“Last time I slept all night with a girlfriend it was 1982. Girls and women don’t even give me a second look ANYWHERE.”

In 2009, George Sodini opened fire at an LA Fitness centre because he was angry that women always rejected him. Over a nine month period, he blogged about his sexual frustration on his website, complaining about the lack of initmacy he was having. Sodini was arrogant and believed that he was incredibly good-looking, and once wrote: “Who knows why (I get rejected)? I am not ugly or too weird.”

On August 4th, he entered a women’s aerobics class at the LA Fitness center in the town of Collier. He put his duffle bag containing weapons on the floor, turned off the lights, and took out two semiautomatic pistols. He then fired at least 52 shots at the 12 victims before shooting himself dead.

BREAKING NEWS: White Male Does Mass Shooting in Charleston Black Church

BREAKING NEWS: White Male Does Mass Shooting in Charleston Black Church

Mass shooting in Charleston

White gunman targets black church in Charleston, S.C.; 8 wounded: http://t.co/0bLtuEx9hZ

— The Washington Times (@WashTimes) June 18, 2015

Shooting reported at historic church in Charleston, S.C. http://t.co/bAQDSIer8O pic.twitter.com/JnX98IsFhR

— KDVR FOX31 Denver (@KDVR) June 18, 2015

Police: Shooting at a church in Charleston, S.C. – http://t.co/A1WtPXMYU4| Swiss…

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