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I always thought it was funny that your player character in Pokemon is 10 years old. Like, yeah, they’re “anime ten” where they look at least 18 yadda yadda, but they’re still ten.

Imagine the people in the Pokemon League. These are fully grown adults, right? They’ve trained their entire lives to be the best trainers in their country. They’re the best of the best. And then a ten year old walks in. A high and mighty four foot tall ten year old with a big smile on their face walks in. They’ve never even seen a tity. They don’t know where babies come from. They’re ten.

How did this ten year old get in to your arena? Did they wander in here by mistake? They say they’re here to battle you. Aww, how cute. This kid wants to fight the big league trainers, so they snuck in to fight you. That’s cute and funny. You’ll tell the others about this next lunch break. You decide to humor the kid and accept their challenge. You toss out your level 50 Tyranitar. You and this Pokemon have spent decades together, you trained for ages to get it to Level 50. You’re the best trainer in the country.

The kid reaches on their belt and tosses a Master Ball. Wait, what? A Master Ball? How did that kid get a Master Ball? Out of the master ball pops…


God popped out of the Master Ball. 

The very same God Pokemon that controls the flow of space, that you go to church and pray to every Sunday. 

This ten year old kid just pulled out a Master Ball and threw God at you. God is, in fact, Level 73. 

God shoots Hyper Beam at your life-long partner Tyranitar, causing it to evaporate in to dust. He’s fainted in one hit. The kid yawns.

The kid wipes your entire party of Pokemon, the Pokemon you spent most of your adult life training and caring for. You are stunned. You ask the trainer how long they’ve been doing this. They say “I started a couple of days ago.”

This kid is ten. 


“I hesitated.”

I think this is reading a book together? Yes? Ok. let’s do this. 

Keith’s old shack smells of wood varnish and old paper. Specks of dust shine and dance in the beams of afternoon sun, and Keith sits in the centre of his small living room surrounded by boxes. He flicks through a book and smiles fondly at the familiar faces that look up at him. 

“Hey babe! Can we donate all these crop jackets?!” Lance’s voice calls from the bedroom. 

“No!” Keith yells back.

“But they don’t even fit you anymore! And I don’t want these fashion disasters in our apartment!”

Our apartment. Keith’s heart thrums at those words. His grin blooms across his face. 

“I think I can make them fit!” He laughs. 

Soft foot falls announce Lance’s entrance into the living room. he lets out a suffering sigh. 

“Babe. Babe. Look. Babe look at this.”

Keith looks up. On the other side of the room Lance stands wearing one of his crop jackets. It reaches just barely under his pecks. The sleeves reach just under his elbow, and the seams at the shoulder look like they’ll burt. 

“There’s no way you can wear these anymore.” He deadpans. 

“I’m smaller than you. Not my fault you got insanely ripped.”

“Keith! You’re not 16 anymore!” Lance implores. “And your biceps are way bigger than mine.” To prove it to him, Lance runs up behind Keith and grabs his shoulders. He gently sways them from side to side and runs his hands admiringly up and down his boyfriend’s arms. 

“Bench press me, baby. I know you can.”

“Laaaaance,” Keith laughs. Lance chuckles and leans forward. His arms wrap around Keith’s neck and he rests his chin on top of his head. His long legs slot next to Keith’s easily. 

“Is it weird being back here?” Lance asks quietly. Keith leans into Lance’s chest. 

“Yeah….” He sighs. “But it’s nice… being here with you. Getting that sense of closure, you know?”

“Yeah. It’s nice to…” Lance looks down and spies the book in Keith’s lap. He freezes. 

“Nooooo way.” He whispers. He moves to look over Keith’s shoulder, and his arms tuck under Keith’s. He reaches forward and takes the book from Keith’s hands, flicking it closed and staring at the cover.

Garrison 2063 Yearbook 

“Holy shit…” Lance whispers. Keith chuckles and it rumbles against him. 

“I know, right? I found it while packing.”

