Yuzuru Hanyu: Kenji’s Room cute moments

——“Yuzu: What is my favorite motto? “Try never to lose your initial enthusiasm.”

Kenji: Sounds good.

Yuzu: My ex-coach Nanami Abe told me this saying. When I landed a 3A for the first time, she bought me iPod. I found “AAA” engraved on it. It means “triple axel”. She gave me that words with iPod. “Try never to lose your initial enthusiasm.” I think the meaning is “You must keep on doing your best, even if you can land 3A or quads. Do not be satisfied with that. You must not be boastful.” I still treasure her words now. This words is always with me.”

——Yuzu was asked what the biggest blooper in his life was but he really didn’t answer the question. 

“Yuzu: What will I do 10 years from now? What will I do…

Kenji: You will be 30.

Yuzu: I will be enough old! I will be “OJISAN” (OJISAN means a middle-aged person)

Kenji: Hey! What did you say? The OJISAN is sitting next to you! It’s me!

Yuzu: Shoot! Haha. I made the biggest blooper in my life now.”

——“Yuzu: What is the feast for me? Ummmm if I answer to this question frankly, I would be a bit embarrassed and some people say it’s not a kind of feast but I dare to say it’s my mother’s home cooking.

Kenji: Wow, I’m embarrassed to hear that!

Yuzu: But I really think so. I think for me the feast is not always an elaborate dish. For me, the feast is the food which she makes for me thinking much of my health. She always cooks for me thinking about the nutrition to get rid of everyday fatigue and stress. I love to eat such food. I’m not interested in eating so much. She really know that. She knows my favorite taste and how I feel easy to eat. So my mother’s cooking is the feast for me!”

——“Kenji: And I have another surprise. I heard you are a fan of “Hiroshima Carp” (Japanese baseball team). Look at this.

Yuzu: Wow! This is great!

Kenji: This is Kenta Maeda’s uniform with his autograph.

Yuzu: I wonder if you have another surprise? For example, Maeken-san (Kenta Maeda’s nick name) will enter this room?

Kenji: No…. sorry, someone who looked like him came here before. Haha. Try it on?

Yuzu: I’m super happy!”

——“Kenji: Looking back all, what is the most impressive competition for you?

Yuzu: People might imagine that must be the Olympics… but I say “No.”. Let me see…. In the good meaning, I think the first National Novice Championship was most impressive.

Kenji: Why?

Yuzu: I was so excited because it was the first time for me to compete in the National Novice Championship. I was not nervous at all. Just excited. I enjoyed competing in the competition. Really enjoyed. At that time, I trained a lot. I felt I didn’t make a goof at all. I was a 4th grade elementary student, but I thought I could definitely win. At that time the scoring system was 6.0 system. I remember the grade more than 5.00 was that of the senior skaters who competed in the World Championship. But a judge gave me 5.2 at that time. I was really happy.

Kenji: Yes, you were great at that age to get 5.2 points.

Yuzu: I was surprised at myself and thought I could compete with senior skaters at the World Championship. I was an elementary school student at that time.,, haha.”


💧Water Ninja! 💧

I was really debating on posting these or not, but then @iiamapoptartt posted her bunch from the shoot and convinced me otherwise haha

Anyways, this was actually my first legit cosplay??? It came out way better than expected???

I was actually really nervous about the shoot since I’m really self concious about how I look…nose wise, but I actually really adore how these came out so I’m content!

It was a really fun experience and I’ve loved Nya to death since the Pilots aired when I was twelve so—yeah!💫


Fun fact about me: I like raspberry jam.
MISTY’S BODY: Jam, jelly, preserve, it’s all the same to me when I have to digest it.
MISTY’S HAIR: Add marmalade and you’ll notice the difference, haha.
MISTY’S BRAIN: When you’re in a jam, be happy you’ve preserved your taste for jelly.
MISTY’S HAIR: When you’re in a bottleneck, make sure to open a jar of marmalade.
ME: That’s great advice! 😁
Fun fact about this video: I had raspberry jam right before shooting, haha.
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Home ~S.M.~

Summary: you and Stew fuck.

