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I really gotta stop playing Overwatch before bed bc last night I had this dream that the game got a story mode and I don’t even remember all the details bc it was absolutely ridiculous all I remember is that D.Va discovered some sort of infinite power source via the internet (of course) that allowed her to tear holes in reality and change people’s pasts, presents, and futures, and ultimately Zenyatta had to kill her because she’d grown just too powerful


You were holding hands when you came into the room. It was impossible not to notice the steely, cold glare Cas sent over immediately when your partner entered. 

You grimaced internally. It had been three years since the forgotten birthday incident but Cas still glared like it was just yesterday. “Oh, shoot… I forgot my phone in the car and Sam is supposed to call when he and Dean get in…” You glanced over at Cas, whose expression softened immediately when he saw you looking at him. “Will you two be okay in here for a minute?” you asked hesitantly, shooting a meaningful glance at the angel.

He nodded. As you breezed past him you muttered, “Please… just cool it.”

I am figuratively cool,” he replied, which almost made you laugh.

As soon as you were out of the room, Cas could see how uncomfortable your partner was being alone with him. “So,” Cas said, his deep voice definitely had a hard edge to it. “How are…things?”

Your partner shifted uncomfortably. “Umm. Fine. Yes. We have an important meeting at work next week…so… that’s–that’s something.”

Cas’ brow furrowed and narrowed in dislike. “I see. THAT you remember…”

Oh shoot! I forgot to mention...

I’ll be launching a webcomic next year. 

The comic simply called Chirp, is going to be a weekly updated webcomic, provided i’m not sick or on holiday.
The comic was originally just a half baked idea to test if I could even draw a comic, and while I’m still not convinced I can, I had fun and just let the idea snowball from there.

Leather Pants

Jack hadn’t meant to find them, it wasn’t like he went into Joe’s closet purposely searching for them, but when he did find them, he was surprised.

“What are these?” Jack turned around to face Joe, holding the article of clothing in his hand. When the smaller man realized what it was that Jack was holding, he burst out laughing.

“I wore them for a shoot I did. Totally forgot I had tossed them in there.”

“You wore leather pants for a photoshoot?” Jack asked, holding the pants up in full.

“The stylist chose the outfit.” Joe shrugged, tilting his head as he looked at Jack. “Why, you like them?”

Yes. “Just can’t imagine you wearing leather pants.” Was what Jack said instead.

“I can show you the picture if you want.”

“Or you could put them on.” He smirked, watching Joe roll his eyes as he grabbed his computer from the bed.

“I’m not getting naked, Jack. Sorry.”

Neither could place when it happened exactly, this little dance they did around each other. Their comments probably bordered on too flirty, but they still did it. Jack found it easy, especially since he had accepted that he was attracted to Joe. The smaller man had wiggled his way into Jack’s mind, and heart, without Jack having even noticed it. He didn’t know if Joe felt the same way, so he kept up with the dance they had going. Pushing the boundary just far enough, but never too much. It was fun. Easy. And this way Jack got to tease Joe, look at Joe, and find ways to touch Joe. Because to be honest, Jack really wanted to touch Joe. All over. With his hands and mouth. But for now, he stuck with their little game.

Except now, now there was leather pants involved.

And as Jack looked at the pictures Joe had taken with them on, leaving little to the imagination, he knew he was in trouble.

“What in the world are you wearing?” Josh laughed as Joe walked into the room, and Jack lifted his gaze from his phone to him, his breath catching as he stared at Joe.

Because he was wearing the leather pants. The ones that had been on Jack’s mind since he found them in Joe’s closet. The ones that he had so desperately wanted to see on that slim body after being teased with the pictures.

And those pictures did not do it justice. Because Jack could feel himself getting turned on just by looking. And as he shifted in his seat, trying to ensure that it wouldn’t be noticeable, Joe’s smug look fell on Jack, his lips turning up in a smirk.

“Found them in my closet. Thought it’d be fun to wear something different.” Joe said to Josh, but his gaze was locked on Jack.