“We have to keep this.”

“Absolutely.” Keith smiles. “Here wanna see something crazy?” He excitedly flicks to a page. A small photo of Pidge looks up at them. Hair cut short. Glasses comically big on her small face. 

“OOOOHHHHHH my god.” Lance squeals gleefully. “WHAT A TINY BABY.”

Keith giggles. “Remember how you thought she was a boy?”

“Look at this photo! You can’t blame me! Look at this tiny androgynous child.” They both laugh. Lance’s muscular forearms wrap and squeeze around his boyfriend’s stomach. 

“There’s also this.” Keith holds up a new page. Hunk’s 17 year old face beams up at them. There’s the mature eyes that Keith and Lance are used to, but there are traces of baby fat around his jaw. His trademark orange headband is also much brighter than either of them remember it being. Years of sweat, sun and being blown into space have since turned his headband almost a pastel colour. 

“Was Hunk ever small?”

“As someone who’s known him since we were 10…” Lance pauses. “No.” He laughs. “Dude could pick up most of our teachers from the time he was 12. I know this because I dared him to.”

Keith shakes his head. 

“I don’t doubt it.”

They continue to flip through pages. Some faces they barely recognise, others have been completely lost to time. They reach the staff pages and Keith and Lance proceed to flip off Iverson and the other instructors that expelled Keith. 

There’s a sharp intake of breath.

In the staff section, smiling up with a handsome face and beautiful dark hair is Shiro. Both of his arms are clearly visible, and there’s no scar marking his face. His eyes gleam with youthful optimism. Guilt churns in Keith’s stomach.

“God…” He deflates. “He looks so young.”

Lance squeezes him tightly. 

“He certainly… has changed.” He presses a kiss to Keith’s temple and brushes his fingers along a scar that courses through his eyebrow. Keith looks down to see Lance’s prosthetic foot nudging his thigh. 

“But so have we.” Lance smiles. “We’re all ok. Shirt’s ok now. And while things were hard…” He presses another quick kiss to Keith’s cheek. “I wouldn’t change anything.”

Keith turns his head towards his boyfriend. His mouth quirks into a grin and he presses a smiling kiss to Lance’s lips. 

“Me neither.” 

“Also…” Lance smirks. His hands hurriedly flick through the pages until he barks out a laugh.

“Can you PLEASE admit that you had a fucking mullet?” He cackles. Keith looks down at the photo and groans loudly.

“Oh my god, look at this child.” He sighs. “Why is he so moody?!” He yells at his 16 year old self. 

“You stupid boy, you don’t even know you’re an alien yet! No one’s shooting at you! Your life is great!” Keith yells. Lance howls with laughter behind him. 

“I think he’s mad…” Lance wheezes, “Because he’s super fucking gay for this handsome boy here…” Lance points at the photo of his teenager self, “But this boy thinks he’s an asshole.” 

Keith coos at the photo of Lance. He brings the book closer to his face and smiles dopily. 

“God you were cute.”

“Were?” Lance blusters. 

Keith hums. He rotates and leans into Lance’s chest. A low chuckle escapes him. 

“You’ve become the hottest and most handsome person in the universe.” He runs his hands across Lance’s broad chest. 

“And I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”

The yearbook lies forgotten on the floor as Lance leans down to languidly kiss Keith until the afternoon sun slips into the horizon. 


Cal Lightman: You’re a terrible liar.
Dr. Gillian Foster: Normal people think that’s a good thing.

shaw’s not a fan of her decor but she is a fan of root, so it all works out 

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Oh yes of course. Fuck the baby. But let's wait five months first

Yeah it’s perfectly ok to have abortions in the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th month too 🙄

if you think women are just kicking up their heels and waiting until 5 or 6 or 7 months to abort for the pleasure of it, you’re a fucking idiot. only about 1.3% of abortions happen after 21 weeks of pregnancy. and those women abort typically because there are medical reasons that necessitate they do so, whether because they’ll die if they don’t, or the baby will suffer immensely when born and then likely die anyway. abortion is banned in most state after the second trimester or heavily regulated. but you can fucking bet if a woman is having one that late in the game, it’s a horrific and painful medical decision she’s had to make. or, you know, her state government has made it nearly impossible to get an earlier abortion where she lives. either way your snide indifference to her plight is gross and indicative of what kind of person you are.

but whatever, i’m sure facts and a woman’s agency and suffering don’t matter to you as long as you can pull some rank moral superiority over another human being. get fucked you piece of shit.

