shoot the skies

Totally stupendous sky, deserving the absolute best, by the excellent French Yann Bajard.
Untitled © Yann Bajard aka Black Shoot Attack :

the signs as things i've said while playing mario kart
  • Aries: waluigi i'm going to murder you
  • Taurus: i probably would've won if i didn't suck at driving
  • Gemini: no, luigi deserves better than this. luigi deserves a monster truck
  • Cancer: all of the spectators watching this are probably thinking "man, princess peach is dumb as hell"
  • Libra: i don't mean to question the mario universe or anything but why are we letting babies drive. it seems a little unethical
  • Scorpio: the first time i failed peach. but now i've done something unforgivable. i've failed luigi. i can never show my face in this world again
  • Sagittarius: and it was on that day that i finally learned, that there is no god. only mario
  • Capricorn: all of these dirty banana peels on the road are hazardous to both drivers and pedestrians. if we don't clean this up sooner somebody's going to die. and i'm gonna blame that turtle thing that throws shells down at me from the sky
  • Aquarius: i'm a shooting star in the skies of hell
  • Pisces: it's okay, i gave up on my dreams a long time ago
ID #56998

Name: Naomi
Age: 15
Country: Canada

Hey guys. I first heard about this pen pal thing this summer when I went to this amazing sailing in France (that’s where I’m originally from). This girl had one and I’m curious to see what it would be like. I love anything that’s comedy like community and archer. I also spend a lot of time taking pictures of nature and my friends (we love having mini photo shoots). I don’t read a lot but I do love it. I love to sing especially Adele. My main passion is the environment and learning about it. Running is one of my favourite hobbies but I also love skiing, sailing and hiking. I would really love to talk to people who can talk to me about anything and get my sense of humour! But most of all I’d like friends who can be there for me when I’m feeling like shit and if I’m having guy troubles.

Preferences: Someone no older then 19 and who’s super open minded.
Also someone who is fine with snap chatting. I really hate trump and his army of supporters and rascist people.


This year Russian Pacific gets tank training. Formally they do this to get prepared for a “Tank Biathlon” event later this year. Tank biathlon is a race and shoot thing, but instead of skis they use tanks. This is a fifth annual contest between tank crews of Russia and nearby countries. Only twenty crews from all Russia need to be selected so here the tankers compete to be marked as a best crew and represent Russia in Tank Biathlon 2017.

|| rainy ||

it’s storming where I am right now.

disclaimer: this is a work of fiction and is not meant to represent the celebrity’s actual life/lifestyle.

**do not plagiarize/repost this story**


Streaks of lightning were seen shooting across the grey skies, catching her attention as she dropped her book in response. The young woman stands from her once cozy spot on the couch, feeling as though the pouring rain was beckoning at her to come outside and play.

She was never someone who feared storms or shied away from the opportunity of feeling the pinpricks of rain on her skin.

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when you look at the stars,
do you think about how
they’ve witnessed all we’ve become?
they’ve seen us meet,
strangers at best,
two shooting stars in opposite skies.
they’ve observed your tenderness,
my struggles,
our clashing, 
like asteroids impacting our planetary surfaces.
most importantly,
they’ve seen us come together,
like two space rocks, 
dubiously flying through space,
finally meeting in the same orbit.

force of gravity // April 7th, 2017

for @anglophileandbooklover who asked a poem about Ari & Dante