shoops by me

“We met when I was 17 and he was 25, but it was very brief. I was on patrol and he came out of nowhere, shouting I had a nice butt and started singing Shoop to me.”

“It’s how he knew we were meant to be.”

*starts laughing* “Yeah. We had a lot more of brief encounters and actual conversations. And somehow within a span of two years, I asked him to be my boyfriend. He had changed a lot from the first encounter. He also had changed a lot more from the stories I had heard about him.”

“You changed me for the better, Pete. And we’ve been together for almost six years.  It has been the best almost six years of my life plus the extra two from becoming friends.” 

to all my non-binary peeps

You rock. I am glad for every single one of you in my life. I am so unspeakably proud of you for everything you’ve done to discover your most authentic self. Your gender identity and gender expression are totally valid whether the people around you understand or not. The pronouns that feel right to you are the only ones that matter. The name you choose for yourself is the only one anybody should care about. You don’t have to fit into anyone’s boxes and you shouldn’t try. You deserve all the love and respect in the world just the way you are. 

Whether you get to present the way you want to or not, whether you feel comfortable coming out or not, your identity is real. Whatever look you’re going for today, I bet you’re killing it. To me you’re always at your most beautiful when you’re feeling like yourself – your happiness shines through and makes you radiant. Strut your stuff and show off your style! Your presence makes the world that much brighter.

Please keep listening to yourself, learning about yourself, and most of all loving yourself as much as you can. I LOVE YOU ALL and I will always respect and acknowledge your identity however you choose to express it.

Poem: A Gay Forest Romance

Dongle bunny!

Isn’t that funny

to read. Like, Honey,

why ignore me?

I’m hilar!

Flapper squad!

Do you know what

this dance is? Nod,

then look toward me.

to see if I have flare!

Squash Monkey!

Play this game, silly!

You’ll have fun; be

loose in your tree

house way up there!

Cog team!

Work your magic, mean,

enticing dream

into mine, Queen!

My dear, bear!

Shoop otter!

That’s me - what a

friend; the plotter

for this scene

of romance and care.


Yesterday was incredible. This cast is incredible. Sheldon Harnick was in the row across from mine and watching him watch the show is something that I’ll never forget. Laura Benanti’s parents were across from us too and the look of pride they wore every time she came on stage was adorable. Zachary Levi and Laura Benanti cried during the finale. Everyone cried during the closing. Dear friend, you had an incredible run. What an honor is was to see it twice.