Do people who text rp still exist? Like… I’m gonna be heading onto a flight for 8 hours and damn I wouldn’t mind doing a bunnyribbit thing lol

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🎂 (I want for Hyorei for Avon omg shoot me)

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Now Avon was able to ‘convince’ Hyorei to go shopping with him. Convincing meaning dragging the icejin to the store while he was asleep and waking him when they got there. Hyorei was annoyed but way to tired to express it. So tired that he eventually started sleep walking and wandering off into the cafe area. The staff was putting together a display cake, the bottom wasn’t part of the cake only something to hold it up. It was hollow and easy to trip into if you aren’t looking….or if you’re asleep. Hyorei did fall into the little opening. Didn’t wake him, but the two men that put the cake on display they didn’t notice the white and blue icejin under it. After awhile, Avon started looking for Hyorei since he hadn’t seen him in a bit. He checked the whole store until he made it to the cafe area, where they unveiled their ‘cake for the day’. After it was announced, noise started coming from the cake and Hyorei jumped out of it looking around, dazed and confused.

Teach Me How to Forget (Part 5)

Summary: 17 year old Daniel Howell is abused by his father and finds comfort in school, especially English class, where his teacher of 22 years old, seems to have much in common with him on famous literature, and connect on an emotional level. All is well at school, that is, until Dan notices his emotions for his teacher are far from innocent. What will happen to Dan when his father finds out about all of this?

Genre: Angst, Fluff, (Possible smut warning for later chapters) AU


Warnings/Triggers: Alcohol, Depression, Rape

Part 1 (x) Part 2 (x) Part 3 (x)  Part 4 (x)

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hi sorry for being mia recently. so much has been happening. this past month alone i’ve managed to finish my IB exams, compete in waterpolo, finish high school, and get ready for prom. here’s to an amazing summer after i’ve worked my ass off for the past four years. lots of love! 

ps, if any of you are in singapore we should totally meet up! i’ll be in singapore from the beginning of june to the end of august. just shoot me a message omg i really want to meet all of you guys <3