Warning: smut; daddy kink.

“Babe I’m home” I hear as I run down the stairs of our new apartment.

“BABY!” I jump in to my boyfriend of 2 years arms. We had recently bought this apartment together. It made me realize exactly how much I loved him.

“Someone’s excited to see me.” Stew says kissing my cheek and setting his stuff down.

“Well, Stewart, I missed you a bunch.” I say looking up at him. He had been gone finishing all his testing for his last year of school. I graduated early so I’m currently doing online college.

Stew just chuckles and sits on the couch. He pulls some stuff out of his bag we keep under the couch. He begins making a blunt as I sit in his lap.

“God. You’re just like Nate.” I was friends with Stews brother before I dated Stew. But when Nate moved to Cali I became close with Stew. I’ve always had a crush on him but we never really talked. We saw eachother a lot because I was with the older boys but a simple hi or a shared laugh was it.

“Well he is my brother. Here take a hit. I’m gong to grab us drinks.” I took multiple puffs from his blunt. I loved getting high with Stew. Mainly because it usually ended up in amazing lazy sex. He came back in and sat near me. I was already buzzed so I put the joint against his lips. As he took the joint out of my fingers I moved to straddle him.

I grabbed my phone and started playing music while Stew watched me with his head against the back of the couch. His large hands were running up and down my upper thighs. Once the music was on Stew finishes off the joint and put it in the ashtray on the table. He grabbed my hips and pulled me extremely close.

“You are so beautiful fucking. Wait I messed that up. I mean you so are beautiful. Nope that’s not either fuck. You’re-” he stumbled over his words while I giggled at him.

“I understand baby. I’m fucking beautiful.” I saw whispering. Getting close to his face as I slowly grind my hips into him.

“Fuck. I’m so lucky. ” he says then kisses me. After me grinding on him and us making out for a little bit he pushes me down onto the couch.

He starts kissing my neck leaving love bites and bruises. He kisses my sweet spot down to my collar bone. I start moaning at the sensation. Stew blows cool air on the spots he just attacked.

He sat up to take off his shirt as I did the same. He groaned at the sight of me without a bra.

“Y/N were you planning on this to happen?” He say smirking.

I nod and laugh. “I have to be ready for when my daddy gets home.” I say pulling him back down to my lips.

“You’re gonna kill me babygirl.” He says as he moves down to pull of my shorts. “Really y/n? No underwear?”

“So what? I’ve been horny all day.” I say as I sit up on my elbows. He just shakes his head and chuckles and kisses my hips.

“What if I was too tired and didn’t fuck you when I got home.” He says teasing my entrance with his fingers.

I smirk knowing how to speed this process up. “I guess I would’ve had to call Jake. I’m sure he’ll fuck me right.” As soon as I said it Stew attacks my pussy. Licking and sucking my clit while his fingers pumped in and out at a super fast pace. I was moaning and screaming his name.

“Can Jake make you this wet princess?” He says going impossibly fast.

“N-n-no daddy.” I say trying to speak. I could feel my high approaching. “I’m close. So close.” I say trying to grasp the couch beneath me. Stew just speeds up while I pull on his hair trying to catch my release. Within seconds in screaming and my high washes over me. Stew stands up as I’m coming down. He pulls off his boxers. And puts on a condom. I gather all my strength, and get of the couch and kneel in front of him. I stroke his painfully hard member and kiss the tip.

“No y/n. I just wanna fuck you right now. You can suck me off in the morning.” Stew says pulling me up. He lays me down on the couch and climbs in between my legs. He lines him self up and slowly pushes himself in. Once he’s all the way in I give him a nod, letting him know he can move.

He starts out slowly, groaning in my ear which makes me moan. He slowly picks up his speed until he’s thrusting into me so fast I can’t think. I was moaning so loud with Stew whispering dirty words all in my ear while kissing my neck.

“Fuck Daddy I’m close”

“I know baby. On 3. 1…2…3.” As I release on Stew, I feel him shoot his load into the condom. We were both yelling profanities mixed with each-others name.