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Stereotypes about black people (thanks, mainstream media) are glued to our skin everytime we go out and can mean death penalty when a cop happens to be there.

My blackness alone can send me to the grave tomorrow, today, anytime. I have to be careful about every single thing. So here’s a few tips to ensure a safe life.

Well okay, to TRY to save your life. Cause cops are really scared of black folks, they think we’re demons. To prove them we’re not, we shall do this every time we see them…

Don’t talk too loud.
Don’t talk ghetto.
Well. Just don’t talk.

Don’t go at pool parties or any party in an all white neighborhood. Even if you’re invited. People gonna think you’re here to disturb the peace and and annoy all the sweet and innocent white folks.

Don’t buy skittles or any kind of candies. Okay, let’s say you still buy them, don’t put them in your pocket.
Don’t put your hands your pocket.
They need to see your hands, to make sure you don’t have a gun, a knife… you know.

Forget your bitch face if you’re black. Cause if you don’t smile, they are gonna feel very threatened. So put the brighest smile on your face, make them happy.

Don’t wear a hoodie, fly sneakers, or any piece of clothes that can remind of the “hood” or the “ghetto”. They gonna think you’re a gang member and shot you with no mercy.

Never post picture of you smoking, twerking, dancing, throwing the middle finger , or any picture not showing you in a positive light. When you’ll die, CNN, FOX NEWS and other powerful media outlets will show these images to the world to prove you’re a worthless thug, a threat to society that deserved to die anyway.

Don’t defend yourself. Self defense is not allowed for black people. If you fight back, they gonna say you’re a criminal.

Don’t start an argument about police brutality and racism with these sweet white folks. They gonna remind you of this: police is doing their job. But YOU, you are killing each other already in the hood. So you can’t be mad, you know.

There are other tips I think. But I’m running out of ideas. There are so many things to think and be careful about as a black individual.

The easiest way to avoid being killed as a black person would be simply NOT TO BE BLACK. If we could erase our blackness or just be really really light skinned, maybe cops, white people, would be nicer with us.

But I CAN NOT erase my blackness.
We can’t. We could NOT pass as whites even if we wanted to. Heck, they didn’t even claimed Michael Jackson as a white person even after his skin turned white. But Rachel Dolezal can be black easily. And Dylan Roof is a “very light skin black boy”. Yeah.

I guess society wants black born people to act accordingly to white and eurocentric standards, rules, feelings.

Sigh. I can’t even exist for myself, like, just myself, no. My existence is meant for the sole comfort of white people and my allegiance to them. Making sure they don’t feel this, and don’t think that. Woah.


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Hold up right there, because i’m going to give you five (5) points why this is the most lazy insult i’ve had to look at with my own two eyes

Here we go

Point 1: Choice of Insult;
Was ‘kill yourself’ really the best choice of an insult? You want this blog gone, right? Me killing myself won’t make the blog magically dissappear. I could be dead and someone else could still be running this blog. What I think you meant is 'delete your blog’. Unless you hate me and not my blog, in which case I’d advise you to shut up, because I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.

Point 2: Abbreviation;
What stopped you from writing the whole phrase 'kill yourself’? There are even a few shorter versions, such as 'kill urself’ or 'die already’. Were you in an emergency where you couldn’t write the whole thing? Who the hell had a gun held to your head telling you, “don’t write the whole phrase or I’ll shoot you”? If your life is busy enough that you can’t write two whole words, I don’t think tumblr to invest your time on.

