Mobb Deep - Shook Ones Part II



Mobb Deep- Shook Ones Part II

The greatest East Coast Hip Hop track of all time in my opinion. It has everything you want in a classic hip hop song, it has everything. Moreso than ‘C.R.E.A.M.’ by Wu-Tang Clan in my opinion. The beat and bassline work perfectly together, working really well with the hook of 'There aint no such thing as halfway crooks, scared to death, scared to look, they shook’. It speaks about the theme of 'Survival of the Fittest’ once again like with the last song I posted by these guys. Except it deals with something I touched upon in the song I posted yesterday, of the only way of getting around easy in this world being without emotion. Especially in the area they’re in.

I do love this song, because it’s real, the way they narrate is straight-to-the-point, something typical of hip hop. However it isn’t straight to the point and lying, these guys are telling the truth. They speak about people dying around, them, and honestly say it doesn’t matter to them, because it happens all the time, and that they’re only worrying about keeping their own life. Really sad to be honest. They’re speaking about how the only way he is surviving is because his 'warm heart turns cold’. I love songs like this, because I don’t know of what is happening within the gang warfare in places like 'Queensbridge’ and it’s sad to know what people are having to deal with while I’m comfortable at home.

They’re saying that 'cowardly hearts end up straight-up shook ones’, shook hearts I think being dead. All this sounds very unfair, and I think that’s really why it should be spoken about, and expressed in songs like this. He isn’t exactly telling us how unfair it is, because if he did, he would probably be dead. It’s really interesting because it shows that living fairly in this world never works, no matter how much we try to make everything fair. This is shown pretty well in 'Sometimes I wonder whether I deserve to live, or am I going to burn in hell for all the things I did’. It’s interesting to see what life is like for people that could die any moment, it shows how very selfish humans are when it comes down to it.

Stuff like 'don’t be caught sleeping, cause I’m creeping’ really shows the injustice when humans are stripped down. The beauty in the song is really from the haunting atmosphere all the rapping is within. And the hypnotism behind that rapping too, the way they don’t rap on the beat requires a lot of hip hop talent. The tone and lyrics of this song scare me, and disgust me more than any song built to scare me, any hardcore songs about rape, brutality, necrophilia, whatever, doesn’t disgust me as much as this one. Because this one is a lot more real, it shows humans stripped to the bone, and it sounds very sad, but interesting.

Album: The Infamous

Genre: East Coast Hip Hop

Favourite Part: The melancholy shown in that guitar line in the undertones of the song

Favourite Lyric: “and when the things get for real my warm heart turns cold, another nigga deceased, another story gets told, it ain’t nothing really”