shooting sleeve

Jay Z, his nephew Daniel Julez Smith, Jr., Beyoncé and Daniel Smith, photographed sitting courtside in his Rocawear-branded seats at a game between the New Jersey Nets and the Miami Heat, played at the Prudential Center in Newark on April 16, 2012. 

Hov would have left slightly disappointed, as his Nets lost the game to the Heat 101-98. There was one major highlight though—after scoring his team’s final 17 points to help them clinch the win, Jay’s close friend and mentee LeBron James approached their seats. After he and Jay performed their secret handshake and spoke for a few moments, James gave his game headband, shooting sleeve, and wristbands to Julez; then signed his Nike “LeBron 9″ game sneakers and handed them to the astonished child. 

Before approaching Jay and his family, James was seen fervently calling over his then-teammate Norris Cole so he could introduce the young point guard to one of his heroes. Afterwards LeBron told the Fox Sports reporter that “me and Cole be in the locker room a lot talking about how great Jay Z is lyrically. For [Jay] to be my big brother and for me to get inspiration from him—Cole looks up to him [also] so I’m happy I was able to introduce them. I’m just blessed.”

Hov is wearing one of his Roc-A-Fella Records yellow gold chains (priceless), an 18K yellow gold Cartier “Panthère” ring ($24,000), a R13 denim trucker jacket ($595), a pair of Air Jordan IV sneakers in the “Cement” colorway ($160).

Wizard War: 3

“Silencio.” Draco mutters pointing his wand at the door. “You can come out now.”
“Great. Because I love hiding under your bed like a horny teenager.” You tell him as you climb to your feet.
“You have to go now.”
“I already told you that wasn’t happening. I’m here to help defeat your ‘dark lord’ even if Harry Potter and his followers are outnumbered. They’re on the right side on this one. Hate to be the one to break that to you.”
“You think I don’t know?” Draco snaps. “I didn’t have a choice in this matter. I was roped in by my family!” He looks genuinely upset and you watch as he paces the length of his room. “The Dark Lord is, he’s horrible. He kills anyone and everyone, including his own followers. He doesn’t tolerate failure.” He runs his fingers through his blonde hair and you can’t help but frown.
“I’m sorry.” You tell him softly and he stops pacing to look at you.
“I don’t want your pity.” He sneers, you can’t help but glower at him.
“I don’t pity you. I was empathizing with you. Damn.” He narrows his eyes and you roll yours, “What’s your plan for getting me out of here?”
“I’m not spending the entirety of the war locked in your bedroom.” You tell him folding your arms across your chest.
“You don’t really have a choice. Not unless you want to be caught by a group of Death Eaters.”
“Are you threatening me?” You growl.
“No!” He exclaims, “I’m trying to keep you alive!”
“You’ve got a funny way of showing it.” You huff then pull open your bag. You pull a map from it then pass it to him, “At least show me where I am?”
“We don’t show up on muggle maps.”
“A muggle map won’t work.”
“What the hell is a muggle?”
“Someone without magic.”
“Oh my god.” You giggle, “Muggle? Muggle!” You test the word out in your mouth, “Muggle. That’s incredible.”
“Why? What do you call them?” He asks, narrowing his eyes at you.
“No-maj? And you think muggle is weird.” He scoffs.
“It is. Now can you show me where we are? My map isn’t a no-maj map.”
“Oh.” He watches as you unroll the map, then standing beside you he points to where you are. You pull your wand from your sleeve and shoot him a smirk when he tightens his grip on his own wand, raising it defensively.
“Relax. I’m only doing magic on the map.” He lowers his wand but doesn’t relax, not until you gently tap the parchment where he’d pointed. Your surroundings blossom on the page in incredible detail as you slowly turn in a circle. When you’re facing the map again you give a little flick of your wrist then the picture shrinks down. “Touch it.” You tell Draco with a smile.
“With my wand or a finger?”
“Wand.” He does and gasps as your surroundings grow again, becoming big enough to see the details. “You can turn it too.” You tell him with a smile before doing exactly that.
“Incredible. Is that what these marks are? Everywhere you’ve been?”
“Yea.” He prods the San Diego mark and watches, blue eyes wide, as the city unfolds in front of him. “Incredible.” He whispers again. You watch him as he explores a few more of the cities you’ve travelled to. Ontario, New York City, Los Angeles, Los Vegas and Chicago. The joy is clear on his face and you can’t help the words that burst from your mouth.
“Let’s go.”
“What?” He looks at you in surprise.
“If you want I mean. We could go, travel.” His eyes widen in excitement as a smile blooms on his lips. Then reality seems to sink in.
“I can’t. If I just vanish my family will come looking, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named would punish them.”
“Then bring me somewhere I can help. Take me to someone.” He seems to think for a while, the pacing begins again and when he stops suddenly you jerk your head back in surprise.
“How old are you?”
“Let’s go to Hogwarts.”