Point 3: Pronunciation
um i keep reading 'kys’ as 'kiss’ and it bothers me bc yeah i would kiss myself but that’s not what it means :’(

Point 4: The phrase itself
What bothers me the most about this message is that it’s so short. I mean, a few reasons would be nice. How am I bothering you in such a way that you need me erased from existence? How does my life even affect yours? What reasons led you to wanting me to take my own life?

Point 5: Privacy;
Do you want this to be kept private or not? You do know that by sending hate messages you only have around 400 words to write, while I get the chance to write 14 paragraphs dragging your ass. What’s the point here? Do you want me to keep this in my inbox as a daily reminder that i should 'kys’? Do I hang it up on a wall? What do you honestly want me to do with this? I’m honestly trying to find out what this message means. ???
explanation blease

anyway if i can write five (5) paragraphs, you can write two words

and if you read this all that means you definitely had time to write two words

I decided to not to write the Varia scenario because of time constraint and for the sake of the quality of the post. If you want the Varia side of this, I suggest resubmitting the request. I tried to vary the scenarios and tried not to make them too similar. I think I like Gokudera’s and Chrome’s the best


When he got the news you went into labor, his heart sank. He tried to convince you that he should be with you for the latter part of your pregnancy, but you wouldn’t have it. You know how busy he is, and you didn’t want him to fall behind from the paperwork; plus, Gokudera would prefer him being at the base, besides your circumstances of pregnancy.

He rushes to the hospital as fast as he can. The background becoming a blur. His legs were heavy as lead, and he feels he’s about to fall over. Even if he did, he would get up and start running again. He finally makes it to the nurse’s station barely able to breathe out your name. The nurse escorts him past the smell antiseptic and baby powder through the hallway.  

“(Name!” he yells, shushed by the nurse shortly afterwards. He hears a soft cry and your calming voice trying to quell it. A little tiny baby is in your arms, and he feels his cheeks light up with tears welling up in his eyes, “You’re okay! I’m so sorry I couldn’t be here for you.”

You reach your hand up caressing Tsuna’s cheek, “It’s okay. I know your busy. I’m just glad you’re hear now to see your new son.”


You felt off today, and you conveyed your feelings to Gokudera. He said you were probably fine, but you should take some rest. You didn’t have the energy to argue with Gokudera. Next thing you know, your water breaks, and intense pain, unlike any other pain you experience before in your life, shoots across your abdomen. Panic sets into your soul, becoming harder to breathe every second that passes by.

Luckily, your neighbor takes you to the hospital due to Gokudera’s absence.

Eight hours of labor, and finally your beautiful baby girl is in your arms, crying as soon as she gets the chance. If only Gokudera was here to be with you…

“(NAME)!” he shouts, running into the room pushing a nurse out of the way. Before he could say a word, tears start flowing down your face.

“You weren’t here,” You choked out, “I was so scared. What if the birth didn’t go as planned? What if I needed you?” You pound your free hand on his chest, unable to contain your anger. Was it because of giving birth? Was it because you were actually angry? You couldn’t tell. Gokudera’s arms wrap around you, shaking at your touch.

“I’m so sorry I wasn’t here for you (Name),” he mumbles, “I’m here now, and I’m not going anywhere.”


Tsuna just got word. As soon as he knew, he told Yamamoto, “Your wife is giving birth!”

The first thought for Yamamoto is he’s finally going to be a dad. He pats Tsuna hard on the back, saying he’s really happy.
“I’m happy for you too Yamamoto, but don’t you think you should be by (Name)’s side?” Tsuna questions. Yamamoto quickly realizes he wasn’t at the hospital and starts panicking.

“I’ll see you later Tsuna! Go tell everyone I’m going to be a father!” Yamamoto yells, running off as fast as his legs could carry him into the direction of the women’s ward in the town. When he got there, he’s telling all the nurses about how excited he was to be a father. They didn’t have time to tell him you already gave birth.

