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“Today in Margaret, Mamura’s Extra “Red” is released. In the appendix there will be a DVD with the cast. I watched the recording live and it seemed to be very warm hearted and fun 〜(^ ^) I drew a lot of various things, but this is really the end of Hirunaka! Thank you to everyone who read it!”


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Things I am scared of:

1) White men on campuses
2) White men in movie theaters
3) White men in grocery stores
4) White men in cars
5) Any color of man who gets within 50 feet of me when I’m walking home

Things I am not scared of:

1) Muslims on planes
2) Black children
3) Refugees
4) People with mental illnesses


Suda Masaki (Tamiou) in J Movie Magazine, vol.02 (2015).

I admit, when I saw these pages I made noises that may not have been entirely human in nature




As shown in the images, which in order are:

Gay - Bi - Ace

Genderfluid - Lesbian - Non-binary

Pan -  Poly - Trans.

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Crime scene photographs from the mass shooting perpetrated by Mattias Flink in Falun, Sweden. Flink, a military officer, killed seven people and wounded a further two in an alcohol fuelled shooting spree that last a single night. 

Flink, distraught over the break down of his relationship with his girlfriend, had spent the evening drinking heavily. He returned to his barracks, dressed in his uniform, and picked up his AK 5 automatic rifle, coupled with 150 bullets. He went to a nearby park where he randomly shot six women, before shooting a male cyclist and a male security officer. 

Flink was apprehended by police after he spent some time hiding in a crane. He left the crane and was spotted walking along an abandoned railway track. It was here that the officers shot him in the hip, incapacitating him and allowing for his arrest. When tested it was discovered that his blood alcohol level was 1.69.

Later it would be revealed that Flink was acutely psychotic during the mass shooting, a psychosis induced by the high level of alcohol in his system. This was used as evidence of mental illness, and the case set a precedent for how self-induced transient alcohol or drug related psychosis was treated in the Swedish courts. The Swedish supreme court sentenced Flink to life imprisonment for his crimes, which was eventually commuted to 32 years in prison in 2010. 

so at first, phillip and lukas both try to pretend that the shooting never even happened, bc it is such a painful topic to them. but lukas realizes that making it seem normal is the best way to help him accept it. so one time when they are having a joking argument lukas says “phillip i didn’t survive getting shot for this.” they both are silent for a moment.
then they laugh harder than they ever have in their lives.
this trend continues. whenever phillip says something annoying lukas says “phillip i wAS SHOT”