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Show Me Love 6

Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Plot: After arguably the best night of your life, you wake up forced to face reality.  OR Dr. Barnes looks damn good when he’s asleep.

Warnings: language and girl talk, that’s really it, with like one or two references to sex

A/N: Barely any Buck in this installment, sorry loves!  I apologize PROFUSELY for taking so long to update this.  This semester has kicked my ass(like for instance I have 12 papers due next week and I’m writing smut instead…), and with my depression and PTSD flaring up, I just haven’t been able to find my muse.  I didn’t want to put out anything less than y’all deserve, so I wanted to wait until I got my groove back.  Well, she’s back, and she’s here with a VENGENCE!!! So please, ENJOY!!

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Waking up proves to be one of the hardest things you’ve ever had to do that morning. Your gummy eyes ache as you try to blink them open and when the light hits them for the first time, you groan.

Steeling yourself for the hangover and the throbbing skull that came with it, you opened your eyes all the way.


The ache you’re expecting doesn’t reside in your head.

Instead, it lies in your hips and between your legs.

A familiar ache.

An ache you haven’t felt for a very long time.

An ache that leaves you feeling empty yet sated all at the same time.

And that’s when you notice the sensation of a heavy arm draping across your waist.

Your blood runs cold as adrenaline shoots through your veins along with the sudden realization at whose arm is around you.

Eyes no longer bleary, you look over at the brunette head of hair that’s fanned out over both of your pillows.



You fucked your professor last night.

…Did you really think this through?

Bucky’s grip is like a vice as you attempt to wiggle free, trying desperately to sneak away unnoticed.

God, you would kill for another round.  Judging by the painfully hard morning wood digging into your lower back, Bucky wouldn’t mind either.

It would be so easy. Just wake him up with a few kisses and a wandering hand here and there and the two of you could fall right back into the sheets.

And with the way he’s breathing down your neck, that strong arm holding you just right, you wouldn’t mind rolling him over and riding him for all you’re worth.

But you need to get out of here. 


So, with as much grace as you can muster this early in the morning, you shimmied and squeezed and finally wiggle free of his tight grip.

From there, you had to retrieve your abandoned clothes.

This proved easier said than done.

Your dress is the first thing you find, in a crumbled heap on the floor of the bedroom.  Looking at it with sex and alcohol addled eyes proved that there was no way you were going to get it back on by yourself. You scan the room quickly, eyes landing on the dresser.

Ok, Plan B.

It took longer than it should have to find your purse, but evetunally you found it and with one final forlone glance over your shoulder, you left Bucky alone to return home.

You shut your apartment door as quietly as possible and head to the living room, praying to god that by some miracle, Natasha has a hangover for once.

“There she is!”  Of course, you have no such luck.  “And ohh ho ho!! Caught red handed!”  There on the couch, are Nat and Wanda, holding coffees and smiling ear to ear at you.

You, who is wearing nothing but green boxers, oversized socks and a Coney Island t-shirt with your strappy heels and sparkling dress clutched tightly in your grip along with your purse.

“Uh, hey?”  You offer lamely as you toss the dress to Nat.  “Thanks for letting me borrow that, but I’m going to -”

“Oh no, you don’t.”  She objects, standing as you begin to high tail it to your room.  “You sit your happy ass back down and spill.  Now.”

You freeze, sighing heavily, and turn back to face them.

“Can I at least change into my own clothes?”

“Nope!”  Wanda chirps, smirking as she takes a swig of her coffee.  “Where’s the fun in that?  Besides, you earned that look.  Own it.”  She winks, glancing at the chair she wants you to occupy.

Begrudgingly, you sit down and begin to recount your night to the two of them.

As your story progresses, you ease into the juicy details, giggling right along with them.  You all squeal when you dish on how big Dr. Barnes is, and how amazing he is in bed

“I kinda high-tailed it right out of there.”  You admitted, flinching when Natasha smacked you on the knee.

“Why?! Why wouldn’t you wake him up for round two?!”  Smiling sheepishly, you correct her.


“Wait, what?”

“Round three…round two was kind of in the middle of the night.  He just looked so fucking good. I couldn’t help myself.”  You blushed furiously at the memory, Bucky’s head lolling around in drowsy pleasure before blue eyes blinked open and looked down to find your lips wrapped around his hard cock.

“Wow…I’m never going to be able to look at that man the same.”  Natasha snickered.

You won’t?!  I’ve had the man’s junk in my mouth!”

“And your goods.”  Wanda points out.

