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One last thought about tagging hate before I go to bed.

As another analogy for what it seems like when someone tags their hate of something in the tag for whatever they are talking about, I am going to tell a story.

A few weeks ago, I was in the Disney store with a friend at a local mall. We were enjoying looking around, when a group of three or four teenagers walked in and stood near the entrance. They were all dressed in clothes that obviously came from hot topic and similar stores, which I have nothing against. However, in an effort to look cool and proclaim to those around them how “punk” they were, I assume, they loudly started commenting to each other how stupid the Disney store was and how much they hated it, in near yells, and then stated they were going to Hot Topic and left.

This left all of us in Disney standing there going, “uh…. Okay?????”

When you tag a pairing or something similar in a post talking about how much you hate it, you are those teens.

They could have easily sat in the food court or in another place and discussed their dislike among themselves, like posting without tagging, but instead they felt the need to walk into the Disney store for the express purpose of loudly proclaiming their distaste.

Did they look cool because of this? Not really. Did it change anyone’s opinion of Disney? Definitely not.

Did they look like an unpleasant group of punks? Certainly.

My message is very simply this: don’t be a punk.

Now I’m going to bed. I have to leave for class in 4 hours. Goodnight lovelies. uvu

So Promstuck was way fun

I didn’t get any pictures because it was too dark for my phone to pick up any light and my camera batteries are dead.

But I had so so much fun. I was Feferi, and I think I danced all but like 5 minutes of the whole thing. It was great.

The highlight was probably the scene that ended up being acted out while ‘Someone Like You’ played, with me, my friend Kat as Sollux, and imokaywiththis as Eridan. It was sooo much fun, and stuff like that is probably the main reason I cosplay. C: Definitely the highlight of my night. Not to mention all of the wonderful people I got to dance with and talk to. 

<333 love you all!! I am going to bed. my feet are gonna fall off.

In which Blue sings 'Rent' songs about a potato:
  • Macy: No more potato
  • Macy: :c
  • Blue: bye bye potato
  • Blue: dearly beloved
  • Blue: we gather here to say our goodbyes
  • Blue: here the potatoskin liiiiiies
  • Blue: oh god now I'm gonna sing rent..
  • Macy: omg
  • Blue: no one knew its worth (except for macy)
  • Blue: the late great daughter of mother earth (and some dirt)
  • Blue: on this night when we celebrate the consumptionnnn
  • Blue: in the little state of oklahoma
  • Blue: she raised her fork
  • Blue: you BET your ASS TOOOOOOOOO
  • Blue: LA VIEEEEE
  • Blue: okay I'm done

i am home from con everyone! (technically i was home last night but i spent that time skyping silver because i missed her a lot over the weekend and playing mafia because i was too exhausted to do anything else.)

it was really fun, save for some blood sugar issues and drama stuff that happened. but i didnt pay that much to dwell on it too long, so once it was calmed down, i just went back to having fun and avoiding any more drama bombs.

I’m still tired and i have stuff to do at home tomorrow before hanging with kit and working, so im gonna chill and probably draw fantrolls for a bit.

smooches to all~

This is my Halloween costume~ 

I was a supervillain that I created, named Night Owl. 

She can fly, and disappear into shadows, and she has a giant plush hammer, called the Snooze-Button, that makes people go to sleep so she can steal from or kill them while they sleep. I’m considering starting a small series of badly-drawn comics of her.

It was fun to play D&D in this outfit~ 


I have decided to cosplay the Psiioniic.

My dear friend Maple (who doesn’t actually read Homestuck anymore, but knows more about any of the ancestors than anyone I know) decided that he’d help me get ready to be in character.

This involves discussing things in character and me attempting to keep a straight face on skype calls. I’ve got Psiioniic in my head at this point, but vocalizing and personifying him is still difficult.

I’m not doing fantastic yet, but I’m getting better. Looking at Maple in a plastic hockey mask makes things exponentially more difficult.

The fact that he drew a face on it doesn’t help..