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Michael Dunn Shot and Killed Jordan Davis and These People Support Him For Doing It

Jordan Davis was shot and killed by Michael Dunn because he was a black teenager. The media called it the “loud music” murder because Michael Dunn demanded Jordan Davis lower his music at a gas station. When Jordan Davis refused, Michael Dunn did not shoot Jordan Davis because of loud music, Michael Dunn shot and killed Jordan Davis because Jordan Davis was a young black man who dared to “disrespect” Michael Dunn, a white man, by not catering to his demand. Once this happened, Michael Dunn wanted to live out a sick fantasy where he had “no choice” but to be a “hero.” He had to “shoot and kill” because the “thugs” were out to get him.

Michael Dunn is a racist. And, yesterday, a jury in Florida found him guilty  of 3 out of 4 counts. However, that one count the jury could not decide on? That was the one that said he actually murdered a boy.

This will make many of you angry. It should. Even though Michael Dunn will be going to prison, yet another man has gotten away with murdering a black boy in the good ‘ole US of A.

However, some people (racists) out there are mad for a very different reason…they believe Michael Dunn is “innocent” (note: they’re saying innocent, not found “not guilty,” because there is a big fucking difference) and that killing a young black male is “doing nothing wrong”…

Sounds like that dude is just itching to be the next Michael Dunn.

If Michael Dunn is “innocent,” then who do they blame?

They blame Jordan Davis, the teen who was shot and killed because “I love the black community but that black boy asked Dunn to kill him when he played the black music too loud.”

They blame Jordan Davis’ friends who were in the car with Davis when they escaped death as Michael Dunn shot and killed Jordan Davis.

They blame the system, the media, you, me, everyone but Michael Dunn, the man who chose to shoot and kill a young black man.

Sometimes, to clarify the things people are saying, you need to dig a little further into their Twitter history. For example…

That person thinks Michael Dunn is innocent, says they would shoot “thug” black boys; and in an older tweet talking about the George Zimmerman trial, complains “race is annoying.”

This person also has interesting views about race in America and also says she too would have no problem shooting and killing black teens. However, when discussing the Jody Arias trial last year she had some very interesting Biblical views on those who “inflict injury.”

Yet another white lady is sick and tired of “hearing about race.” It’s 2014 and no big deal now, however, I guess she had no problem discussing race when she made that “joke” on Twitter a few years ago. Gotta’ love people who believe racism is over and make racist “jokes.”

…and when someone called Maximillian (lmao) out on that tweet:

Guess Maximillian (lmao) still has a long way to go.

Cindy here is another white woman who doesn’t believe in racism and then, in one tweet, says the most hilarious contradictory two sentences in the history of the internet.

But, just in case that didn’t spell it out clear enough for you…

Now, I’m sure there are some of you (idiots) out there who do not think describing a black male as a “thug” is racist. My answer to you is brought to you by Twitter user 'big daddy tom’:

There is one thing here that these repugnant little slimeballs would like to leave you with, and that is that there is a “lesson to be learned” when a white man shoots and kills a black teenager.

Is the lesson that the very act of being a young black male in America puts you in danger? Is the lesson that, yes, in the year 2014 racism is alive and race is very much an issue? Or is the lesson that - …

“Hopefully this case teaches people to turn their music down at the gas station.”


After all the shit black people have been through on this land, it’s truly a shame that some of us still say “God Bless Amerikkka”. A nation that was founded on the rape, enslavement, and massacre of their ancestors. A nation that made and still makes it comedy to degrade and disrespect Blacks. The same land that deemed it legal for hundreds of whites to gather and watch a Black man or woman tortured and hung from a tree. A land that possesses a system where it is justified for racist police to shoot down innocent black boys and girls with no consequence. A country that blacks have fought and died for, in wars they did not start, only to return home and be treated like shit. As a Black person, how can you say “God Bless Amerikkka”?
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