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It was a few days later, after Mark had reunited with his crew and didn't smell like a mixture of potatoes and shit that Chris cornered him. He had been zoning out, thinking about all the sweet things he was going to do once he landed on Earth, like drink actual tea and possible shoot a sack of potatoes with a shotgun. Which was why he couldn't even defend himself as Chris started smacking him repeatedly with a folded up piece of paper. (1/2)

“What the fuck?” He exclaimed, grabbing Chris’ wrist and managing to wrench the paper away. “You fucking idiot. I swear to god.” Chris grumbled, instead squishing Mark’s face in his hands. “You want me to confess my feelings? I have hardcore gay feelings for you. How’s that, huh?” Mark stared at him, watching the way Chris’ face went from pissed to embarrassed in a second flat. “Oh fuck… this wasn’t how–” He didn’t get to finish his bumblings before Mark yanked him into a kiss. (▰˘◡˘▰) (2/2)


hey quick question.

Do you guys think its appropriate for the school administration to completely take away gym uniforms, and make it so that we have to wear polo shirts, khakis, and dress shoes for gym class? 

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Imagine: After Forbodium Lucy and Al get super famous for solving the Jigsaw killings, and a movie producer decides to do a film about them. Al keeps lashing out at the writers for writing Al and Lucy as a romantic couple, but Lucy secretly loves the idea.

OMG and like, one day Al is just ranting about it and when he tries to get Lucy to back him up she just blushes and quietly whispers “is it really ‘at bad? us? t’gether?” and Al freezes like holy shoot.

and then they both blush because now they’re both unsure and al excuses himself and they both just kinda like, realize. AHH I LOVE IT

  • Me:wow I love what Taylor's done with this tour! I love the outfits and the long stage design! Couldn't get any greater than this:
  • Taylor:*creates spinning stage in the air, has 748383 special guests, changes the shake it off outfit colours, changes outfits, surprises us with fetus songs//duets, kills us by shooting fireworks at us*
  • Me:omg