When he walks into your room, he sees you holding a baby, wrapped up in a yellow blanket

“Takeshi, I’m so sorry,” you apologize. Yamamoto’s face contorts into confusion, and he sits on the edge of your bed, “I tried to give birth to your son, but something happened. I had to have a C-section. I know you’ll probably be upset, because you didn’t get to see me give birth.”

“What are you talking about?” Yamamoto says, kissing both your forehead and his child’s head, “I’ve been with you all this time. Even if I didn’t get to be with you, I know we are together in spirit, and I’ve supported you all the way. I’m so proud of you regardless, and you’re going to make an amazing mother.” You can only let tears of happiness consume you as Yamamoto gently pulls you into his embrace.

TwYL! Lambo

Lambo actually did a good job of going to work after you nagged him to go. He would rather just lounge around with you and sleep. You weren’t having any of it, saying you could handle yourself without him. He believes you. But the second he hears you went into labor about three hours ago, he regrets listening to you for once.

Someone drove him to the hospital you were at, rushing as fast as he can to the room the two of you had reserved.

“(NAME)! (NAME)!” The nurse hits him on the back of the head, making sure he stays quiet. To his surprise, you already had a baby with a pink blanket all around it, “I missed it!”

“You probably would faint if you saw it anyway,” you flatly say, “besides, our little girl wants to meet her father.” He rushes over to touch the baby’s soft skin. She was so pink and weird looking.

“I’m sorry that I missed you being born little one.” You just push him a little bit.

“Just be glad that you’re here now to be with her,” you say, “But guarantee, she will hear about this when she’s older.”
“WAH! You’re so mean (Name)!” Lambo cries, causing the baby to cry as well. You roll your eyes at both of the crying people in the room.


One second after someone mentioned your name and birth, Ryohei shouts at the top of his lungs, excited that he’s going to be a father. The person had to clarify: you weren’t in labor, but you’re giving birth at this current moment. The information finally sinks in, and he’s gone, running past all the other Vongola members, spilling coffee, and generally creating a mess.


“Oh my,” you exclaim, causing the tiny baby in your arms to start screaming. You quickly try to calm the child down, “Ryohei! You caused your son to start crying. Can you be a little quieter?”

“B-but, I missed you giving birth to him.” He quickly says, rushing to your side. Ryohei tries to assist in trying to calm the boy down. Eventually, the room becomes quieter as the child stops screaming.

“I don’t care about that,” you comment, “Sure, it would have been nice if you were here, but it only matters now if you’re here now. Also, if you would be here with the two of us for the rest of our lives.”

He chuckles, kissing your forehead, “It’s okay. I’ll be here forever and always. Nothing is going to get rid of me unless you want me to.”

You scoff gently smacking him in the stomach. He takes the baby from your arms, gently rocking him. As you lay back down on the bed, slowly falling asleep.


You knew he was on a mission, and he had no choice. Even though he didn’t want to go, you knew he had to go. You thought you would be fine; but low and behold, your water breaks earlier than you thought it would. The baby’s coming whether you like it or not. Luckily, Ken and Chikusa took you to the hospital quickly.

The baby was a little bit premature but healthy as any other baby. You just wish your husband could be here to bask in the cuteness of your baby girl, but you know he probably wouldn’t be back for another week or so. You sigh, petting some dark hair of the cute infant.

“I’m here to check both of your vitals.” A nurse walks into your room. You nod your head, knowing that these health checks will probably happen every hour from now on.
“Go ahead. I’m used to it by now.”

“Oh, I know. You’re so cute cause I know you hate getting them done.” The tone of the person’s voice sounds familiar. It couldn’t be, “Kufufufufu.”

Tears well up in your eyes, you see the red eye of the nurse, and you knew right away who it is.

“You’re here. I can’t believe it.”

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world.” Mukuro says. You hug the nurse’s body.

