Ya know…from this angle, it almost looks like Onew punches Jjong 😂😂😂

domestic au: the crying thing

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  • do you think about root and shaw sneaking off to the top of the statue of liberty and looking across the water to the ignorant city, hell, the world that they’ve just saved
  • and the sun is setting and root’s watching the thousands of people milling around, all the flashing lights and taillights illuminating the city
  • root doesn’t care about the people, sure, but she can appreciate the system. the flow of traffic, the stop and go of hurried pedestrians, the gentle waves of the ocean
  • “you know sam, it really /is/ beautiful”
  • shaw kicks her feet a little. smirks, rolls her eyes. looks directly at root
  • “yeah, root. pretty damn beautiful”
  • and root knows she’s being a little shit but at the same time she’s gay and weak
  • her eyes get a little watery
  • “root if you start crying I’m going to push you off the ledge”
  • “i love you too"
  • “oh my god”
  • and then shaw kisses her a little too hard because she’s a little embarrassed. yeah, she was joking, but it was a bit too truthful for her to feel entirely comfortable. root’s hair against the setting sun, the light of the city reflected in her warm eyes
  • well
  • it’s a bit too sappy for shaw to say out loud
  • but root knows. understands
  • she always does
  • root slows down the kiss, turns it soft and gentle and shaw smiles. just a little bit
  • because for once in her life she’s almost looking forward to what tomorrow will bring
  • also consider: shaw says ‘i love you’ first
  • not in a traditional sense, of course. because when is anything with them ever close to traditional
  • it’s root and shaw relaxing in bed after a long day. root making little braids in shaw’s hair just to piss her off
  • “rooooot, cut it out, i’m trying to sleep”
  • “but you look so pretty with braids, sweetie”
  • “you suck at braiding. and you’re annoying as hell”
  • “that why you love me,” root says with a laugh, not expecting anything besides an eye roll
  • but shaw pauses
  • and then says “yeah”
  • and root’s trying to not make this a big deal but let’s face it. this is A Big Deal
  • shaw kisses the corner of her mouth and whispers,“what did I tell you about the crying thing”
  • “not to?”
  • “root”
  • ”…that even though it makes you uncomfortable sometimes, crying is a normal response to emotional stimuli”
  • shaw snorts a little. “bingo. it’s fine”
  • and root clings to her a little bit. just a tad overwhelmed
  • “i love you so much, sameen. you didn’t have to say it. i knew. but you did, and thank you”
  • and shaw pulls root in close so there’s not an inch of space between them and gently nips her collarbone
  • “you gonna finish ruining my hair or not?”

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