shooting spider


Imagine… being in Middle Earth, you are your favorite Middle Earth race, and passing through Mirkwood. You were in the forest on your way to Erebor when you had trouble with the path, like the dwarves and Mr Baggins. As the giant spiders attempted to attack, you, having a bow, arrows, two daggers, and sword just in case, shoot them. More spiders attack and you find yourself outnumbered and almost out of arrows. An elf with long, blonde hair, hearing the fight, swoops into action. Arrows that don’t belong to you start soaring and hit multiple spiders, killing them almost instantly. Seeing that you are being helped, you shoot and rush to a dead spider, grab the arrow, shoot again, and repeat this process many times. Soon, the spiders that attacked you are dead and you start picking up the arrows. You offer to help the elf gather his arrows, but he insisted not to. The elf offered you a place to stay for a few days and you accepted. On the way, you exchange names and start talking, getting to know each other. The both of you arrive and the guards bring you forth and take you to meet the Elvenking of Mirkwood. As you walk into the throne room, the king starts to ask Legolas how the walk was. “Ada, the forest is dangerous and I saved this one from the spiders. We must do something about it.” As Legolas spoke, the king turns to see you. Your eyes meet and his eyes seem to melt. The sapphire blue eyes he has show knowledge and experience. Those vibrant blue eyes that make you melt at the very sight of them as he seemed to melt for your eyes. “As you wish, Legolas. Who is this lovely creature?” He spoke. His voice filled the air and took over your mind. He seems so perfect, so magnificent up there on his throne, the leaf crown complimenting his blonde hair. Legolas stated your name causing the Elvenking to smile. “Beautiful name.” he complimented, causing you to blush, look down, and thank him. He stands and walks gracefully over to you. He lifts your chin with his long finger which causes you to look him in the eyes. “There are the eyes that made me melt.” he whispers to you. Your eyes search his for any further emotion, eyes getting lost in each other’s. “Legolas, may you please leave the room as I have further business with (Y/N).” Legolas left and the king’s head leans forward, inching closer before you stop him. “Pardon me, my King, but I have not yet been informed your name.” He smiles lightly, looking down for a second before his eyes snap up to meet yours. “Thranduil.” he says before you lean forward. Your lips meet and both your eyes close. Your eyes flutter as your lips move in sync and you can feel butterflies ripple through your body and fireworks explode and light up your insides. You smile on the kiss as does he. His hand moves to cup your cheeks as yours move to wrap behind his neck. The kiss is very passionate and lasts a while, about a minute or two. Like all good moments, this one has ended too soon. You both pull away, out of breath. Trying to catch your breath, you smile as he does. “Its a pleasure to meet you, Thranduil.” You say as you blush lightly. “And you, my dear (Y/N). You are a lovely kisser.” he says before pulling you into another kiss. Perhaps these few days won’t be so bad.

The Signs as Things My Preschoolers Have Said/Done
  • *i am Ms. Aly, just so you know. also, i work at a preschool and all of this is stuff i have witnessed*
  • Aries: "I have a penis." - 2 yr. old
  • Taurus: "Do you remember yesterday when I saw you at Target? Yeah, me too." - 5 yr. old
  • Gemini: *accidentally drops Minion toy* "NOOOOO! MY MINION!!" *starts screaming* - 3 yr. old
  • Cancer: "I have a question... Spider-Man shoots webs out of his wrists and then climbs buildings." - 3 yr. old
  • Leo: *walks out of the bathroom completely naked* "Hi, Ms. Aly." - 2 yr. old
  • Virgo: "Get back in the bathroom! I don't want to see your vagina!" - 6 yr. old to 4 yr. old
  • Libra: *rides bike over to me and places a single hand on my thigh, then looks up my skirt and quickly bikes away* - 5 yr. old
  • Scorpio: "I wonder what Ms. Aly looks like when she's naked..." - 5 yr. old
  • Sagittarius: "I went pee-pee in the potty! I did it! I DID IT!" - 3 yr. old
  • Capricorn: *pointing to 'The Mona Lisa'* "That's you, Ms. Aly." - 3 yr. old
  • Aquarius: "Ms. Aly, do you have a big vulva or a small vulva?" - 4 yr. old
  • Pisces: *looking at a pigeon outside* "That's a penguin." - 2 yr. old

I’ve been wanting to wait until I could legitimately get a copy of Megaman before making robot OCs because rn the only thing I can think of is a robot who shoots spiders or one with an unnecessarily large upper body so I could name them Spider man and Man man

March 14

Professional hit man Johnny LaMonica takes the name “Black Spider” when he is sent to kill the crime lord Black Mask. He first appeared in Batman #518 (March 14, 1995). He is thwarted by Batman and sent to prison. He sustains injuries during this incident that leaves his face a disfigured web of scars, giving his choice of code name an ironic touch. He is later killed by Detective Crispus Allen during a gang shooting. Black Spider had opened fire on Detective Renee Montoya, preparing to kill her, when Allen unloaded his magazine on the villain. Jim Corrigan sold the bullet that killed Black Spider on the black market.


Imagine being promised to Legolas and hating it as much as he hates is. Then Thranduil makes you two go on a hideous stroll in the woods, and you both change your minds when you shoot a spider behind him, saving his life.

L - “Perhaps this arrangement won’t be so awful.”
Y - “Well, you’ll need someone to watch your back.”
L - “Yes, so it seems. I’d rather have you by my side than another.”