shooting back

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He's posing like a super model in photo shoot showing off his back?? All these shining golden veins?? He has gold for blood?? Why is Emiya Alter like this

I’m actually super excited to find out the story behind the gold markings bc combined with his second ascension it seems to be some kind of corrupting force centered in the tattoo on his back which is the perfect combination of godawfully edgy and genuinely interesting and potentially heartbreaking


Sebastian Stan and the Tshirt™ for the Beauty Book (2011) (x)

on day 7 of Seven’s route

me: “I’m so happy that you’re here. We can be like newly-weds!”

Seven: “I’m sorry, but I’m not interested in that.”



Yeah i know I’m late again but here, have a shitty gif to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the gravity falls finale!
Man it’s been one year and I’m still not over this show… *cries*

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Okay no angst request this time. But a Padres Christmas Party and Mike gets Ginny and autographed poster of him, "For your collection" also Ginny got him her jersey. Guess im feeling fluffy today.

fluffy is good. excellent, in fact. 

doesn’t mean they don’t have to work a little for it.

many times, many ways | ao3

Ginny was honestly surprised she was considered enough of a Padre to warrant an invitation to the team Christmas party. 

Sure, a lot of that surprise was founded in self-pity, but she felt she was allowed. 

After all, her rookie season in the bigs ended (and started, honestly) in heartbreak, her brother wasn’t speaking to her, Amelia was back, but their relationship was strained, and Noah wouldn’t quit dropping hints about a world tour that Ginny was increasingly sure she had no interest in. 

And Mike Lawson was back with his wife. Not that she cared about that. If he was happy, so was she. It hadn’t been a lie when she said those words to Amelia and it wasn’t now. 

All in all, there wasn’t a lot that was really putting her in a festive mood. 

Only Blip’s promise of excellent catering and free-flowing booze had secured her attendance.

Mostly, she wanted to do what she’d done since her season ended: sit in her hotel room and binge watch terrible reality shows. They helped her feel better about her own life. 

The life where she was getting ready to go to a party for a team she wasn’t even sure she belonged to anymore. The doctors and front office sounded optimistic, but Ginny knew the drill. Players were sent back down to the minors all the time for slighter injuries than hers. 

Well. She might as well take advantage of being a Padre while she still could. Especially when there was free food involved. 

She was keeping her expectations low for this party. 

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just a long description about my one pig ball python

my favorite ball python is Drizzle.

She is the weirdest ball python. She’s super shy and skittish and hates me AND is an absolute pig that constantly wants to eat everything. 

she fights ball python stereotypes *puts on sunglasses*

when she senses I’m in the room/suspects there might be food, her head will SHOOT OUT OF THE HIDE ENTRANCE LIKE LIKE SOME SPEED BULLET and then just freeze there. like a statue.

If I offer food (which I do 1/7th of the time), she’ll strike in this way that nearly gives me a heart attack every time. She’s the only snake I’m paranoid of feeding because I’m scared of shock factor. Sometimes it takes her 2 seconds, sometimes it takes her 20 seconds, and there is no physical sign of when, because she is a statue and doesn’t move.

If I don’t offer food and she realizes it’s not fud tiem, her head will SHOOT BACK INTO THE HIDE AT THE SAME SPEED but BACKWARDS!!

She is terrified of being handled and hates being touched, has struck at me multiple times like she’s something venomous (but she misses cuz I’m fast ha). She never refused food, she eats leftovers that my other snakes refuse, I can offer her rats AND mice and she’ll always eat both. I’ve once offered her 3 meals in a row (1 rat pup, 1 rat fuzzy, 1 jumbo mouse… don’t even ask) and she took them all, one right after the other, all with the same enthusiasm. She’s an absolute pig.

She’s like a treasure to me, a total diamond of ball pythons, I 100% love and appreciate her SO MUCH. LOL. If I could have 10 ball pythons with her personality, I would.