so uh… a shooting just happened at a mall close to where i live (in munich). like, really fucking close. the shooters are still on the loose and the police are warning everyone to stay indoors. i can hear sirens and helicopters outside and there’s a bunch of rumors going around about other shootings happening somewhere else in the city too, tho they’re probably all false reports. i’m home, i’m safe, i don’t really know what to do with myself right now. i haven’t seen anyone else make a post who lives this close to it so i guess that’s what i’m doing.

if you’re in munich, stay indoors, stay safe.

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Balcony Man: “You fucking Asshole you…”
Shooter: “Because of you I [unintelligible]…”
Balcony Man: “You cunt you. you’re a cunt”
Shooter: “…and now I have to buy a gun to shoot you”
Balcony Man: “a gun fuck off your head isn’t on right”

Shooter and Balcony man shouting at each other

Balcony Man apparently to people filming: “He’s got a gun here the guy has one”
Unseen voice: “Shit/Fucking Turks!”
Balcony Man: “Shit/Fucking Kanacken” (foreigners basically)
Balcony man to someone else: “EY! HE’S GOT A GUN! He has loaded his gun! Get the cops here!”
Shooter: “I am German.”
Balcony Man: “You’re a cunt is what you are”
Shooter: “Stop filming!”
Balcony Man: “A cunt is what you are, what the fuck are you doing?”
Shooter: “Yeah what, I was born here!”
Balcony Man: “Yeah and what the fuck you think you’re doing???”
Shooter: “I grew up here in the Hartz 4 (unemployment benefits in Germany) area.

Balcony Man and Shooter talk at same time, can’t make it out.

Shooter says something about "Behandlung” which is “treatment” in both medical treatment or just how you treat people,not sure which one he means.

Balcony Man says something like “Yeah treatment is something for you”

Shooter: “I haven’t done anything here for [unintelligible]”
Shooter: “Just shut your fucking face man”
Balcony Man: “You cunt you”
Balcony Man: “HEY! HE’S ON THE UPPER FLOOR HERE [unintelligible]”

Filming man goes into cover, shooter starts firing.
Balcony man calls him a cunt again.

Balcony man shouts something at him about “shooting here” and Shooter replies multiple times “Yeah, that’s where you’re right! Yeah you’re right with that!” Yeah you’re right!“

Video ends.

Munich shooting: attacker was German-Iranian teenager who acted alone

An 18-year-old man with German-Iranian citizenship shot and killed nine people and wounded more than 20 at a shopping centre in Munich, police have confirmed, in the third attack on civilians in Europe in eight days.

The teenager, who was described by local police as acting alone, is understood to have been living in Munich for up to two years and according to reports shouted “I am German” during the prolonged attack on Friday evening.

Germany’s third largest city was forced into lockdown after the gunman opened fire on diners in a McDonald’s restaurant before moving to a nearby shopping mall.

His motive was “completely unclear”, Munich police chief Hubertus Andrae said, and it was too early to say whether it was a terrorist attack. There was no immediate evidence of an Islamist motive.

Police said the gunman, who had been wearing a red backpack during the assault, killed himself.

The police raided the attacker’s home in the early hours of Saturday, according to local media, but there were no details of his identity and he was not known to police.

A video posted on Twitter appeared to show the gunman in a furious exchange with a bystander as the attack was going on.

In the footage, an unseen man can be heard shouting abuse at a man who appears to be the attacker pacing the top of a carpark.

The unseen man can be heard telling other people with him that the man in the carpark has a gun, to which the man purported to be shooter responds: “Fucking Turks!”

The unseen man shouts: “He has loaded his gun. Get the cops here,” to which the other man shouts back: “I am German.”

Younger me: I really like this song and the music video, but I have no idea why. I guess I just really like it…

Music video: *has pretty girls, hot girls, muscly girls, cute girls, girls dancing, girls crawling through mud, girls belly dancing, girls working out, attractive girls, girl-*

Me now: Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh……………………………….

Update on the Munich shooting

The 18 year old man possessing both the German and the Iranian citizenship who killed nine people in a Munich shopping mall and finally himself had been treated for a psychological condition. Police found material in his room suggesting that he had been interested in rampages and killing frenzies for a long time, but nothing related to religious terrorism.

Eu não sei se vale a pena aceitar esse teu jeito, todo mundo tem defeitos, por favor não to querendo te julgar. Somos muito diferentes
e por mais que a gente tente a cabeça dá um nó e vai ficar pior se a gente não parar.
—  A primeira namorada.
Please keep Germany in your Prayers

There was a shooting at a shopping center near München / Munich. The police believes there are already up to six dead people. The shooters have fled the scene and people are advised to stay inside.

Just three days ago a young man attacked people in an ICE near Würzburg with an axe and wounded five severly.

What we know so far about the shooting in Munich
  • About 6pm there was a shooting in a shopping mall in the Northern part of Munich.
  • Six Nine Ten people are dead and about 21 wounded
  • The citizens of Munich are told to not leave their homes and avoid public places
  • According to the police three so far unknown people with rifles are on the run. There is an unconfirmed rumor that a fourth person was found dead According to latest reports it seems to have been only one person. The shooter is reported to have committed suicide
  • Munich’s central station was evacuated
  • The airport is still open and flights are still going
  • The public transport system is down is working again
  • There is no confirmation about other shootings in Munich. “Only” one shooting is confirmed - the one in the shopping mall.
    So it seems all other reports are false alarms
  • Police announced that this was most likely an act of terror

Info-hotline for people in Munich  089/29101910

Official Munich Police twitter (english and other languages as well):

Busses and trains still down, most streets are closed. Stay off the streets as best you can. If you can’t make it home try to find somewhere safe. #opendoor #offenetür tags on twitter have people offering to help. Some public buildings have opened their doors for refuge. 

Please tell your family/friends who know you’re in Munich that you’re ok if you can manage somehow and stay safe!

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