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Things you probably didn’t know about hockey players (part 1)
  • Part of Jack Eichel’s right ear is plastic, he took a puck to the ear when he was 17.
  • Jack Eichel has always been an introvert and only cared about hockey his entire childhood. He loved skating alone in freezing weather since he was 5 years old; he never used to sleep over at his friends’, he rather came back home early to wake up really soon next morning to go skate; he started lifting and doing pushups when he was 10 years old; he used to spend his evenings improving his shooting and controlling puck in the basement instead of watching TV.

  • Connor McDavid’s parents had to lie about his age when he was 4 years old so he could play actual hockey (only 5y.o.+ kids could play).

  • Auston Matthews’ mother Emma helped her son celebrate his 18th birthday on Sept. 17 by preparing a favorite meal (tortilla soup) for him and his Zurich teammates.

  • Aaron Ekblad’s last name is Swedish, his great-grandfather moved from Sweden to Canada.

  • Thomas Vanek and Leon Draisaitl speak 4 languages: English, German, Czech and Slovak.

  • 4 Czech players: Jakub Voráček, Ondřej Pavelec, Jiří Tlustý and Jakub Kovář starred in ‘Babovřesky 2′ (Old Gossipton 2), a Czech comedy from 2014where they played quite important role through the entire storyline.

  • Evgeny Kuznetsov’s older brother Alexander died of “special circumstance” at event of celebrating May 1st in Chelyabinsk. At the funeral, Evgeny (12) said to the casket: “One day I’ll be a hockey star, earn much money and organize a big hockey tournament named after you.” 

  • Anže Kopitar’s daughter Neža was conceived at the night the Kings won their 2014 Stanley Cup on Friday the 13th and was born exactly 9 months later, also on Friday the 13th.

Because this guy here just doesn’t get enough appreciation for how awesome he is. Mild-mannered majordomo on the surface, EPIC SIR inside. (Dialing that flip phone LIKE A SIR.)

Taking out gargoyles LIKE A SIR. If you don’t slow your roll, he’ll drop you and probably shoot you in the face.

Taking out gangsters LIKE A SIR.

Owen appreciation post 1/?


Types of hockey players
  • ageless vampires
  • evil goblins
  • nice goblins
  • mediaval woodcutters
  • Rapunzels made in Ikea
  • real skating tanks
  • kindergarden gangsters
  • poker face protagonists
  • Professor Snape’s clones
  • nonstop erupting volcanos
  • “can I show you I don’t shoot just pucks and not just into net?”-ones
  • Alex Ovechkin

On the ice, he’s a guy who can change a game pretty quick with the way he shoots the puck and his playmaking ability. He doesn’t need a lot of time and space to make plays. As far as off the ice, he brings an easy going attitude. He doesn’t take things too seriously. He’s pretty laid back. He brings a lot of laughs and that’s great.


request: shawn gets injured in hokey imagine?

You watched as Shawn skated around the ice, shooting the puck into the net of the opposing team. You cheered, clapping as he scored another goal. “He’s doing really well!” You complimented, and Aaliyah nodded. The two of you were sitting in the front of the stands, watching Shawn and some other celebrities play a charity hockey game.

“He was pretty good in school, and he still kicks my butt when we play together.” She said, picking at her manicure. “Do you wanna go get some hot cocoa?” She asked, looking at you.

“Sure, yeah, I’ll be right back.” You smiled, walking over to the consession stands. You ordered two hot cocoas and a soft pretzel, and paid the worker for the food. You were walking back to the stands when you heard a horrific clash of hockey sticks, and your attention was drawn to the ice, where you saw three players on the ice.

Quickly making your way back to Aaliyah, you set the food down, and took in a breath when you saw Shawn on the ice, not moving. “Oh my God,” You felt your heart hammer inside your ribs, and you saw Aaliyah playing with the string on her sweatshirt, worried. You let go of the breath when you saw Shawn stand up, aided by one of the medics on scene. He looked up at where you two were sittting, and sent a smile your way before limping into the locker room.

You were pacing the length in front of the locker room, waiting for Shawn. Aaliyah had texted her parents, and they were too waiting, while Aaliyah chewed on her lip. The medic stepped out of the lcoker room, smiling at you. “Shawn’s fine. When he hit the other player, his knee twisted, almost popped out of place. He’s gonna need to stay off of it for a few days, but he should be fine.” He explained, and you nodded, and Karen let out a breath.