As were coming down Stew flips us over so I’m laying on his chest. I give him a peck on the lips as I grab the blanket that’s draped over the back of the couch.

“Bet jake can’t fuck you like that.” I hear Stew whisper.

“Nobody can daddy” I say as I close my eyes.

“I love you y/n”

“I love you too Stew”

Hahahaha. Lol there go my stew feels. Haha shoot me pls. Help pls.

anonymous asked:

Hi dear, I absolutely love your blog! I was wondering, though, if you could start colour-coding the outfits you post, such as tagging all outfits with a red item as #red, and so on. Only if this isn't a problem for you, of course!

Thank you! 🧡 Well, that’s not a bad idea. I can try to do that sometimes but don’t shoot me if I forget haha. 🙊

Me and AC characters having a sleepover.
  • Ezio: *brings lots of wine and his favorite pillows*
  • Connor: *wears pajamas with lots of feather designs on them*
  • Haytham: *tries to read under the blanket* Leave me alone...
  • Altair: *feels like the only adult in the chaos of children*
  • Malik: *feels like the only one who isn't a novice*
  • --
  • Shay: Hey Arno~ *evil smirk*
  • Arno: *slowly lifts his head up* Y-yes?
  • *gets nailed with a pillow in the face*
  • *french cursing is heard*
  • Haytham: have no idea what you have done...
  • *pillow war starts*
  • *the two opposing sides divide the room in half*
  • Arno: *sides with Ezio to use his unlimited supply of pillows*
  • Shay: *climbs on the cabinet (cause he is a sniper and shit)*. I'm gonna get you all!
  • Haytham: Cormac get down! *runs across the 'field' to get to the shelter Lee made*
  • Shay: *throws pillows at Malik and Edward*
  • Edward: *after Malik gets hit* haha, and who is a novice after that?
  • Malik: ....I'll show you...*sides with the Templars*
  • Altair: Malik, how could you D:
  • --
  • Me: *records the war on camera* this is better than porn, man...
  • Edward: *takes out a half of the barricade* YO-HO! *drinks*
  • Connor: CHARLES LEE!!!*uses a pillow as a shield, runs at Lee*
  • Lee: oh my god, leave me alone!!!!
  • --
  • Arno: *suddenly drags Shay down from the cabinet*
  • *both fall down*
  • Shay: *falls on top of Arno*
  • Arno: D:
  • Shay: D:
  • Me: o.o DAMNNN THAT POSE!!!! Arno spread you legs a bit more, I want to capture this!
  • *everyone turns to face me*
  • Me: :D what?
  • *the following scene contains gory images of me being murdered by a million pillows flying over to me*
  • --
  • *after the war is over, everyone is exhausted, some pillows are torn, feathers flying*
  • Connor: FEATHERS, FEATHERS, FEATHERS! *jumps around, tries to catch them all* ((ahah, Pokemon joke))
  • Edward: *drunk with Ezio*
  • --
  • Haytham: *gets dragged away by Ziio*
  • Ziio: never leave children in one room together.
  • Elise: I agree. *drags Arno by his ear*
  • Arno: ;_; baby, I'm sorry, but Shay started it...
  • Aveline: *patiently waits for Connor to be done, facepalms*
  • Me: *hysterical laughter*
  • Shay: how could make me and *gets his rifle out* you...
  • Me: Shaaaaaaay, do you want a huuuuuug? *puppy eyes*
  • Shay: ahah...haha...*shoots me with a sleep dart* you are lucky today.

[Jan.16.2016] PD CSW Instagram Update - Lee Jong Suk & Park Shin Hye 

(Pinochio BTS)

두녀석이 다 촬영이 없던 어느날…(광고촬영중?!) ㅎ 힘내라며 보내온사진..케~~^^

The day when these two children were not doing any shooting,, ( Were they shooting ad? ! ) Haha , sent me a photo to cheer me up,, Hehe~ ^^

Source: w.w.bolt   

Trans By:Lee Jong Suk JSHINE 

( Jan.16, 2015 was the airing date of  Pinocchio’s Last Ep &  Wrap up party )