& we all fell down when the sun came up….. i think we’ve had enough

TF2  Medic Moments

The Good:

- Having the Quick-Fix uber running and and hopping around watching my team’s health meters just go ‘shoooop’.

- Firing with the crossbow and finishing off an disguised spy trying to call for Medic, or crit-shotting one that’s falling back after backstabbing my teammate.

- Spamming the crossbow towards a fight in the distance and getting a revenge kill.

- Spamming with the crossbow and unexpectedly healing a grievously injured teammate in the far distance that runs in front of my bolt. Everyone is impressed. Don’t tell them it was an accident.

- Just the crossbow in general. DOINK.

- Jumping desperately around on a leveled staircase trying to save myself and somehow managing to take down BOTH of the Demoknights chasing me. Spend the rest of the match with my hands shaking from the adrenaline.

- Ubersaw backstabbing a Spy right before he murders your pocket teammate and filling the charge meter, then using  it to destroy his team.

- Ubering a Pyro at the perfect moment and fucking burninating EVERYONE.

- When people thank you for healing them, or offer you a high five after the match.

- When you juggle the uber just right.

The Bad:

- Getting uber and trying to lead the charge, and  you look back and realize your teammates apparently haven’t gotten the memo and are sitting behind cover staring at you.

- Getting chased in circles by a Scout or Pyro, slamming the voice command for help while my teammates are standing ten feet away with their backs turned to me. Then get yelled at for dying.

- When the player you’re healing doesn’t understand that just having the medi gun’s beam on them does not grant automatic invincibility.

- Getting vote-kicked by a team for not playing well enough. 

Admittedly the time that this happened to me was when I was still learning how to play the class. But seriously, bad Scouts or Pyros or Spies don’t get vote kicked, but god help you if you try to play Medic to help the team. And I know the reason why I got kicked because the person who called the vote decided to announce it on voice-chat. :(

- God damn Snipers.