The entire way to dinner, which they had decided to walk too, Jack couldn’t keep his eyes off of Joe. The way the pants clung to the smaller man like a second skin meant that Jack was able to see every line of that body, and it was torturously wonderful.

It almost seemed as if Joe acted different while wearing them too, more confident in their game. He was constantly shooting Jack smug looks, always ensuring to be in front of Jack, giving the younger man a nice view of his ass. He was teasing Jack, taking their game to a whole new level.

Well, two could play at that game, Jack decided as they walked into the club.

It was crowded, expected for a Saturday night, and the drinks had already been flowing, so everyone was loose.

They were quick to join the mass on the dance floor, bodies moving with the bass.

It wasn’t hard for Jack to find Joe in the crowd, it was as if their bodies were drawn together by a pull.

Joe smirked over at Jack, moving his hips in time with the music, tilting his head back as he closed his eyes, exposing the skin along his neck. Almost as if he was inviting Jack.

And the younger man was quick to accept that invitation, moving in close to Joe, his hands resting low on Joe’s hips as he tugged him closer, Jack’s lips connecting with Joe’s skin.

Jack felt slim fingers slide around to the back of his neck, tangling into his hair and tugging softly as a moan vibrated along Joe’s throat. Smirking, Jack bit down lightly before he licked at the spot, soothing it.

“Fuck.” Joe breathed into Jack’s ear.

“You do realize what you’ve been doing to me all night.” Jack replied, moving his lips up to Joe’s ear, nibbling gently on the lobe. “Ever since I found these bloody pants.” He emphasized his point by moving his hands around and down to Joe’s ass, giving it a quick squeeze as he rolled his hips.

“I know.” Joe gasped, pulling his head back to meet Jack’s gaze. “I saw you watching.”

“Tease.” He murmured, his eyes dropping to Joe’s lips.

“Do it.”

And he did, crashing his lips down onto Joe’s, working his mouth open to slip his tongue in, fighting for dominance.

All the tension from their games and teasing exploded between them, and Joe rolled his body against Jack’s, their moans mingling together. When they parted, staring at each other with heavy lidded eyes, they knew they had both crossed that final line.

“We need to leave. Now.” Jack said hoarsely, brushing his lips against Joe’s. “Because as good as those pants look on, I’m betting they look even better off.”

“Let’s go.” Joe’s hand found Jack’s, their fingers tangling together as they moved through the crowd.

And if Jack stared at Joe’s ass while he was lead out of the club and onto the street, well, it didn’t matter if he was caught now.



i made an animatic of the song Burn (Hamilton the Musical)

it’s my first one so it’s not v good??? but I TRIED MY BEST


pls enjoi


Smile. (Jimin)

It took me five minutes to get down 10 stairs cases and there was only one reason. My mom called for me…at 3 am in the morning. When she came home from the hospital where she’s working. Usually she would just let me sleep and talk to me the next day if it was something serious, but the tone she used when she called for
me would make you shiver.Even ghost hunters would get goosebumbs.

I finally reached the end of the staircase, and right there stood my mom, her arms crossed and a letter in her hands.

Shoot, I forgot to collect the mail! I mentally face palmed myself. But then something hit me. I didn’t do anything wrong? Not that I can recall. So what could it be. I could tell it was from the school cause our school logo was on the envelope.

“Hey mom.”

“What is this?” She asks, in a serious tone.

“‘Mom, I don’t know. I don’t know what that is. You’re the one with the letter in your hands, why don’t you tell me?” I question here not really wanting to argue with her at 3am.

My mom was a very independent woman. She wouldn’t let a man or anyone for that matter bring her down or any of her opinions. She’s very strict as well, leading to me not really being able to open up for her. The longest conversation I’ve had with her, would be an hour or two. And that was that one time I ditched math class because someone had spilled hot soup all over my lap.

She twisted my words and made it look like I was at fault, so I quickly shut up and made sure no words would escape my mouth, because I knew if they did, they wouldn’t be that pleasant.

When it comes to school, there’s no excuses with my mom. The only reason my grades are excellent is because of her. She thought me, by making me study until I understood it, even if I pull up and all nighter. I’d get grounded if I ever got something lower than B+, and even with a flu and fever, she would force me to school.

