shoot the tube

“...interdimensional laser-shooting metal-horned tube-shaped giant floating green-eyed robot gorilla head.”

Carl the Animator: “Works for me.”

Ted the Animator: “…KISS-amusement-park-branded barf bag.”

Carl the Animator: “Works for me.”

Ted the Animator: “…KISS leaving to go play a show while the gang is being chased and almost killed by said robo gorilla head.”

Carl the Animator: “…wait, what?”

Ted the Animator: “…they totally just left to do a concert instead of helping them escape the danger.”

Carl the Animator: “Priorities, Ted. Your fans always come first.”

Ted the Animator: “Even when your friends are at the mercy of a laser-shooting decapitated great ape?”

Carl the Animator:Especially then.”

Nordics @ the Water Park

Denmark: Makes it a personal mission to go on every water slide in the park. The one that has the bottom that drops out beneath your feet shooting you into a tube? That’s his favorite. He basically runs around all day like a hyperactive kid, stopping only to spaz out with fellow patrons.

Norway: Finds the lazy river and spends most of the day in it. Periodically, he leaves it to get beer or nap on a beach chair. He ends up relaxed with a decent buzz going, allowing Denmark to easily convince him to go on a couple slides with him later in the day.

Iceland: He initially doesn’t want to go and thinks it will be super lame and too hot. After going on a few slides with Denmark, he settles for bumming around in the lazy river with Norway, and eventually settles under an umbrella at the “beach”. (I imagine him wearing a giant, floppy sunhat around the park making him look super adorable)

Sweden: Of course he brought Sealand, so they go on the height appropriate rides (aka: tamer slides), make some rounds in the lazy river, spend some time in the kid zone, and last end up at the “beach” with the wave pool (joining up with Iceland). The more fun Sealand has, the happier he gets. He loves going on slides with Sealand as a father-son activity.

Finland: Gets super excited and wants to do everything. He starts out on the extreme slides with Denmark, bums around with Norway and Iceland for a little bit in the lazy river (making sure to fit in some drinks), then finds Sweden and Sealand at the kid zone. He then proceeds to run around happily with Sealand in a flurry of chaotic water splashing and kids screaming. He makes sure they stand under the giant bucket of water when it dumps (dragging Sve under it too) and helps Sealand aim the water guns. He goes with them to the beach afterwards.

Bonus: Everyone except Finland gets burned. Somehow Fin ends up with a glorious golden tan despite not really using sunblock. Denmark only burns slightly, and his freckles blossom profusely over his shoulders, back, and face.  


I’m about to leave to go and shoot the tube. I’m stoked, it’s only my second time and I couldn’t be anymore excited. It finally hit 100 degrees today in Utah. Hello Summer. <3