shoosh nai


This video is my runner on third. I don’t even care if you like Oofuri, just watch it, it’ll make you happy

Sorry for crappy phone picture but I won’t be home till late at night and I wanted to tell you guys that this is a thing now~

I know some of you can feel pretty down on V-day so let’s cure the sads with lots of people hugging and kissing and holding hands, be it OTPs, OT3s, BROTPa, family love or whatever makes you happy <3 After all, love isn’t all about romance (and thank goddess).

Request are open from 12.02 till the end of 15.02. Send it anon or non-anon be a follower of any of my blogs or not, I don’t really care. 

This time I solemnly swear, they all will be done by the end of the week (challenge accepted), but they will be kept simple, like the last Oofuri doodles I made.

Happy V-day, love you all <3

EDIT: My friend got confused, so to make things clear; these all will be digital pictures with simple colouring. It can be from any given fandom or not from any fandom at all.

EDIT: I’ve got quite few so I’ll be finishing them even after this week ends, so don’t worry, they’ll all be done~