“Don’t talk to me like that! and don’t act stupid, you know God damn well what this is.” She says, accusing me once again.

When I don’t reply, she throws the paper on the floor. She waits for me to pick it up, and once I do I’m shocked when I see what’s written on the paper.


“You cheated on your test.”

“Mom, I swear to god, I did not cheat.”

“Then why did we get a letter from your school saying you did.”

I re-read the letter more than five times still not understanding where all this came from. I can solemnly swear that I did not cheat on that test. I even pulled an all nighter to do my best on this test, since it was the last test for this semester that had its own grade on my report card.

“Mom I don’t know. They might’ve messed up-”

“It’s because of that boy, Jimin. I told you he was bad influence, he’s just strolling around in town with his ugly poor cloth-”

All of the ugly words she’s spitting about my one and only best friend, makes me squeeze my fist harder almost making my nails cut my hand. “Don’t. Talk. About. Him. Like.That.” I say through clenched teeth.

“I’m doing this for you, y/n. I’m telling you to stop hanging with him.” She says, in all seriousness. I grab my jacket from the hanger and quickly put it on while slipping into my vans.

“You have no absolute right to tell me who I can hang with. You might be labeled as mom, but in my eyes, you’re not all that. Thanks, and bye.” I say exiting the house.

“Come back here this instant young lady.” I hear my mom say before I close the door. I breath in the cold March air, and starts walking to who knows where.

I didn’t know where I was gonna go, but I walked to where my feet lead me. The streets were pretty much empty at 3am, and the only source of lights where from the remaining cars and the street lamps. My feet stopped walking when I arrived at the park, next to Jimin’s house.

“He’s probably sleeping, but it’s worth a try.” I say as I dial his number. It signs four times before someone answers.

“Hello?” He says sounding confused as to why someone was calling him at 4am.


“Hey you.” He says softer recognizing my voice. “Did I wake you up?”

“Nah, I’m watching a movie.”


“Are you at the park?” He questions.

“How did you know?”

“I’ll be there in five.” He says before the line goes dead. A smile creeps to my lips at this.

Not only five minutes later, I spot a boy in his black hoodie and grey sweatpants walking towards me. He looks at me before taking the seat next to me.

“What happened this time?” He asks.

“I got a letter from the school, and they accused me for cheating. She told me you were bad influence and that I was stupid, I told her she didn’t feel like my mom - and I didn’t cheat Jimin, I swear, I-”

“I know you didn’t y/n.” Jimin cuts me off. He scoot to the right so he’s facing me. “Listen y/n. I’m sure you didn’t cheat. I’m sure there was something wrong that happened in the system.”

“What if it wasn’t?” I question him, clutching my hand. Jimin zips down his hoodie and wrap it around me. He then takes my hand in his and starts blowing on them to warm them up, like the sweet guy he is.

He’s cheek was red from the cold, and his hair was messy, but he still managed to look good which I envied a lot. “If it wasn’t, then you can take the test again and prove them again that you didn’t cheat. They’ll have to apologize to both you and your mom, and you can prove your mom that you didn’t cheat and that she was wrong.”

“But, Jimin, she said-”

“I know what’s she said about me, but she’s still your mom y/n. She still gave birth to you, she still have you live with her for free, she still cares for you - just a little more than other mothers I guess. She sees you as your daughter and you should see her as your mom. Prove her wrong, and she’ll understand you. Atleast you have a mom, I don’t even know where mine is.” He says stroking my hair. I feel
guilty for always being rude to my mom, when someone like him doesn’t even have one.

“You only have one mom. And always remember. There’s always a solution for every problem. If you and your mom has problems, find a solution to it. You’ll be alright, I know you will.”

He grabs my hands and put them in the pocket of his sweater that he wore underneath his hoodie, (it has pockets on it), and puts his thumbs on each side of my lips and force them upwards.

“Now smile. Seeing you sad makes me sad. I want to see you smile.” He sends me one of his heartwarming smiles and that’s when I jump into his embrace and hugs him so tight, obviously catching him off guard as a little “ompfh” escapes his lips.