“But you are going to have to let the nurse do her job now.” You comment, “Plus, you had to scratch the nurse to possess her. When did you-“

“During one of your checkups, and don’t worry. I’ll give the nurse her body back soon.”


She’s been waiting for this day since the announcement of your pregnancy. The two of you have wanted children since your marriage and went through the process of getting a sperm donation.

When she heard you were giving birth, she couldn’t believe it. You weren’t due for another three weeks. Concern for the health of you and the child, she rushes out of the Vongola mansion and to the hospital that was closest to your apartment.

She talks to the nurses, wondering where you were since you weren’t in the normal maternity ward. They direct her to the NICU, and her heart drops. She sees you reaching into the isolette, holding your baby’s hand.

“(Name)?” she questions, putting her hand on your shoulder. You sniffle turning to your wife and looking her in the eyes.

“Isn’t she beautiful?” you comment, “I’m so sorry I couldn’t take care of her. I feel like a failure, not being able to carry her full term.”

Chrome wraps her arms around your body, “She’ll be okay, (Name), but I think you should rest. The nurses will take care of her. She’s only in level one of the NICU.” You nod your head, but your heart breaks as Chrome wheels you away from your child. Exhaustion and anxiety consumes you, but Chrome is there to comfort you until you’re able to take the baby home.


You decided to give birth at home, knowing that it would be more comfortable for you and your husband since he doesn’t like crowds. You knew he probably would be at work when you gave birth, probably out of choice. You didn’t want him to punch a doctor for doing something not to his liking. When the baby started coming, you had Kusakabe by your side, and the birth went pretty smoothly for the most part, besides you crushing Kusakabe’s hand.

“I’ll call Hibari right now.” Kusakabe says. Sure enough after the doctors cleared out, Hibari comes back home to see you with your child.

“Come Hibari, see your son. He looks just like you,” you beckon. Hibari stalks over to see the small infant in your hands. He touches the silky soft baby skin and gives a small smile.

“I’ll train him to be just like me and not to crowd around herbivores.”

You sigh, rolling your eyes, “Just wait until he’s older please before you do any of that. Besides, what if he wants to be more like me?”

“That’s fine, but he doesn’t need to be a herbivore.”

“What are you implying?” you gasp. He takes the child from you, making sure not to let the baby stir.

“I think you should rest. You’ve fought your battle.” You knew Hibari shows his love through his actions. This baby is going to grow up just fine.

Do you ever have that thing where you’re reading a book or a fic and suddenly there’s a passing mention of one of your own weird, niche hobbies, and the author got some key detail wrong? Just… so wrong. And then you have to stop reading for 5-10 minutes or an hour while you debate whether you should say anything to them (via email or chat, because you’re not a call-out asshole, that would be rude), but it’s clear this was just a thing the author had heard about and thought was neat and dropped in for interesting background color, so you decide to let it go.

But then you can’t quite bring yourself to recommend the book without caveats, or you’ll like the post but can’t quite hit reblog, etc.

No? Just me?

“she’s great. i have known her for a long time. it makes your job very easy when you are with someone who is so good at what they do. and who she is as a person, makes the whole experience even better. she is funny, smart and she has a beautiful little girl too. she brings her to the set and I get a little baby time in!”

 - jeremy renner on shooting ‘story of your life’ with amy adams

Losing my mind

Your name: submit What is this?


“Agent Barton, you’ve your orders!” Coulson said serious through Clint’s Microphone. “Clint, shoot!”


Your whole life you had hide from people who wanted to experiment or maybe kill you. You had abilities, abilities you had long before you could even speak. You could create Illusions, that means other realities and as well you could manipulate others’ minds, causing them to lose memories or be prevented from using mental powers. You never used your powers unless you were in danger. You had a quiet life, you didn't want to attract attention, you had a boring job and actually the only friend you had were the cat of your neighbors but you were happy anyway because you were safe, until a week ago.


