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T O O L S    1.19.17

It hasn’t been all that long since I did a gear update, but I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what I’m shooting with these days, so I thought I’d share my main bag. I used to carry a lot more than this, but I discovered that it was holding me back from shooting because I would often not want to carry a big backpack full of gear around and I’d leave it all in the car or at home. I’ve been using this bag and camera system for several months now and since it’s a lot smaller and lighter, I’ve been taking my stuff everywhere I go.

Also, late last year, I switched from an Olympus Micro Four-thirds and a Canon DSLR system to shooting with the Sony A3000 mostly exclusively. It’s certainly not as cool looking as the Olympus cameras are, but it’s more suitable for my needs and it’s been a blast to shoot with. Here’s a list of the core items in my camera bag. Sometimes if I’m going to be out all day, I’ll pack a power bank for my phone and camera, and I often carry whichever book I’m reading at the time in there, but this is just about everything.

Waxed Finnish Military surplus gas mask bag
Purse organizer used as a camera insert
Sony A3000 w/ Zonlai 25mm f/1.8
Canon 55mm f/1.2 FD ASPH on an RJ Speed Booster
Nikon 28mm f/.2.8
Opteka 85mm f/1.8
Neewer square filter kit + backup batteries and SD cards in a felt pouch
Cellphone tripod mount
Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD
Schrade SCH304M
Screwdriver pen set
A neat old flashlight I found
Travel tripod and head
My journal w business cards + a blue pen and a yellow marker

Hope this clears up any questions! If you’re into photography and have a gear list and want to share, link it to me! I’m always interested in seeing what y’all are shooting with.

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All The Glitters | Part One | ao3 Link

An UnReal/The Bachelor deancas au

Dean’s ass was numb. There was a shooting pain in his back and he was seriously sure that there was glitter stuck in his eye. That was sadly nothing new. That was just his life. His phone had been buzzing nonstop for the past fifteen minutes but from the position he was lying in, there was no way of reaching it.

Most twenty-seven-year-old men wouldn’t spend an evening lying on the floor of a limo while talking to a bunch of single, probably desperate, women. Dean, however, was used to it. He’d done it for so many years now that it was like second nature to him. It was more natural to him than breathing.

“Dean? Hey, Dean? Is the limo going to be stopping anytime soon? I really need to go to the bathroom.”

Dean lifted his head to see which one of the girls had spoken. Amelia. A tall, composed woman with ‘wife material’ practically stamped across her forehead. Dean could see why Josie selected her for the show.

“Can you hold it? We’re five minutes out.” Dean said from his position on the floor of the limo.

“Dean, this dress cost me $375. I do not want to pee on it.” Amelia said in a near whine. Dean wasn’t surprised that she needed to pee. They had been stuck in the fucking limo for over an hour already.

“If I distract you with who the suitor is will you hold it in?” Dean asked. Amelia sighed but nodded her head. With a flourish Dean held up a headshot of the current suitor for the show. “Castiel Collins, son of Dmitri Collins and heir to the entire family fortune. They’re the fifth richest family in America. If Daddy’s latest business deal goes through they’ll probably become the third richest.” The girls all squealed or made impressed sounds.

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Taken on the way back from shooting a show at UNC… I love incorporating motion blur rather than fighting it.

on day 7 of Seven’s route

me: “I’m so happy that you’re here. We can be like newly-weds!”

Seven: “I’m sorry, but I’m not interested in that.”



Posting this late…had the opportunity to shoot the USWNT back in Nov.  Here are some selects from the shoot.

Camera: Canon 60D

Lens: Canon 24-105mm / Canon 100-400mm Telephoto

Song: Live Like Legends - Ruelle

Stay Alive

Hamilton: “I have never seen the General so despondent, I have taken over writing all his correspondences…”

Washington: “Actually, I’m doing okay considering, I could probably write a lot if that mys-”

Hamilton: “Washington is so beside himself, he needs me to write EVERYTHING.”

Washington: “Hamilton, really, it’s okay, I can write that. Also, I just got this letter from your wife if you want to read ..”

Hamilton: “Congress writes,
“George, attack the British forces”
I shoot back
“suck it Congress! You can tell me nothing!
G. Wash
p.s. Send more horses”

missyriver  asked:

Okay no angst request this time. But a Padres Christmas Party and Mike gets Ginny and autographed poster of him, "For your collection" also Ginny got him her jersey. Guess im feeling fluffy today.

fluffy is good. excellent, in fact. 

doesn’t mean they don’t have to work a little for it.

many times, many ways | ao3

Ginny was honestly surprised she was considered enough of a Padre to warrant an invitation to the team Christmas party. 

Sure, a lot of that surprise was founded in self-pity, but she felt she was allowed. 

After all, her rookie season in the bigs ended (and started, honestly) in heartbreak, her brother wasn’t speaking to her, Amelia was back, but their relationship was strained, and Noah wouldn’t quit dropping hints about a world tour. 

And Mike Lawson was back with his wife. Not that she cared about that. If he was happy, so was she. It hadn’t been a lie when she said those words to Amelia and it wasn’t now. 

That aside, there wasn’t a lot that was really putting her in a festive mood. 

Only Blip’s promise of excellent catering and free-flowing booze had secured her attendance.

Mostly, she wanted to do what she’d done since her season ended; sit in her hotel room and binge watch terrible reality shows. It helped her feel better about her life. 

The life where she was getting ready to go to a party for a team she wasn’t even sure she belonged to anymore. The doctors and front office sounded optimistic, but Ginny knew the drill. Players were sent back down to the minors all the time for slighter injuries than hers. 

Well. She might as well take advantage of being a Padre while she still could. Especially when there was free food involved. 

She was keeping her expectations low for this party. 

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