shoosh blue

Edit: Hey guys, just letting you know, this post is still open until I say otherwise! Don’t worry about being late or anything, I have plans to keep it open for quite some time. So don’t you worry about it~ It’s all gooood.


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Heeey all! I’m bored! So I thought “let’s dick around for a while” and I came up with this idea! 

I’d like you guys, if you want, to reblog this if you’d like me to draw your character inside a glitter lamp! Like Sneeze up there.

I call it “Glitter My Lamp.”


-They must be the muse of your Pokemon ask/daily blog.

-Tell me what color you’d like the water to be. (It can be one color like here, or two.)

-Any articles of clothing or accessories your muse has on them will be floating around in the lamp with them. Please inform me if your muse needs to keep their clothes on if they’d be pretty naked otherwise. “^^

-Sneeze will be hanging out outside the lamp watching your muse as opposed to here where they’re the ones inside the lamp.

I look forward to it!

anonymous asked:

every one shoosh blue go hang out with fell take a break!! or clean the kitchen if that makes you feel better go un stress!

“I’m going to go clean the entire house and maybe also run a few miles and then probably pass out!!”