Parallax, world map, by Duncanthrax.

A rendition of the playing field of the C64 game “Parallax” (see Youtube movie)

I drew this around mid of the 80s, in pencil on checkered paper. I feel old.

[Josh says: I’m gathering from context that this was more a work of tradition mapping than something done from memory, but it’s also pretty dang sweet so I’m gonna go ahead and post it. 

And so debuts the “mission creep” tag, for stuff like this that isn’t exactly meeting the site’s mandate but is still awesome and hey why not.]


I created this little Shoot ‘Em Up where you take control of a vengeful orange box on a mission to eradicate the infamous evil black boxes and their leader BoxLord. Don’t worry, the game is relatively easy. Controls are below.

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BUG: For some reason the high scores don’t work in the embedded version, so please play the non-embedded one. FIXED: Everything should work fine now!

There are two play modes, Normal and Practice. The only difference between them is that the Practice mode, though giving you unlimited lives, doesn’t allow you to save your score online.

You have three weapons to choose from. The standard Energy Blaster is fast and is my favorite. The Laser is slower, but can shoot through multiple enemies at once. Finally, there’s The Bulge. While relatively weak, its real strength is revealed when shooting it at a group of enemies. You can switch between them at any time.

There’s also a combo meter. Each time you take an evil black box’s life, you receive a multiplier. You can then destroy another evil black box before the combo timer runs out (two seconds) to create a combo chain. The larger the multiplier, the bigger the score you’ll receive.

The most fun part of the development process was figuring out what types of enemies I should make and how they would function. Instead of creating my own level editor to create their placements, I used Flash directly. Currently, there are five enemy classes: Straight, Bounce, Wave, Seeker and Pather. More on them below.

All in all, this was a nice learning experience. As always, here’s the non-embedded version. Please note, the game is not yet balanced, because it’s just a rough prototype. Anyway, see if you can beat the boss at the end.


Arrow Keys - Move around
Space - Shoot
1-3 Keys - Change weapon
Escape - Exit to menu

Debug keys:

0 - Open debug information

Enemy Classes:

Straight - A simple enemy that follows a straight line.
Bounce - Same as Straight, except it bounces when hitting the screen’s borders.
Wave - An enemy with a wavy movement pattern.
Seeker - This enemy lunges straight into the player.
Pather - A complex enemy which can follow paths, respond to triggers, and spawn other enemies.

Fun fact: The boss like enemies all use the Pather class.


Art Shit. #thorpepark #slowmo #shootemup @director_kell (at THORPE PARK Official)

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Raid on Bungeling Bay, Bungeling Bay, by Tom Mulgrew.

From “Raid on Bungling Bay”.
My first C64 game, by virtue of my uncle forgetting to take it out of the disk drive when he sold it to us.
I eventually figured out the object of the game was to bomb all 6 factories until they exploded.

When you complete the game it presents a news-paper article about your victory. The first time I managed this, I lost all my lives in the process and just managed to destroy the last factory by crashing my out-of-control helicopter onto the last factory as it fell out of the sky. The newspaper article included all this information which was extremely rewarding (and rather cleverly programmed).

I found out later that it was written by Will Wright who went on to write Sim City.