Frjarsland  -  Pronounced (Feh-yarl-sl-land) Frjarsland is a proposed confederation of tribes and prepper groups in the eventuality that the SHTF. “Western civilization is following the same track as Rome did. As of current, we have entered into a technological Golden age at the same time we entered a social and spiritual age of decadence.” - Grumpyvikingwithagun

It will be a constitutional conglomeration but the constitution is still being drafted by the founders. It will have a central council to settle disputes between tribes but will not have a federal government. Each tribe (Tribe being defined as a group of no less than 50 people working under their own chosen leadership) having its own chosen representative participating in the central council of Frjarsland.

Individual tribes will be autonomous, in charge of their own military, policing, and economies, even controlling what faith or religion (if any) they practice, as well as the traditions and culture they adopt. Currently a Celtic, a Viking, a Sea, and a Mandolorian tribe have been discussed. Tribal Banners like the one bellow are encouraged.

Citizens of Frjarsland will receive the same training as basic American Infantry so that at the very least each citizen will have the basic knowledge of how to shoot, move, and communicate. Acting as a secondary defense force and making citizens of Frjarsland hard targets against crime with specialty training being available depending on aptitude, tribal affiliation, and job field. Feasts and festivals, and inter-tribal competitions will be common place in order to hone and showcase tribal skills.  

The official military of Frjarsland will be an all-volunteer force with each tribe providing volunteers for the defense of Frjarsland as a whole instead of their individual tribal territory. Since this is a dystopian military; function over form is the rule of thumb with relatively loose uniform standards.

Seeing as Moral is important to all military matters, the Frjarsland military will have a thrash metal war band (complete with dystopian flamethrower guitars).

Retrofitted civilian boats will serve as the Frajsland Navy.

Power Armor is currently in discussion for R&D by the Science bureau with a soft launch date of 2020.

As this is a SHTF survival network/plan it is important to note that the members of Frjasland are not in any way advocating the actual overthrow of any nation or state, and are not involved in or advocating any illegal behavior. And that members of Frjasland who are near each other should help aid and train each other in their own individual SHTF plans and preps…