen to someone her age and that if you ever found yourself in trouble to just use the can of pepper spray that she had supplied me with. You both know that it’s necessary for a girl of your age to carry around a can of pepper spray.

The job was nothing serious. It was mostly an emotional attachment that you had to the kindly lady who owns the diner rather than the money that you earn. You still live with your family seeing as you aren’t of the legal age to move out–not that you necessarily wanted to just yet. If you were being completely honest, you didn’t even know what salary you got.

You pull your dark jacket tight around your body, shivering due to the breeze that passes through the street as you start your journey home. On any other day you’d be leaving from work at an earlier time and in a car, but that wasn’t an option for you tonight. You sigh, glancing down at the time on you phone. 2:30 am. It’s not smart of you to walk back to your apartment so late at night, but what other choice do you have?

Every little noise or movement makes you jump, speeding up your pace as you round a corner. It doesn’t really help that the dark terrifies you as it is and you’ve never actually had to walk home this late.

You quickly glance behind you, surprising yourself as you catch sight of a man walking suspiciously behind you. You avoid looking at the man, your eyes trained on the dark gravel beneath your feet. You wince as your shoulder hits a pole, stopping in your tracks involuntarily to inspect the forming bruise on your arm. The thought of the man flees to the back of your mind for only a matter of seconds.

A violent hand on your shoulder yanks you away from the footpath and throws you against a brick wall to the side of the pavement. The contact with the building sends shock-waves through your spine causing you to shiver in slight pain. The man’s breath reeks of alcohol and cigarettes, his dirty lips pulled back into a snarl.

“You’re a pretty one, eh?”

You struggle against his grip, not a single word falling from your lips. His eyes fall to your fallen bag, his hold on you not faltering even the slightest. The man opens his mouth to speak.


Before he can finish his sentence, the man is yanked right off of you. He falls to the ground in front of you, wiping at his bottom lip. Your eyes move to the figure towering above him. Spider-Man.

“Has no one ever taught you any moral rules?” Spider-Man spits. It was a foreign sound coming from him; more serious than what the people of Queens usually hear from the webslinger.

Spider-Man looks to you, holding out a hand to pull you away from the wall. You stand behind him once you’ve picked up your bag.

The man lets out a frustrated yell as Spider-Man shoots out his webs, taping him to the wall that you were standing against moments ago.

Spider-Man places his arm tightly around your waist, pulling you a safe distance away from where you were attacked. His shaky hands find their way to your shoulders. You wondered why he seemed so scared–so worried.

Neither of you spoke a word, the both of you lost in thought.

About an hour before you had left the diner, your best friend Peter Parker had offered to walk you home. Sure, you didn’t really think Peter would really have been able to do much in a situation like that but it still would have been much safer.

“Thank you.” You breath out, taking your shaking lip in between your teeth.

“It’s no problem, really.” He replies.“It’s what I do.” Your eyebrows furrow; his posture and composition and his voice sounds exactly like–


“Yes–wait what?”  Spider-Man stutters, his arms flailing by his sides. You raise an eyebrow at him, sticking your hip out and resting your hand on it.

“I know it’s you, idiot.” You smile. “Don’t even bother denying it.”

Peter sighs, scratching the back of his neck. It was honestly one of the angriest he’s ever been while dealing with muggers on patrol and it was all because it was you who was the victim. Ever since the start of last year, you had stolen Peter’s heart and kept it prisoner in your pocket without even knowing. It was the same vice-versa.

You’d had your suspicions that Peter was the infamous Spider-Man but you had never really thought twice about it. Peter Parker? The thought baffled you. But now? Knowing that he’s Spider-Man has made you even more proud of your favorite boy.

“I got scared, you know.” Peter admits, “I was scared something would happen to you. I mean I knew that I wouldn’t let that happen but I was still so scared.”


“Can I tell you something, Y/N?” He pulls you towards him, his strong arms wrapping around you.

“Of course.”

Peter couldn’t hold it in much longer. He had chickened out and waited long enough. Something about the Spider-Man suit made him ten times more confident than his usual. Even though he had become so comfortable with you over the past few years, this scared him beyond words. Peter was scared that you wouldn’t feel the same–scared that he’d mess up what you already had. But he had no idea you felt the same.

“I’m in love with you.” He blurts, “I have been since last year. When you fell off of my study desk in my bedroom.”

To say you were caught off guard would be an understatement. You stay silent, still taking time to let his words sink in. Even though you already knew your answer, Peter managed to take your silence the wrong way.

“I understand if you don’t–”

You cut him off, stepping into him and pulling his mask up to his nose. Your lips find their way to his, moving against them softly yet still passionately. The both of you could feel the kiss throughout your bodies, your grip on each other tightening.

“I love you too, Peter.” You mumble against his lips.

You feel him smile against you before he pulls away. Peter pulls you in for a tight hug, burying your face in his chest. He pulls his mask back down after leaving you with another few kisses before he shoots his webbing at the roof of a nearby building.

Peter drops you off outside your home, leaving you with one last kiss.

this is part of a book i’m writing ! it’s a peter parker fic and it’s called hidden on the user lronman ( lowercase l , ronman ) on wattpad

word count : 837

prompt : y/n is on a walk during the night when she ends up at her school . the building behind her blows up , and spider-man saves her just in the nick of time . he gives her a night she will never forget .


