Been delving into some of my older stuff, to see if there was anything cool to mess around with. I think “EYO” was the most fun thing to work on back when I was still getting into programming.

A few people in my programming classes used to challenge eachother to see who could get the highest score. I think it was the first time I really saw anyone enjoying one of my games.

Felt pretty good!

Parallax, world map, by Duncanthrax.

A rendition of the playing field of the C64 game “Parallax” (see Youtube movie)

I drew this around mid of the 80s, in pencil on checkered paper. I feel old.

[Josh says: I’m gathering from context that this was more a work of tradition mapping than something done from memory, but it’s also pretty dang sweet so I’m gonna go ahead and post it. 

And so debuts the “mission creep” tag, for stuff like this that isn’t exactly meeting the site’s mandate but is still awesome and hey why not.]


Art Shit. #thorpepark #slowmo #shootemup @director_kell (at THORPE PARK Official)

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Raid on Bungeling Bay, Bungeling Bay, by Tom Mulgrew.

From “Raid on Bungling Bay”.
My first C64 game, by virtue of my uncle forgetting to take it out of the disk drive when he sold it to us.
I eventually figured out the object of the game was to bomb all 6 factories until they exploded.

When you complete the game it presents a news-paper article about your victory. The first time I managed this, I lost all my lives in the process and just managed to destroy the last factory by crashing my out-of-control helicopter onto the last factory as it fell out of the sky. The newspaper article included all this information which was extremely rewarding (and rather cleverly programmed).

I found out later that it was written by Will Wright who went on to write Sim City.


MidBoss pattern test #solarguardianship #shmup #stg #Shootemup #indiegame #gamedev #workinprogress #indie

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