“So then why did you just leave?”

“Because it was so wrong!  He’s my god damn teacher!”

“Not then, he wasn’t!”  Natasha huffs, setting her coffee down.  “Then he was just a man fucking you until you couldn’t remember your own name.”  By the dreamy look in your eyes, it wasn’t too hard for her to figure what you were thinking about.  “How do you think he’s going to feel when he wakes up and you aren’t there?  I mean you could be in that bed right now.  He could’ve been planning on making you breakfast…and then fucking you silly.”  You groaned as your head fell into your hands.  Before you, Wanda is nodding vigorously while Natasha smiles.

“God, I knoooow!”  You whined.  “But I didn’t want to face it!  What if he asked where we go from there?  What if he asked what would happen come Monday?  Shit, I really messed up.”

“Yeah, you did.”  Wanda nodded, scrunching her face up in agreement.  “You should’ve stayed.”

“Oh, you know what I meant!  Now I’m going to have to face him…and give him back his clothes.”  Your groans bubble into laughter, causing the other two to look at you like you had three heads.  “I had to hail a cab back.”  You snickered, recalling the look on the guy;s face when you climbed in.  “Happened to be the same driver I had last night.  He didn’t even say hello, just busted out laughing.  It was mortifying.  And hilarious.”  By the end of your story, the three of you were giggling loudly and heartily until you looked at the time and stood, excusing yourself to go shower.

You would be lying if you said you didn’t spend the entire time thinking what would’ve happened if you had just stayed.

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Kelly, ahhhh happy birthday! I’m sorry this is so close to midnight lol so it may be one of the last birthday wishes you receive, but I hope you had an amazing day filled with laughs and cheers and happiness. I wanted to give you a small something as a gift, and I figured what would work better than a little bit of writing? So happy birthday, @fantasticnewtimagines​. Thank you for always being a small corner of positivity here and for being the most awesome person. Ily and hope you had a day as fantastic as you are <3

You drag your feet into the back room of the restaurant, tiles squeaking with each step you take to the window. You’re grateful for the final streaks of red in the sky that mark the end of your unplanned shift. Granny called only an hour into your day of relaxation, begging you to come in because Red was too sick to work and it was the premiere of the new dinner special. “I know it’s your birthday, dearie, but I could really use the help.” Only a couple of minutes left before you can escape.

The sun’s set by the time you slink into the humid summer night. The air’s thick with a promise of rain, and, by the way the grey clouds in the sky are climbing on one another, you wouldn’t be surprised if the sky broke open before you managed the five-block walk to your house. Though you know he has a night out with the boys planned, you shoot Killian a quick ‘I’m off work’ text before starting forward with your head ducked. The last thing you want is to be dragged into some conversation by anyone in the town, not when you can at least salvage some of the night by warming up a slice of cake in the microwave and dropping some ice cream on top of it.

Miraculously, you make it to your front door just as the first droplets are breaking open against the concrete: your first bit of luck today. Sighing, you reach forward to grab the handle. Your feet are sore, your back hurts, and you’re ready to just fall in bed and mourn the loss of your day off, but you stumble forward when the handle jerks away from you. The whole door blows open for a moment, then it slowly swings back toward you. It bounces against its frame, making a gentle click that you can hardly hear over the grumble of thunder in the distance. The door’s open, ajar, left unlocked for anyone to get in.

Fear freezes you in place, though some small part of you is just annoyed. Of course this would happen. The whole day has been a mess; your alarm clock went off early, you were called into work on your first day off in months, you reek of chicken gravy and alcohol, and now, as you’re stuck outside in the quickly growing storm, someone’s broken into your house. All you wanted was one day to spend at home, with only Killian, watching dumb movies, eating all the junk food you could muster up from the depths of your pantry, and just relaxing. But no, every single plan had to be ruined. Every single damn one, and now you won’t even get to see your boyfriend on your own birthday. How the hell did that happen?

The anger of it all, the loss of the day, the unfairness of your life, is a tide in your chest, rising until it washes over your fear and you grit your teeth and push the door open, stepping inside. If there’s a burglar in here, he can deal with you.

Swiping a nearby umbrella from its useless place on a hook, you creep forward into the house.

The living room is empty, as are the bathroom and the mud room. The storm pounds away at the window, and the gusts of wind blow the front door open wider and wider, nearly slamming it against the wall. You only have so much time, you know, until the potential burglar finds you. Lips sealed shut, barely breathing, you creep around the house, stopping in the corner before you pull the door to the kitchen open.

