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Please could you do an imagine of the chocobros and the types of daydreams they'd have about their s/o? Say they aren't dating yet but there's definitely been subtle flirting. I imagine them all daydreaming away in the regalia ;)

This is so lovely and fluffy and a much needed break from the NSFW stuff I’ve been posting. (Not that I don’t enjoy it.) 

Regalia Daydreams HC 

Chocobros x Reader

Noctis: As Noctis lazes about in the backseat, he stares off into the scenery daydreaming about just hanging out with you in his apartment, wasting away the day. You guys are dressed down in sweats and t-shirts and he likes to imagine you with your hair up in a messy bun. What he would give for the world’s laziest day with you! He muses on cuddling close with you in bed, swaddled into the spooning position with over-sized comforters, binge watching your guys’ favorite tv shows and playing multi-player shooter games. The lights in the house stay off from dusk til dawn. He imagines that you would be thrilled to spend this day with him and you spoil him with snacks and scalp messages. Ahhh… You nap in and out, waking to lazy make out sessions. You are his sweat pants, messy bun goddess. <3

Prompto: Prompto’s music playlists, that he forces the other guys to listen to while in the Regalia, are PURELY for his daydreaming pleasures. Each song is an inspiration to some magical event with you or another. His favorite daydream includes going out on photo opt excursions with you by the means of Chocobo. But really … more than ANYTHING … he wants to take you out dancing with him. He loves sitting back into the passengers seat thinking about what cute outfit you would wear and what kind of club you guys would go to together. On his most carefree days, he imagines dancing with you to whichever of his favorite songs play through the aux. …having his hands on your glorious hips as they move, the lights flashing in the dark, being totally free.

Gladio: Sometimes, when Gladio has his book out, he’s not.actually.reading. He’s thinking of you. Delving into his own fantasy world where he comes home from a long day and you’re there waiting for him. He sweeps you up from behind your knees and holds you close. Gods, he loves the smell of your perfume. He misses the aroma of you. In his head, he enjoys whisking himself away to introducing you to a variety of his favorite hobbies. His most recent favorite daydream includes introducing you to rock climbing. He imagines you’d be dressed in some cute, denim short shorts, showing off dem legs, girl. Hoo. Especially your thighs. As you climb, he keeps you above him so that he can catch you when your feet slip. And in his head, your feet always slip, and he’s ALWAYS there to catch you.

Ignis: Ignis can fantasize while he’s driving. As a matter of fact, this happens OFTEN. He is so familiarized with the roads that often times, he’s driving purely from memory. At some point he’ll pop out of a daydream and think to himself, ‘oh. Here already?’ and not even remember the scenery he passed to get there. What he really loves thinking about is retirement. With you. He dreams of buying a house that needs A LOT of TLC that the two of you can put work into together. He imagines helping steady you on the ladder, wiping paint from your nose and teaching you how to make precise measurements. He stands close behind you, guiding your hands as he instructs you on how to use different power tools. A home is such an intimate thing, and he relishes in the little details he may one day customize with you. 

Shooter twists its body lifts its front leg while showing its back to Shizuo after it drops its neck like it is lonely for a second in response to Shizuo who asked while frowning.

“….Are you asking me to ride you?”

Shooter moved his tail again in response to the remarks.

However, Shizuo thinks about it for a little bit and responds to Shooter’s intentions.

“I have never ridden a horse.”

Shooter freezes.

After a little while, Shooter created a shadow over its whole body and made its body compact.

A pitch black motorcycle appeared in front of Shizuo.

Shooter, who transformed into that shape when Celty normally rides on it, made a strong engine sound as if it was proud of itself.


“….Sorry. I don’t have a motorcycle license either.”

Shooter’s engine stops completely and a cold atmosphere blows between one person and one motor vehicle.

—  Shooter and Shizuo. Durarara!!x12. Translation by mizaya

‘CarnEvil - ‘Attract Mode’


  • Uploaded by ArcadeIntro, via YouTube
  • Does attract mode count as advertising? Eh… probably! If anything, CarnEvil’s attract video had some feelings of a commercial!

some final thoughts on Dirge of Cerberus

i realize that this game has a bit of a sinister reputation within the Compilation of FFVII- it’s widely reviled as one of the very worst games that the series has to offer, on par with such legendarily bad spinoffs as Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero and Shadow the Hedgehog

in my experience, Dirge’s poor reputation is only partially deserved. yes, the story is awful and makes very little sense, that’s absolutely true. the seemingly arbitrary changes Dirge made to the FFVII universe are pretty much indefensible. putting that aside, though, mechanically? like, as a video game? i think it’s actually sort of fun

like, if you take the parts of the Compilation of FFVII that actually are games you can play, you have Dirge of Cerberus, Crisis Core and Before Crisis. Before Crisis can’t be legitimately played outside of mid-2000′s Japanese handsets, and while I did enjoy Crisis Core’s story (for the most part), the gameplay suffered from the same affliction that would later hobble FFXIII: it was a game that couldn’t reconcile what it wanted to be with what the player’s perception of Final Fantasy was. Crisis Core very clearly wanted to be a traditional action game, but elements of the ATB system remained in place seemingly out of pure obligation and hamstrung the whole thing. what could have been a fun, engaging experience became a bizarre mishmash of clashing gameplay styles that made very little sense, and wasn’t often terribly fun to play

Dirge, on the other hand, unapologetically does its own thing. this is a third-person shooter with very light RPG elements, and Dirge owns that right from the start. there’s no pretense about ATB meters or combat timing. stats are present, but mostly take a backseat. it’s all about action. and you know, while the action isn’t perfect and doesn’t always work as intended (this game has serious camera issues, something SE still struggles with if FFXV is any indication), i actually enjoy it when it does. in terms of gameplay, i legitimately think Dirge is probably the most fun part of the Compilation of FFVII, even if it’s the weakest in terms of story

speaking of story, while Dirge’s story is a nightmare cornucopia of bad ideas, i think that thematically, the game is very true to the spirit of the original FFVII. Dirge is a dark game with dark atmosphere by necessity of what it’s about, but the mood still pinballs between deathly serious, outlandishly goofy and strangely optimistic, much like the original FFVII did. the legacy characters that make appearances in Dirge are also very true to themselves, suffering almost no alterations (though Yuffie probably could have been treated better) and seeming to have retained all their character growth. it’s more than i can say for Advent Children and Crisis Core

Dirge of Cerberus is an absolutely awful Final Fantasy game, i have to agree with that. but as a video game itself, disconnected from the FF mythos at large, i have to admit that it’s at least passable, not nearly the abhorrent experience that most seem to believe it is

that said, i never want to play this mother crap of shit again