shoop da whoops

i’ve been on the internet for a good decade of my life. i’ve seen some shit in that decade. i’ve been around for newgrounds and those /b/ raids and enjoyed fun memes such as ‘shoop da whoop’ and ‘do a barrel roll’ and i was even around for the birth of numa numa and all your base are belong to us. it’d be presumptuous to call myself an internet veteran but i’ve been on the internet for over half of my life okay i’ve seen nearly awful shock website and unfunny meme the internet has to offer so i don’t even question why things happen and go viral anymore.

except this.

this. this thing. this fucking thing. for over ten years. for over a goddamn decade, this thing still mystifies me. i’ve seen it on gaia. i’ve seen it on neopets. i’ve seen it on myspace. i’ve seen it on every single goddamn fucking yaoi wolf roleplaying website i’ve ever joined in the past ten years and i still have no idea what it even is. to this day i still see it hidden in the deepest corner of my abandoned gaia account from when i was 12. i don’t know what it’s even named but i’ve seen more edits of it than i’ve seen of longcat. and that thing is