A soft bang comes from the other side of the door, followed quickly by a muffled curse. You jump at the noise, but that reaction is nothing compared to the leap you take when the front door finally slams into the wall. The bang could probably be heard anywhere in the house, which means the burglar will expect someone.

A shot of fear streaks through your chest, sending your heart pounding and your hands sweating, and you wonder if you should’ve called Killian, should have asked him to come check the place with you, but it’s too late. Whoever’s here is going to find you. You’ve seen too many horror films to try backing away now.

Sucking in a deep breath, you draw up whatever anger you have left, eyes darting to the doorknob when it starts to turn, and lift your weapon.

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One More Chance- Dolokhov x Reader x Platonic! Pierre

A/N: This took me hours I’ve been working on it since, like, the start of this weird writing spree I’m having. Next is Anatole x Reader x Dolokhov because that is the ultimate couple.

Warnings: PLEASE BE WARNED THERE ARE TRIGGERS IN HERE BEFORE PROCEEDING. YOUR MENTAL HEALTH MEANS EVERYTHING TO ME. Getting drunk, partying, why are they always drunk in today’s imagines? abuse, Dolokhov is a drunk, abusive husband because he’s always a jerk in my stuff, crying, injuries, hitting, Pierre being an adorable little cinnamon roll who wants to help everyone

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texts I never sent

25 June 2014, 7:37am
why did it take you this long to ask for my number I’ve been flirting with you as much as I possibly could have for weeks

26 June 2014, 11:58pm
I thought maybe I was imagining that you liked me but you held my hand on the way home and now I think I should have kissed you when we were dancing

28 June 2014, 3:26am
I feel bad that she’s right across the table from us but fuck it’s hard to remember that when you’re touching my leg and leaning into my neck like this

01 July 2014, 10:52pm
I’m going into this thinking “this is it this is the one that’s gonna break my heart” and praying I’m wrong but maybe you’re kinda worth it

14 July 2014, 11:23am
I’ve never met anyone that looks like you and I can’t imagine how you look in the mirror and don’t see stars and I know you hate when I call you cute but god cute doesn’t even begin to describe it

15 July 2014, 1:01pm
I think your ex girlfriend is stalking me on tumblr and I’m flattered you told her enough about me for her to find me

23 July 2014, 11:46pm
He has nothing on you.

02 August 2014, 3:33pm
I heard you guys “have a thing” and I know you don’t like her as much as you like me and I know you didn’t kiss her and I know you’re not mine but it feels like you are and you act like you are and I don’t know how I’m supposed to handle this

07 August 2014, 2:12am
I’m so drunk and i kissed him and maybe it’s because he’s here and you’re not and the alcohol on his breath makes me think i can run away from this empty pit in my chest and fill it with vodka while you’re away but all i really know is that i miss you

08 August 2014, 10:27am
You said “it’s fine, we’re not together, you can kiss whoever you want” and I thought hearing that would kill me but the way you said it made me feel like you cared about me enough to not try to keep me tied down to you from far away and that’s when I realized I want you to keep me tied down. I shouldn’t have kissed him

15 August 2014, 9:56pm
I haven’t heard from you in a week and I can’t get out of bed

16 August 2014, 12:30pm
our friends invited me to stay with them and I know it’s only 15 minutes from where you live and the beach is really nice this time of year and I hate last minute plans but seeing you is the best thing I could imagine right now

21 August 2014, 2:47am
I know the only reason we’re back to talking this much is because we’re going to see each other soon but honestly I’ll take any excuse I can get

29 August 2014, 9:35am
They told us we couldn’t get on the bus and I cried and she held me and rubbed my back and told me that I’d see matthew soon anyways, but you were the only person I cared about seeing there

29 August 2014, 9:48am
We got onto the bus. that’s all that matters right now, I’m actually going to see you again

30 August 2014, 12:44am
all I can think about is your lips on my neck and your hands in my hair and down my back and your body pressed against me and how even when your lips weren’t on mine I still couldn’t remember how to breathe and I swear we found heaven in that little corner of the pool

30 August 2014, 5:21am
there’s no way to explain how waking up next to you feels

01 September 2014, 11:32am
I’m trying really hard not to cry because there are people around and she’s sitting next to me and I don’t want her to think I’m weak but you’re the only thing I can think about right now

02 September 2014, 1:29am
I think I got all my crying out. we’ll see each other in a few weeks, I can toughen up until then

