shooter light

Shooter twists its body lifts its front leg while showing its back to Shizuo after it drops its neck like it is lonely for a second in response to Shizuo who asked while frowning.

“….Are you asking me to ride you?”

Shooter moved his tail again in response to the remarks.

However, Shizuo thinks about it for a little bit and responds to Shooter’s intentions.

“I have never ridden a horse.”

Shooter freezes.

After a little while, Shooter created a shadow over its whole body and made its body compact.

A pitch black motorcycle appeared in front of Shizuo.

Shooter, who transformed into that shape when Celty normally rides on it, made a strong engine sound as if it was proud of itself.


“….Sorry. I don’t have a motorcycle license either.”

Shooter’s engine stops completely and a cold atmosphere blows between one person and one motor vehicle.

—  Shooter and Shizuo. Durarara!!x12. Translation by mizaya

‘CarnEvil - ‘Attract Mode’


  • Uploaded by ArcadeIntro, via YouTube
  • Does attract mode count as advertising? Eh… probably! If anything, CarnEvil’s attract video had some feelings of a commercial!

anonymous asked:

How do you go about animating a character? Can you make a tutorial maybe or link of one? (that animation you recently posted was really cool)

Hooo boy uh well I usually spend a semester teaching that for 3 hours every other day so that’s a pretty big question haha! I’m definitely not the best animator, but I do know a thing or two that I could share. Well first off I used flash for that run. I would really encourage anyone to try traditional animation rather than digital, but let’s be real an animation program is easier to get ahold of than a quality down shooter and light box and paper.

Biggest and most I would suggest you get very well acquainted with the 12 Principles of Animation- the kinda “animation rules” set by the original Disney Animators. This guy has great explanations for what each principle means…

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