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Which Person are you/have you been? I used to be the Poser, until, you know, I actually started shooting seriously 😂😜🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


Colt 1851 Navy “London”

Produced by Colt Manufacturing Company c.1850-1873 - serial number 28319.
.36 cap and ball six-round cylinder, single action, cased and engraved.

London models referred to all steel revolvers, as opposed to the traditional Navies which had brass parts.

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Im sorry im doing this,i hate it believe me but i have to talk to you about a new show you propably have heard.Eyewitness is a show that airs on &USA Network every Sunday at 10/9c.“A crime drama about teens who witness a mass shooting during a clandestine rendezvous. Afraid of both the killer and of having their secret revealed, they vow to keep quiet”.This show has an M/M couple as main and it deals with internalized homophobia,mental illness,PTSD and foster parenting issues.We have females that are very strong in the show and in the place of police,we have a dad that is very supportive of his foster kid and we have a murderer that everyone hates with a passion.Due to the fact that the show has LGBTQ people in the front it doesnt get the promo that other white straight show(im talking about Shooter) the network has.What i mean with that is it doesnt have his own Twitter account as all other shows have and they dont show the promos during the week.We barely got a promo for episode 7 we had to beg for it.I have seen many people connect to those characters too.

So im asking you if you can give your support to the show just a little bit.The actors are amazing they support the characters they play ,they are woke and supportive  about issues such as LGBTQ topics and they support the fans(they see the fanarts and everything)and they are very open of the fact that they play a gay couple

Richards converted Colt 1860 Navy revolver

Produced by Colt Manufacturing Company c.1860-1873.
.38 short Colt six-round cylinder, single action, nickle plated, side loading gate with spring-loaded ejector rod.

This one is obviously an early conversion - pre-Mason - as the creeping loading lever’s attach point is still very much visible under the barrel, unlike later conversions where it is smoothed out.


Massachusetts Arms Maynard Patent percussion revolver

Manufactured in the US circa 1850′s, serial number 706.
.41 caliber ball, primed with tape primer unreeled by cocking the hammer in preparation of each shot.

Although this would effectively save time by not having to place a cap on every nipples of the cylinder when reloading, tape primer wasn’t as durable as metallic percussion cap and thus the Maynard patent revolvers failed to be produced in large quantities.

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Cynthia Addai-Robinson (Arrow) has been cast as the female lead opposite Ryan Phillippe in Shooter, USA Network’s upcoming drama series from Paramount TV and Universal Cable Prods. She replaces Emily Rios, who played the part in the pilot.

The thriller, based on Stephen Hunter’s novel Point Of Impact and the 2007 Paramount film starring Mark Wahlberg, is written by John Hlavin and executive produced by Wahlberg. It stars Phillippe as Bob Lee Swagger — the role played by Wahlberg in the movie — an expert marksman living in exile who is coaxed back into action after learning of a plot to kill the president.

Addai-Robinson will play FBI agent Nadine Memphis. Nadine has a strong intuition and dogged determination which has made her a rising star in the Bureau, but her headstrong personality has also landed her in trouble in the past. As the arresting officer of a would-be-assassin, she may have set her career back on the fast track, but her gut tells her there’s more to this case. Not realizing the depth of the conspiracy, she unwittingly puts both her investigation and her life in jeopardy. (x)