shooting dirty pool

There was a time when they were doing that song ‘Shooting Dirty Pool’ where Jim was trying to make it sound like a fight in a pool hall. Paul was trying to think of something to say, like, what would you say to somebody if you wanted to start a fight with ’em? So we recorded the bottle breaking—bam!—and by the way it was a bottle of Michelob from the little store across the street, and Paul threw it against a concrete wall as hard as he could, and the first time he threw it, it didn’t break! So Paul was trying to think of all these lines, and he said this one line that was the best line I ever heard, that didn’t make it to the record, but I’ll never forget it. He said, ‘What are ya gonna do about that lion haircut, sister?!’ Lion haircut! Like a mane!
—  John Hampton, Ardent Studios engineer