A week ago:

It was already dark outside and mostly at this time you took a walk and so you did at this day. You walked in your favorite park and enjoyed the silent til you heard a woman scream. You ran as fast as you could and saw a man beating her, of course you used your powers and made him think that this woman would be invisible so you could help her and get her away from that guy. As you brought the woman out of danger she started to ask questions, questions how you did what you did. You didn't answer and took care of her wounds, she smiled and you thought she would smile because you were so nice to her but actually she knew who you were and what you could.

“Guys I’ve found her!” She shouted and a few mans surrounded you, “You’re really good in hiding Barton, but now it has to end.” she faked a smile and got a gun with which she pointed at you.

You were confused but not as confused as all of them around you were, after you got into their minds. You let them think that they couldn’t move and speak so you could run to the next train station and out of the city.



You looked around you, you were afraid and couldn’t use your powers, in the box were they locked you up. You didn't saw anyone until you looked up and recognized a man with beautiful eyes. You were still afraid but as you saw him you stopped running and looking around you, you looked at him and saw that he aimed on you with bow and arrow.

“WHAT DID I DO TO ANY OF YOU?” You shouted confused. “What did I do to you that you want to kill me?” You said soft but so loud that the man could hear you.

You didn't know why you speak straight to the man who aimed at you but some pictures of him came into your mind.

Clint put his bow down as he recognized who you were, “Y/N..” he said soft.

“Agent Barton, you’ve your orders!” Coulson said serious through Clint’s Microphone. “Clint, shoot!”

But he didn’t, he stood there and weird pictures got trough his mind. Pictures of him and you in an small but beautiful apartment, laughing and kissing.. Happy. You saw in his mind too because you wanted to know why he didn't shot at you. You had to smile as you saw what Clint had seen because you knew he started to remember even if he actually shouldn't knew who you are..

“What- what is going on?” Clint asked himself and shook his head.

“Clint!” You shouted as a man pointed a gun at you, even when you were in a sort of box, which was made of glass, you knew it would get trough and straight into your head.

Clint jumped down, he wasn’t standing so high that he could get hurt, as he wear near you he took the man down and a few others who came. Clint opened your glass box and you got out of it and hugged him, he hugged you back even if he still didn’t knew who you are or where is memories came from.

He let you go, “We’ve to go..” he said in a rush and took your hand, you nodded and started to run with him.


After one hour:

You got into a small city, they got you in the near of woods so it would probably the best to change your clothes, you went into a shop and after you did..

“Yeah, I knew the spy ABC.” Coulson said as you and Clint came out of the store. “If you try to run, I’ll let them shoot at both of you and let you sleep for a couple of days.”

It looked like hundred mans with huge weapons were pointing at you and Clint, you didn’t move and neither did Clint. Coulson came closer to you and tied your hands up and brought you into a truck. 

“And what are you doing with me now?” Clint asked. “I don’t know why I helped her. Did she got into my mind?”

“You’ll come with me.” Fury answered him and Clint walked into a black van.


S.H.I.E.L.D - Safe House (Now):

“Let me go!” You shouted. “I’m not a threat, I never hurt anyone!” You walked around and tried to stay calm but you didn’t understand any of what happened to you right now.

“Do you remember her?” Fury queried gently as he and Clint were looking at you trough a pane of glass. 

As though wondering whether Clint should know you he shook his head, “I- I don’t know.. I don’t know if I’m losing my mind. I know her powers and that she can manipulate people but it’s like I would make a puzzle, I only get pieces, pieces with her. Who is she?”


7 years ago - at a bar in Iowa:

The guy chuckled, “Who are you and where have you been all my life.”

“Oh I’m sorry, my name is Y/N and you are?” You smiled.

“My name is Clint, Clint Barton.” He replied and smiled too.

“And you really said that to Fury?” Clint laughed.

“Yeah, I didn’t want to work with Tony..”

“I never met him but I think if someone pretty like you wouldn’t want that..” Clint flirted with you. “Are you on a mission now?”

