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I love you guys a lot wow. Nothing gets past you does it?

“she’s great. i have known her for a long time. it makes your job very easy when you are with someone who is so good at what they do. and who she is as a person, makes the whole experience even better. she is funny, smart and she has a beautiful little girl too. she brings her to the set and I get a little baby time in!”

 - jeremy renner on shooting ‘story of your life’ with amy adams


Stereotypes about black people (thanks, mainstream media) are glued to our skin everytime we go out and can mean death penalty when a cop happens to be there.

My blackness alone can send me to the grave tomorrow, today, anytime. I have to be careful about every single thing. So here’s a few tips to ensure a safe life.

Well okay, to TRY to save your life. Cause cops are really scared of black folks, they think we’re demons. To prove them we’re not, we shall do this every time we see them…

Don’t talk too loud.
Don’t talk ghetto.
Well. Just don’t talk.

Don’t go at pool parties or any party in an all white neighborhood. Even if you’re invited. People gonna think you’re here to disturb the peace and and annoy all the sweet and innocent white folks.

Don’t buy skittles or any kind of candies. Okay, let’s say you still buy them, don’t put them in your pocket.
Don’t put your hands your pocket.
They need to see your hands, to make sure you don’t have a gun, a knife… you know.

Forget your bitch face if you’re black. Cause if you don’t smile, they are gonna feel very threatened. So put the brighest smile on your face, make them happy.

Don’t wear a hoodie, fly sneakers, or any piece of clothes that can remind of the “hood” or the “ghetto”. They gonna think you’re a gang member and shot you with no mercy.

Never post picture of you smoking, twerking, dancing, throwing the middle finger , or any picture not showing you in a positive light. When you’ll die, CNN, FOX NEWS and other powerful media outlets will show these images to the world to prove you’re a worthless thug, a threat to society that deserved to die anyway.

Don’t defend yourself. Self defense is not allowed for black people. If you fight back, they gonna say you’re a criminal.

Don’t start an argument about police brutality and racism with these sweet white folks. They gonna remind you of this: police is doing their job. But YOU, you are killing each other already in the hood. So you can’t be mad, you know.

There are other tips I think. But I’m running out of ideas. There are so many things to think and be careful about as a black individual.

The easiest way to avoid being killed as a black person would be simply NOT TO BE BLACK. If we could erase our blackness or just be really really light skinned, maybe cops, white people, would be nicer with us.

But I CAN NOT erase my blackness.
We can’t. We could NOT pass as whites even if we wanted to. Heck, they didn’t even claimed Michael Jackson as a white person even after his skin turned white. But Rachel Dolezal can be black easily. And Dylan Roof is a “very light skin black boy”. Yeah.

I guess society wants black born people to act accordingly to white and eurocentric standards, rules, feelings.

Sigh. I can’t even exist for myself, like, just myself, no. My existence is meant for the sole comfort of white people and my allegiance to them. Making sure they don’t feel this, and don’t think that. Woah.


Do you ever have that thing where you’re reading a book or a fic and suddenly there’s a passing mention of one of your own weird, niche hobbies, and the author got some key detail wrong? Just… so wrong. And then you have to stop reading for 5-10 minutes or an hour while you debate whether you should say anything to them (via email or chat, because you’re not a call-out asshole, that would be rude), but it’s clear this was just a thing the author had heard about and thought was neat and dropped in for interesting background color, so you decide to let it go.

But then you can’t quite bring yourself to recommend the book without caveats, or you’ll like the post but can’t quite hit reblog, etc.

No? Just me?

I was already so completely done with BYG trope and the excuses writers will make up to distance themselves from this kind of damaging storytelling. But after what happened in Orlando, I’m really and truly FED UP because even though the LGBT community faces violence and hatred all the time, the majority of people are so unaware or ignorant of it. But when the largest mass shooting to ever happen in America happens to the LGBT community, there is no excuse for anyone to say that they had no idea that their taking part in such an age-old and violent trope would be upsetting to and/or feel like an attack on LGBT individuals.

So the next writer who tries to excuse their “creative” choice to shoot or murder their LGBT character deserves absolutely no respect whatsoever as they clearly have no respect for the community they say they want to be represented and supposedly give a shit about. They are taking part in the culture that perpetuates violence against this community. 

tfw you mourn the love of your life for two years and still avoid the rooms you used to share because you hear the sound of his laughter and violin when you go back and you finally try to get married because it seems obvious at this point that he only wants your friendship (he didn’t even miss you enough to tell you he was alive) and then your wife shoots the love of your life and you say “how could i forgive her she shot you” but he tells you to trust her and tries to get you back together so he can’t possibly like you that way (or does he? there was that moment…) but there are people who think your life is so easy and you’re being mean and not utterly dedicated to Sherlock. Sort of sucks.



Remember when this happened

But the show was called

*Rizzoli* & Isles

So we knew that

Jane *had* to be back?


Whereas when this happened

And we had to watch

The agony of Root screaming

As the woman she loved went down

We don’t know if Shaw lives or dies?

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