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One thing I love about the chess match parallel on both shows is that somehow it’s impossible to win against it. HG was playing the game and adhering to its rules but it cost her the life of a person. The Machine, on the other hand, was finding it very difficult to provide a viable option of survival for Her agents.Every single simulation resulted into death.

I believe that the both circumstances are bound to happen over and over again. It’s virtually a cycle. The chess lock will always win and so is Samaritan.

However, the warehouse has HG and the Machine has Shaw. Two women who are reckless, stubborn and unpredictable. When the stakes got higher (because of Myka), HG did something that was never done before. Change the rules. While Shaw became an unexpected variable for the Machine when she decided to rescue the team. The Machine didn’t anticipate her sudden appearance and it greatly increased their odds of survival.

One down one to go. They found a way to beat it but the game is not yet over.
There’s only one thing left to do. I always thought HG will have her redemption by sacrificing her life for the warehouse. Same with Shaw and her constant need to protect people and wanting to be part of the action. They know they’re gonna do something stupid but it really doesn’t matter now. All they want is for the team to be safe, for the mission to succeed and for Myka and Root to survive.

They kept their fellow agents in a bubble and a cage. Nothing can stop them now. And in one sweeping moment we see them lay their lives for the people they love. Game over.

PS: Sykes and Martine are Shippers. LoL.