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CMYBendy! Inspired by this post about colorful Bendys.

I’d imagine Bendy got into a fight with the scanner/printer and ended up messing it up pretty badly, and well uh, black magic, ink monsters, and machinery probably don’t go well together? So here’s the CMY(K) Gang!!

Maggy is pretty evil, Candy is kinda off putting, and Yelly is a bit of a favorite. But is Key the original Bendy? (Or like, a Kenny?)

It’s funny that I play Awfweet, because as a person I am just so deadpan when playing DND, and Awfweet is supposed to be kind and caring, and basically I have no idea what Awfweet, my own character, is doing.

Hibari from Dead-Eyed Tsuna by Wyrvel

“Hibari stands in the doorway, ringed in a halo of light from the open window behind him, like a great and terrible god.”

Read this fic if:

  • You don’t like dark fics.
  • You wanna read about a Tsuna that has embraced the suck.
  • Violent heads of the Discipline Committee.
  • Kyoko positivity! Yeah! EXTREME!

Hibari is a god. A merciless, blood loving god. Pray.

For archanonhiru, who wrote the cutest two part fanfic (instead of homework, yeah, that feel).

‘Cause The World Might Do Me In (Part 1)

But It’s Alright ‘Cause I’m With Friends (Part 2)

Arthur obviously doesn’t sleep with his mech arm on, just like Vivi doesn’t sleep with her glasses on (not a fun thing to do). Lewis is an adorable dork that wears kid’s print PJs to bed even when he’s dead.

Headcanon that on some roadtrip nights they’d all sleep in the back of the van and cuddle together. (In the future they make out in the back too.)

Lewis, Vivi, Arthur © Mystery Ben


Happy Novembermas with the Mystery Skull Gang, tumblr! The gang pair up and take turns picking out stuff for the odd one out as kids.

Lewis - In my head I imagine that they were all childhood friends, and both Vivi and Arthur both pitched in for the locket for Christmas, though Arthur picked it out (he kept glancing indecisively at it until Vivi saw him).

Vivi - Arthur heard her mention that her hair was falling in her eyes and they got her a headband and a book called Gazillions of Glorious Ghosts.

Arthur - “Do you think we should mention that the shelter had no idea where that puppy came from?” “Nah, lets leave it a mystery.” “DID SOMEONE SAY MYSTERY? THAT’S A GREAT NAME!”

Lewis, Vivi, Arthur © Mystery Ben


Vik Perthl - Gereths

  • Reptilian
  • Individual Markings
  • Polycoria
  • Third Eyelids
  • Cupped Ears/Slightly Underdeveloped
  • Clawed/Webbed Hands and Feet
  • Tails

Female VS Male

  • Female: Red Tones
  • Male: Yellow and Green Tones
  • Female: Venomous Fangs
  • Male: Have Dewlaps (gular fans)
  • Female: Live in the red deserts, suited to deadly temperatures.
  • Male: Live in the green deserts, suited to hot temperatures.

In the Summer, the Gereths travel and meet in the yellow deserts to mate. When this occurs, the Gereths stake their claim on a chosen part of land for four months, there, they breed and raise their young efficiently until the end of the four months, before taking the respective members and returning to their homelands. Before parting, the Gereths share a mind link with their loved one, as a way of keeping in touch and promising themselves to each other for the future year.

The Skull Ghost of Arthur

AU Arthur dies in the cave to save Lewis, trapping the monster in his arm.

His heart would already be fractured from the start; Gold and Green when he’s in control, and Blue and Green when the monster is in control.

He’d probably be fighting for control of his heart/soul constantly, and the monster would be one that lures Lew and Vi into the mansion.

Both Lewis and Vivi, his closest friends, would have to hold his heart, but he’s too scared that they’ll get hurt by the monster, so he hides from them while they explore the haunted mansion (which he is scared of).

Arthur © Mystery Ben