‘I want to challenge society’s perception of beauty’: Plus-size pin-up Tess Holliday flaunts her size 26 frame in a black top and knickers in her first modelling agency shoot  by Tess Munster

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She’s famous for proudly flaunting her curvaceous figure, bold dress sense and collection of colourful tattoos on social media.

But as Tess Holliday poses for a collection of arty black and white images, the 29-year-old is turning her attention away from being an internet phenomena to shaking up our ideas of beauty.

Pin-up Tess, who lives in Los Angeles, is passionate about enforcing the notion that there is 'no one way to be a woman or beautiful’.

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Can you do a highschool AU where pietro makes a huge promposal to you with the help of tony, Bruce, Steve, natasha, clint, thor, (maybe convince loki to help as well), and Wanda Please and thank you! :D

Title: I’ve Been Waiting For That

Words: 1,077

Warnings: None (If I’m wrong message me and I’ll fix it)

Notes: I really hope this is okay since it’s the first thing that anyone’s ever requested. Please tell me what you think about it!

Pietro looked around the empty classroom at his friends. His stomach was knotted from anxiety and he was afraid that they’d all shoot down the idea of him asking you to prom. “I know you all have very busy schedules, but this is an emergency and I have no idea wha-“

“You want to ask Y/N to prom, don’t you?” Tony asked nonchalantly, lounging on his chair with his feet propped up on his desk.

“WHAT… I mean…h-how did you know?” Pietro questioned, face growing red when he heard your name.

“It’s obvious,” Tony took his feet off of the desk, stood up, and started to fidget with something in his hands while he spoke. “You’re always running around with your track buddies, you almost never slow down. The other day in the hallway I saw a freshman try to ask you to prom and you just kept walking. Her precious little face was so distraught, it almost brought a tear to my eye. You never seem to slow down for anyone, but whenever you see Y/N, you completely stop. Plus, you do all the lovey dovey stuff like stare at her when she’s not looking and you get this goofy smile. It’s cute, really it is.”

Pietro’s blush grew even more while Tony was talking. “O-okay… but how should I ask her to the Prom?”

“I don’t know how, but it should be something really good because this morning Y/N was talking about how she’s not sure if she even wants to go to prom.” Nat replied, raising an eyebrow and waiting for Pietro’s response.

“I-“ Pietro started but was interrupted.

“It’s probably because the person she wants to ask her to prom hasn’t asked yet.” Bruce started quietly, leaning forward as he became more involved in the discussion.

“This is true.” Wanda confirmed, nodding her head. “Three boys and even one girl has approached Y/N this week. She turned down all of them.”

Pietro’s heart was beating much faster than normal. What if Y/N actually liked him too? What if she was waiting for him to ask her out? “Help me plan the perfect promposal for Y/N.”

Thor stood up and patted Pietro’s shoulder with his large hand. “Of course, brother.” Thor gave him a large smile and Pietro returned a weaker yet very grateful smile.

“All right team,” Steve stood up, put his hands on his hips and looked at everyone. “Let’s start brainstorming!”


You couldn’t help but think about prom. And how the one person who you wanted to ask you hadn’t asked yet. You thought you were making it obvious that you liked him, but maybe not obvious enough. Sighing, you closed your locker and turned to your two friends, Wanda and Nat, who had been waiting for you.

“What are you doing for prom, Nat?” You asked her as you all walked to lunch.

“Fury didn’t let me have the night off, so I’ll just be teaching martial arts down at the rec center.” She sighed, annoyed that her boss was so strict.

“What about you, Wanda?”

“I do not know. No one has asked me.” Her face stayed clear of all emotion, but Nat and I exchanged a worried look since her voice sounded disappointed.  

“Hey, you don’t need anybody to ask you. You can still go and have fun!” You offered, giving her an awkward side hug.

“Maybe…” She looked down sadly.

“I heard Steve doesn’t have a date, he might want to go with you.” Nat was always trying to set Steve up with someone. After a moment of awkward silence Nat nudged you. “Let’s eat lunch in the courtyard today.”

Wanda gave her a confused look before her eyes widened and she nodded her head quickly. “Yes, let’s go.”

“I don’t know guys, the pollen is pretty bad and I don’t want to sneeze on-“You started, not really wanting to go outside.

“Come ooooon, Y/N! Please? Just for today.” Nat pleaded, taking your hand while Wanda took the other and they both started dragging you before you had the chance to respond.

They forced you to sit at a table and sat on your sides. They seemed to have forgotten you were there, since they seemed to be intently searching for something. “You guys looking for something?” As soon as the words left your mouth, your attention was drawn to someone standing on one of the tables across the court yard.  It was Pietro. His usually untidy hair was slicked back and he was wearing a nice button down shirt. What was that loveable idiot up to now?

“Hello, everybody!”  He shouted, making sure to draw everyone’s attention to himself. Some kids threw trash at him, and although his smile faltered, he kept going. You could tell he was nervous since his fingers kept tapping at his sides. “Does anybody know where Y/N is?”

“She’s right here!” Nat and Wanda cheered as they pushed me to stand on the table. You could feel everyone’s eyes on you and you began to second guess your outfit, even though it was fine.

“Ah!” Pietro’s eyes lit up as he saw you and you smiled at his happiness. “Y/N,” As he started to speak, rose petals came from the sky. You looked up to see that Tony, Steve, Clint, Bruce, and Thor were all on the roof, throwing down rose petals. Your heart fluttered at the idea of it all and you wanted to giggle, but you gave your attention back to Pietro. “Y/N, I’m extremely lucky to have a best friend who is beautiful inside and out-“

“He’s talking about me!” Tony yelled from the roof, earning a glare from Pietro.