17 September 2014, 12:01am
I know you’ve got to wake up early tomorrow and you should have gone to bed hours ago but my first “happy birthday” text at midnight came from you and maybe that’s good luck

19 September 2014, 10:46pm
We can see the entire concert from the top of this ferris wheel and thousands of little white lights make a sea below us but a hundred feet above ground I’m drowning in your eyes and can’t feel anything except your hand on my neck and while my favorite band plays my favorite song all I can hear is my heartbeat in my throat

21 September 2014, 7:13am
Maybe if I keep telling myself I’ll see you again it’ll come true

24 September 2014, 11:58pm
I know it’s late and we’re tired and unreasonable and we’re deluding ourselves with this but that little bit of false hope is keeping me going. at least I know you need me as much as I need you.

11 October 2014, 3:46am
When you said you cared about me more than anyone my heart grew into the sky and when you finished with “but long distance would be too hard” I felt an arrow shoot into my chest so to keep you happy I said “yeah I agree” but honey I’ve been laying in bed for four hours staring at the stickers on my ceiling and all I can hope is that you’re doing the same and thinking the same and that you’ll text me any second saying you were wrong. I’d drive three hours to your door every damn day if you wanted me to.

11 October 2014, 8:08am
Please change your mind.

31 October 2014, 9:43pm
A boy at this debate tournament I’m at was hitting on me pretty hard and I want you to be here to get jealous and kiss me in front of him like you did at the concert but you’re not here and you can’t kiss me and I’m not yours and it’s frustrating to no end that I can’t tell you things like this anymore because you think we can’t have feelings for each other anymore

13 November 2014, 10:07pm
I’m glad you were honest with me about you seeing someone else but god I wish you’d realize how much this is breaking my heart. I know I told you I’m seeing other people, and I am, but I guess I didn’t tell you that none of them even hold a candle to how much you meant to me

13 November 2014, 10:22pm
I found her instagram. she’s prettier than me. I hope that when she tells you you’re a good kisser you remember who taught you how to kiss.

26 November 2014, 12:35pm
I ate a lot at thanksgiving yesterday. that was the first holiday in two years that I haven’t slipped food off my plate into the trash when no one’s looking and i think you’d be happy for me

10 December 2014, 7:27am
We haven’t spoken in weeks. I stopped caring about a week and a half ago.

16 December 2014, 6:32pm
Do snapchat conversations mean we’re friends again?

26 December 2014, 9:12am
I’m going to be back at the beach in less than a week and it’s so much more disappointing than I thought it’d be, hearing that you won’t be in town

27 December 2014, 12:22am
I’m not going to let you control my mood. I got over you a long time ago and there’s no chance in hell I’m going to let your influence over me come back. I can have fun without you there. I’m stronger than I was when you left.

01 January 2015, 4:05pm
I can’t look at the bed we slept in or walk past the pool where you first kissed me or lay by the beach where you held my hand and pulled me into the water with you and told me you wished I lived there with you. memories of you are fucking haunting this place

01 January 2015, 5:43pm
I made a decision to push you out of my thoughts and take care of our friends this weekend and it’s not working enough to keep me okay but it’s enough to look okay. it isn’t fair that you can fuck with my head from 600 miles away and not even know what you’re doing

03 January 2015, 11:21pm
we’re driving home late at night down the same roads we took with you a few months ago and constant conversations just came on my ipod and I let it play and all I could think of was that last night here with you with our friends asleep in the back of your truck and your hand wrapped around mine and this song shaking the bass around our seats and your eyes switching between me and the road while we flew seventy miles an hour down the interstate and your lips meeting mine and not caring if you wrecked the car because god I would give anything to die in a moment as peaceful and safe and loved as that. it isn’t the same here without you.

04 January 2015, 2:00pm
the second I was alone I couldn’t stop crying and god it feels like someone’s died. I thought I got over you but now fuck you’re everywhere

A Million Billion types of Love

Pairing: Sam and Dean X Sister!Reader

Characters: Sam, Dean, Castiel, Reader, OC

Word count: 2,202

Request: Can you do a fic where the Winchesters little sister goes out on her first date Sam and dean don’t know because they don’t want her dating at her age but she told cas she was going and not to tell her brothers She ends up with a demon and gets saved (By -fergie-the-unicorn-)

Warnings: Cussing, Mild Violence, Vague Mentions Of Sex

A/N: My first request YAY. You didn’t specify the exact age, so I just chose 19, and the boys are about 28-32

Have a Request? Message me! My ask is open and has plenty of room.

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