Kaidan asking you out in Mass Effect 3 is so bad for me. I feel bad but like bro Kaidan, I’m just catching lunch with you before my boyfriend takes me bottle shooting. Haha…hope we can be friends though :/

I haven’t really seen anyone else talking about it yet, but it was one of my favorite details in the episode:

The journals can be wrong. They were just written by some guy! Sure he’s an incredibly smart guy, and he’s easily the most knowledgeable (human) on the supernatural in Gravity Falls, but the journals aren’t the be-all end-all that Dipper has been viewing them as. Neither is Ford.

Ford even lends the journal to Mabel for her “quest”, but she only opens it once to get the location of the unicorn to appear. After that the journal doesn’t appear again, but Mabel spends over half the episode trying to get the hair the way the journal described. In the end she finds a solution of her own method, and unlike what the journal described, it actually worked.

It’s been established that Dipper relies heavily on the journals, and I’m worried that it’s going to bite him in the ass.

arcane-renegade  asked:

Hi I've seen your anti*tayuri posts and I agree about not fetishizing Yuri. I also don't ship them. But I'm wondering what you would think of a nonsexual romantic relationship between two people of that age. Because over here that would just be two/three years between two teenagers in high school, so the maturity gap wouldn't be all that big. I'm just curious pls dont shoot me haha. You don't have to answer if you don't want to. It just popped into my head.

sorry for the late reply !!

im a little confused by what you mean about the link between sexual relationships and maturity gaps. because nonsexual or not, the maturity gap is still. too big.

otab.ek is 19 and y/uri is 15 (almost 16) and grade wise y/uri would be a sophomore (i think) while o/tabek would be - well. he’d be in college (first year) by then.

i would add more but i think ive explained the maturity gap enough? lmk if there’s more you want to ask though!


“I want to help. I can be hard to see. I can kill things that would hurt people.”

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Newt isn’t even dead

It was just another test

And then one day, a flat trans opens up and…

Reunion!! everyone’s happy the end


My two favorite warm things when the weather gets cold.

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