7 years ago, you were an Agent of Shield. You were really important for Shield not only because of your abilities but of your other talents, you were a really good spy and did your job really good.

You smiled, “I am.”

“Yeah? Wanna tell me about it? Maybe I can help.” Clint replied flirty.

“Okay but you shouldn’t tell anyone okay? Actually spy’s don’t share their secret missions but I’ll make an except for you.” You whispered and showed him he should get closer to you. “I figured out where this really handsome guys would live and I try to get to know him, wanna see how he looks?” You asked and tried not to chuckle as Clint nodded. 

You got a small mirror out of your pocket and gave it to him. You and Clint knew each other from a few missions, he knew about your powers but treated you like a normal person and whenever you worked together you tried to ask him for a date but you were to shy but now you were tired of being shy.


S.H.I.E.L.D - Safe House (Now):

“This is Y/N Barton.” Fury replied soft, he tried to be careful.

Clint looked jumbled at Fury and didn’t know what to say at first, “Is she related to me? Why can’t I remember?”

“Maybe you should ask her.” 

Barton nodded and went into the room where you waited for anyone to ask what was going on and why you where here.


As you saw Clint coming into the room you smiled, you didn't know why but you felt connected to him.

“Why is everyone after you?” Clint asked as he sat toward you.

“Maybe because of my abilities, I don’t know. Where do I know you?” You replied.

“How am I supposed to know? You got into my mind and manipulated me to get you free, so tell me why me and why is your name Y/N Barton? Who the hell are you?”

“Y/N Barton?” You said to yourself, “My real name is Y/N Barton?” 

Memories were going into your head, a lot pictures with you and the guy in front of you together. You didn’t understand what that would mean but all this memories were too much for you to handle.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” You screamed, your head felt like he would explode any minute. “MAKE IT STOP!” 

You tried to hold yourself on the chair you were sitting at but you couldn’t and felt to the ground. Clint stood up immediately and walked over to you, Fury came trough the door as well and tried to say Clint that he shouldn't touch you but it was too late, he held you tight in his arm. You stopped screaming and were only in your thoughts but this time you shared them, you shared your memories with Clint and not only pieces of memories. You felt like Clint’s memories would come together with your’s and now you both remembered everything.


You opened your eyes and saw Clint opened his blue eyes too, he held you in his arms and smiled.

“It wasn’t your abilities that made me losing my mind-” Clint paused and looked you in your eyes.“-It was my heart that take possession of it.”

You had to smile as you remembered these words, these where the words he said five years ago when you married him. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him closer to you, so that you could kiss him after all the years.

What’s the meaning of this?” Coulson asked as he came into the room and Fury shook his head like he had no idea.

“I am Y/N Barton and I am his-” You paused and had to grin.

“She’s my wife.” Clint let go of you and helped you to stood up. “We remember everything. You send us on a mission four years ago, we should find something.” You started but stopped short as you looked at Clint. “A weapon from Hydra a sort of blue cube, I think you called it Tesserakt.”

“As we find them, some people attacked us and our backup them were already dead, you told us to hide the Tesserakt and to took our memories of everything, we both stood in front of a mirror so that Y/N could take our memories together but she got distracted as she got shot in her leg and I think she took to much of our memories.”

“We found you but Y/N where gone.. I remember but why did we forget?” Fury asked.

“Because my powers where to strong, I was near Clint and couldn’t control my powers anymore, so I think I took memories from a lot of people.” You replied.

“Y/N, I’m sorry that I gave the order to look you up and that he should shoot at you,I thought that you would wanted to get into shield and-” Coulson started but you interrupted.

“It’s okay, I know you actually wouldn’t hurt me.” You chuckled.

“We’re happy to have you back but I think it’s about time to find the Tesserakt before the people do who attacked you.” Fury suggested and you nodded. “Do you know where you hide it?”

Clint wrapped his arm around you and smiled, “Yes but it can wait a week or two, we’ve to renew some other Memories.”