“Shut up! I’m trying to do something nice for Y/N!” He yelled back before quickly gathering himself and smiling sheepishly at you. “Do you want to go to the prom with me?”

You jumped down from the table you were standing on and ran up to his table, people helping you quickly stand up next to him. You smiled up at him and threw your arms around his neck, trapping him in a tight embrace. He wrapped his arms around your waist and held you just as tight. Some people were clapping and some people were laughing at the two dorks hugging each other on top of the table. “I’ve been waiting for you to ask that, Speedy.” You whispered before planting a kiss on his cheek.

Luke Hemmings -Already Home

A/N - I’m sorry I haven’t been updating recently, things have got mega crazy and stuff! I can’t believe I have over 300 followers and I’ve literally posted 4 pieces…that’s incredible! If you guys have anything to request, my ask is open and you can shoot me an idea! I’ll be happy to do it for you :)


You weren’t sure what you expected when you eventually agreed to be more than just friends with Luke, but you weren’t expecting how hard it would be. You knew it wasn’t going to be easy, you had spoken to several different girls who had been in long distance relationships and they all said it was so much harder than your standard relationship. But you had never had a “standard” relationship, you were new to the whole dating thing, having just never been that interested in maintaining a relationship, so you figured being with Luke would just be all you knew.

But sitting on your own, 6 months in, on your couch, you were miserable. You knew you could never tell Luke, he would only feel guilty. You were curled up on the sofa, the blanket wrapped tightly around you as you watched How I Met Your Mother on TV, the sound keeping you company. Usually you would text Luke and invite him over to join you in watching the episodes you’d both seen so many times before, but he was so far away, living out his dream.

Your phone buzzed next to you, indicating a text and you smiled slightly when you saw Luke’s name pop up.

“You free to FaceTime?”

You smiled sadly, but quickly sent him a text back. 

“Not right now bub." 

All you wanted was to see his face light up your screen, but you knew he would know something was up.

Almost immediately your phone flashed again. 

"Oh okay, what you up to?”

You felt guilty, already imagining how his face had probably fallen as soon as he got your reply. 

“I…you know what, give me a call :)" 

Immediately his face lit up your screen, waiting for you to slide and answer. 

"Hey babe!” He was grinning, and you couldn’t help but smile back. There was something about Luke’s grin that made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. He had a knack for pulling you out of your darkest moments with just a giggle. Luke radiated warmth at all times in the day, and seeing his smile light up, just made you miss him more. “I thought I wasn’t going to get to talk to you tonight.”

“Yeah I know, sorry, I just…never mind. How’s tour?” You tried to smile your brightest smile, but you caught Luke frowning slightly.

He shrugged at your question. “It’s going good, we’re in New York right now, but soon we’ll be back.” He smiled sadly at you, and you knew he knew what was wrong. 

“I’m glad bub. I keep seeing the pictures, you’re a proper rock star now aren’t you. I’m so proud.” I smiled genuinely at him. I may miss him more and more every day, but the pride I got from seeing him up on stage, performing to the rest of the world the songs he helped create was unprecedented. I was so proud that he was doing everything he wanted to.  

“Thanks babe, now you wanna tell me what’s going on?” Luke raised his eyebrows at me, making me shrug and look down at the thread hanging loose out of my leggings. 

“I guess, I don’t know, it’s nothing major, just feeling a bit down today, but we all get days like that.” I was trying to play it off like it was nothing, but we both knew it wasn’t.

“New York could do with a bit of sparkle you know.” I frowned at Luke, not sure where he was going. “It’s not as special as it was last time I was here. Everything just seemed to shine, but now it’s missing something.”

“Luke…” I had cottoned on to what he was trying to say and I didn’t want him to make me cry.

“I wish you were here baby, the world doesn’t shine quite as bright without you. But when you’re here, the lights shine even brighter than ever. I just…I don’t know, it’s not the same.” He hung his head slightly, and you could hear the boys shouting about something in the background.  

I sniffed slightly, swallowing the lump in my throat as I pulled the blanket closer around my body. “I really miss you bub.”

“Just a few more weeks, yeah?” He smiled softly at me. “Besides, it feels like I’m already home with you.”

One of the more expensive shoot ideas that I have is that of me as a baphomet. I haven’t quite worked out how to add the goat head in. But my idea so far is to use this really cool old Anso-Flex camera from the 50’s {the film goes for at least $10.00 a roll & that’s not even mentioning the flash bulbs. I would have to special order those since they aren’t made anymore and the lighting shop that I use, knows what they but just can’t get them in} and take the pictures old school in black and white and maybe have a couple of sample teaser digital images. This is one of those endeavors that will take quite a bit of money for either effects or the “costume” & a good make-up artist/photographer. Ideally I would like to do this in a wooded/mountainous area or maybe a church & up goes the cost even more for travel expenses.

Fun Engagement Announcement Ideas

Fun Engagement Announcement Ideas

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Sorting through the hundreds of engagement announcement ideassurfacing on the internet today can seem daunting. Each day a new clever idea is born, so how do you keep up?  Before you start chasing after the latest trends, let’s decide on the type of engagement announcement you want, and then choose a style, and finally a theme. This will cut down your…

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