Shawn made his way out of the locker room not too long after, limping as he carried his bag on one shoulder. Manny took the bag from his son, and you hugged Shawn, not realizing you were crying until Shawn pointed it out. “What’s with the tears, love? I’m fine, I’m ok,” Shawn kissed your forehead, rubbing his hands up and down your back.

“I- You scared me, Shawn.” You admitted, avoiding eye contact with anyone. “When I saw you on the ice, not moving, it- it scared me. I didn’t know if you were ok, and I know hockey is a contact sport, and there are some really serious injuries, and I just- I got scared.” You rambled, hugging your boyfriend once more.

Shawn shushed you, rubbing your back again. “Shh, honey, it’s ok to worry. But I’m fine, just a little sore.” He smiled, taking your hand and you two followed his family out to the cars. Aaliyah hopped into Manny’s car, and Shawn clambered into his car, on the passenger side.

“I love you, thanks for worrying about me. Means you love me, too.” He smiled, letting his hand rest on your thigh as you drove to his house.

“Well, I do. I love you, Shawn.” You smiled, glancing at him for a moment before looking back at the road.

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Dylan Larkin - The Challenge

This one is for my one of my best friends…. she kept me sane through a very hard time in my life and keeps encouraging me to be creative.  She also enables my redwings gossip addiction… Love you K.

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You sat down on the home bench in Joe Louis arena with your best friend Monica or Mon as you call her. You guys were going for a skate with your boyfriends Dylan Larkin and Luke Glendening.  You had been dating Dylan for nine months now and you guys had introduced Luke and Mon about six months ago.  

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val & dylan part 2 (2/6/16)

so if you have followed my blog at all you know that i started talking to dylan on instagram over the summer and that he now recognizes me during warm-ups at every game i’ve been to and today was no different… actually, it was a little different.


i told myself (as i do before every game) that maybe him recognizing me the last 13 games were all coincidences. so when the boys skated on, dylan was on the opposite side of the ice doing some stretches he doesn’t normally do so at that point i told myself maybe he was done interacting with me at warm-up’s but i was way wrong. after he was done stretching he got up and skated around doing drills and when he got to my side of the ice, he slammed himself into me and laughed. this continued multiple times and then when he was over that game he decided to make me scream by shooting the puck at my face or hitting me with his stick… this happened so many times that the 50 year old man next to me turns to me and goes, “I think someone has a crush on you.” and I just smiled and turned away politely and that’s basically how warm-ups ended. same old shit but a different day.

the game:

so for today’s game i managed to get a glass seat directly behind our goalie… when the boys skated out i didn’t realize that dylan was skating towards me while i was dancing to a song by panic at the disco, when i looked up, dylan was smiling the biggest smile at me and he chuckled and gave me a thumbs up. at that point i didn’t want to believe that i had just made my favorite person smile, but then i turned to the girl that i was at the game with and she goes, “yes, that did just happen and yes, i saw the whole thing.” after that, i could not stop smiling. the entire game we kept making subtle eye contact with each other because we knew where each other were and after he got his first assist of the night, he smiled at me and i smiled right back.

i know that this doesn’t mean anything to anyone and that a lot of fans have interactions with their favorite players, but i had to share because it made me the happiest person on the entire planet. he makes me the happiest person ever. watching him go from college hockey a year ago to the NHL now and everything in between has meant the world to me and i wouldn’t trade it for the world. forever&always 71. ❤️

In Rimouski if I played bad, and back then I could still play bad and still get a couple points, they had outdoor rinks I’d go to. The coach might tell us we had the next day off, but I’d get the trainer to put pucks and skates in my car so the coach wouldn’t see. And I’d go out and shoot pucks at night by myself. Oh, it was the best. I didn’t have anyone telling me what to do. No one was telling me to dump pucks or play the system. No one cared if I missed or scored. It was just me out there. That was probably one of the best therapies I’d ever done over those two years. That was my spot, my place.
—  Sidney Crosby in “The Rookie”

@ketchup257 calgary scored within the first couple of minutes because Colborne got a penalty and it deflected off of EJs skate so really it was just unfortunate. Then another goal happened but in the 3rd Ghetto got us a goal so it was 2-1 but a minute later Picks got a penalty for shooting the puck into the crowd and flames scored so it was 3-1 then with like 2 minutes left Ghetto scored but then got a penalty and then we couldn’t score another and flames got the empty netter