shooting back


“But he really was my favourite for that because he really kept me on my toes and i had a great relationship with the dog. The dog actually bit a couple of the cast members. He bit Jim, he bit Kevin yeah, yeah but but you know the dog never bit me and the dog never bit Michael and he never bit Amy.” - Sarah Shahi (x)

As had been happening throughout the drug war, this mass militarization brought with it a new wave of dehumanization. In one follow-up interview to his survey, a SWAT commander told Kraska, referring to the use of routine patrols, “When the soldiers ride in, you should see those blacks scatter.” Former San Jose police chief Joseph McNamara told National Journal in 2000 that at a recent SWAT conference he had attended, “officers … were wearing these very disturbing shirts. On the front, there were pictures of SWAT officers dressed in dark uniforms, wearing helmets, and holding submachine guns. Below was written, ‘We don’t do drive-by shootings.’ ON the back, there was a picture of a demolished house. Below was written: 'We stop.’”

Kraska found more evidence of the mind-set problem in a separate ethnography study he conducted. As part of the study, he had been invited to sit in on an informal (and probably illegal) training session for police officers. The session was taught by two members of an elite military unit with whom he had become friendly and who worked with several police departments that were developing or in the process of developing SWAT-like units. The actual "training" turned out to be little more than a group of cops and soldiers gathering in a remote area to shoot big guns. But before the police officers arrived, Kraska talked to the trainers about the proliferation of SWAT teams. “This shit is going on all over,” one of them said. “Why serve an arrest warrant to some crack dealer with a .38? With full armor, the right shit, and training, you can kick ass and have fun.” The other trainer jumped in. “Most of these guys just like to play war; they get a rush out of search-and-destroy missions instead of the bullshit they do normally.”

—  Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces by Radley Balko

Sebastian Stan and the Tshirt™ for the Beauty Book (2011) (x)