“unbelievable.” i sigh happily, climbing back into my room.

i get up off my bed, opening my door to check if anyone is in the hallway. when i see that no one is there, i shut my door and lock it.

i throw my hair up in a ponytail and grab my jacket, then i step out of my room through my window and end up on the fire escape.

i walk over to peter’s bedroom, seeing if he’s there.

he’s not, and i start to get suspicious.

peter’s been gone, late at night, and i’m scared he joined a gang. peter has so much potential. i don’t want to see him throw that all away.

i look out onto the fire escape, seeing a man in a red suit fighting a mugger.

only the famed spider-man, of course. he’s been spotted around queens for a month or so now. he fights the muggers, the shooters, the gangs, even the occasional supervillan, which have been popping up in new york like crazy ever since the kree invaded and the avengers fought them . he’s been making queens a better place.

i shake off the thoughts of the masked hero, walking down the stairs of the fire escape and landing on the sidewalk.

i stuff my hands in my pockets, walking down the quiet streets of queens.

it’s quite peaceful, to walk in the night. most everyone is asleep and it’s quiet. i might be able to see the stars, if there weren’t so many lights.

i end up at midtown high school, where i go to school, as well as peter, ned, and michelle.

i enter through the gates, finally sitting down on a park bench on the campus.

i definitely like school better at night. there’s no one. not even stan, the janitor.

“hiya y/n! what are you doing out here this late at night?”

okay, scratch that. stan is here. but other than that, no-

my thoughts stop as i’m suddenly tossed off the bench from a blast of some sort. i land on the ground, quickly turning my head to see what happened.

the science building of the school is on fire.

i gasp, quickly standing up to marvel at the sad sight.

“where’s spider-man when you need him!” i yell, hoping he’d hear me.

everything in the garden lights up fire, slowly creeping over to me.

my eyes widen, and i back up, but bump into the fence of the school. there’s no way i could get over that fence.

“damnit!” i scream, realizing the impending doom.

i am going to die.

i hold my breath as the fire reaches my toes.

“i swear to god, spider-man!” i scream, louder this time.

in the blink of an eye, i’m swept up.

i open my eyes, seeing i’m in the air. i look at the strong arm around my waist, seeing it’s the arm of spider-man.

“way to build up suspense.” i mutter.

“hey! i was busy!” he protests.

“busy doing what?” i question.

“saving that janitor. he was closer to the fire than you are.” he states.

“well then.” i sass. “hey, where are we going? you could just leave me on the street, i can walk home myself.” i say.

“um, this may sound a bit creepy, but i know where you live.” he mumbles.

a look of confusion spreads across my face.

“damn, uh, sorry?” he stutters.

“it’s fine, just a bit weird.” i smile.

“yeah, i get that a lot.” he laughs.

“yeah, well i’d assume so. you shoot spider webs, crawl on walls, and wear a skin tight red suit while fighting criminals.” i laugh.

i look down, seeing the streets of the city i’ve lived in for my whole life. it’s an amazing experience. almost like flying, but it feels like you’re on a roller coaster.

“here you are.” he says, dropping me off on the fire escape.

“thank you.” i smile. “you basically saved my life back there. it means a lot.” i hug him.

“n-no problem.” he stutters.

i turn my back on him when he slings his webs up, but i turn around when i hear him again.

he’s now hanging upside down with his mask pulled down to the tip of his nose, showing a huge grin.

“let’s not make a habit of this now, okay?” he teases.

“i promise.” i giggle.

i find myself starting to lean in, getting closer and closer to the masked hero.

our lips meet, and i feel everything, all at the same time.

it’s incomprehensible, the way i felt when i kissed him.

we part, and i see a smirk.

“rest well, y/n. no science tomorrow!” he cheers.

“wait, do i know you?” i ask, getting a hint that he goes to my school.

“of course you do,” he shoots a web to the apartment across the street, pulling down his mask. “i’m spider-man!” he yells, swinging on the web.

i laugh, watching him swing down the street.

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Watch MatPat be the first to die in that zombie game and fuck us all up with his death :'(

That’s really sad and all and it would be Fucked to watch him get mauled to death by zombies, but like lbr Matt would absolutely be the first to die in a zombie apocalypse so my standards are already so damn low you could trip on them.


Listen to Donald Glover Talk on "Awaken My Love", Shooting Star Wars, Spider-Man and More

“Childish Gambino AKA Donald Glover drops by the Neighborhood to chat with Big Boy! He discusses his latest album “Awaken My Love”, shooting Star Wars as Young Lando, his favorite childhood memory and more”

last session our fighter suplexed a spider and the rogue critical failed shooting the said spider but hit me; the warforged paladin full of bees. So I picked him up. and used him as a make shift weapon to kill the spider- he did more damage than my master work hammer. meanwhile our bard has just realized her magic item is a death lazer and asks us “did anyone see that?!?!” after she uses it. and the DM is like no. no they did not and describes the tablue of the suplex and the living armor full of bees bludgeoning a spider with the half elf rogue.

“I’m bee-sy” says Bees the warforged paladin full of literal bees and kills the spider with the rogue while he screams.

that’s it that’s our party.