shook his head

He panicked.

Dex said it first, and Nursey panicked.

He never thought Dex would be the one to confess his feelings first.

Which might be why, when Dex says “I love you Derek”, Nursey responds:


Dex’s jaw dropped, and he blinked at Nursey. Once. Twice. Thrice. Before he closed his mouth, and shook his head at Nursey.

“What?” Dex finally managed. They’re quiet for a moment before Nursey realizes Dex is expecting an answer.

“Um…I meant to say I love you too.” Nursey explained sheepishly.


“100% babe. I really love you.”. Nursey said and Dex smiled.

“But instead of telling me that, you said ”#relatable"?“ Dex said with a laugh.

"Uhm…”. Nursey tried, but it was useless. He couldn’t explain why he’d said that.

Dex smiled, and Nursey realized he was going to be chirped for this forever.

And he didn’t even mind.

Cute Librarian - Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: What about Jay coming home to his SO rearranging their bookcase(s)? Like IDK if they got bored, tired of the mess, or are in need of something cathartic, but Jay just comes home to them surrounded with stacks of books and he starts helping. Good old fashioned domestic bookworm fluff

Jason was welcomed home to a loud crash sounding out in the other room. Immediately he was on edge, ready to defend himself.

“Fuck! Seriously?” You groaned out from the same direction that the loud noise came from. Jason’s guard lowered and shook his head in amusement at you. He wasn’t even close to prepared to the sight he would see when he turned the corner.

You were sitting amongst stacks upon stacks of books cross legged as collected the books that had just fallen out of their stack. You were in your most comfortable sweats and one of Jason’s oversized hoodies with your hair carelessly thrown into a messy bun. It was the most beautiful sight that Jason had ever seen.

“What are you doing?” He asked with a chuckle.

“I’m trying to sort our books. I was trying to find Pride and Prejudice the other and I couldn’t find it so I figured I’d make some sort of sense out of our collections so that I don’t have to search too hard ever again.” You replied cheerily as you sorted the books into whatever system you had come up with.

Our collection?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah our collection. I figured I’d marry our collections! I’m over here enough that it just makes sense. Don’t you want to have a collection large enough to rival that of Bruce Wayne?” You asked temptingly. Something ached deep in Jason’s thought at the thought of you being committed enough to want to leave all of your books at his place. He liked the idea of the two of you settling down like this more than he’d care to admit.

“You hate it don’t you?” You asked after Jason didn’t respond. Your voice sounded hurt and rejected.

“No, no! It’s not that! I love that you’re moving your collection here it’s just … shouldn’t we be living together before you go and mess with how I organize my books?” He asked.

“I was kind of hoping this would be a big enough hint that I wanted to take that next step with you.” You admitted, toying at the indented script at the spine of his copy of Crime and Punishment. Jason found himself a place to sit amongst all the books and took your hand in his, gently squeezing to get your attention.

“Yeah, let’s do it.” He said.

“Really?” You asked. Jason nodded in response. You let out an excited squeal and threw yourself at him. Jason was knocked backwards at the force of your embrace and he fell on a pile of books, causing them to slide everywhere. He was pretty sure it was your worn copy of The Canterbury Tales that was stabbing him in the back right now. Any thoughts of discomfort fell away when you started peppering his face with kisses.

“Hey babe?” He asked when he attempted to shift his body to a more comfortable position only to have three more books painfully press themselves against his back.

“Yeah?” You asked, completely unaware.

“I love you but I’m pretty sure Moby Dick is halfway up my ass right now.” Jason said, wincing slightly.

“Oh!” You cried, immediately getting off of him. “Sorry.” You apologized sheepishly. Jason sat up and pushed a strand of hair that had fallen out of your bun behind your ear.

“It’s alright, really. So how are we sorting these?” Jason asked looking around at the seemingly mismatched piles of books.

“I’ve been sorting them by genre and then alphabetizing them by author.” You explained.

“What was wrong with the system I was using?” Jason asked. You snorted in response and continued on with the section that you were sorting before Jason got home.

“Jay. You had no system. You had the Kamasutra next to Lord of the Flies and fucking Metamorphosis next to the Anna Karenina. I’m pretty sure that defies so many laws of nature.” You criticized.

“Everything had it’s place and I knew it’s place. It worked out.” He defended with a casual shrug.

“Can we try it my way for now?” You asked.

“Of course.”


“I meant it, ye know,” he said softly. “I will protect you. From him, or anyone else. To the last drop of my blood, mo duinne.”

“Mo duinne?” I asked, a little disturbed by the intensity of this speech. I didn’t want to be responsible for any of his blood being spilt, last drop or first.

“It means ‘my brown one.’ ” He raised a lock of hair to his lips and smiled, with a look in his eyes that started all the drops of my own blood chasing each other through my veins. “Mo duinne,” he repeated, softly. “I have been longing to say that to you.”

“Rather a dull color, brown, I’ve always thought,” I said practically, trying to delay things a bit. I kept having the feeling of being whirled along much faster than I intended.

Jamie shook his head, still smiling.

“No, I’d not say that, Sassenach. Not dull at all.” He lifted the mass of my hair with both hands and fanned it out. “It’s like the water in a burn, where it ruffles over the stones. Dark in the wavy spots, with bits of silver on the surface where the sun catches it.”

~ outlander ~

Hello, I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything new recently, fic-wise. Just in a little bit of a rough patch at the moment. No worries. 

Anyway, I have been working on some things, for real. And, I got a question about the lawyer dinner from @gallifreyan-gryffindor and I thought, why not just post a piece. So, here’s a tiny little piece. It’s rough, but, you know. Enjoy. 

Foggy sighed and shook his head. “Life is depressing.”

Karen looked up from the wine menu and gave him an uncertain smile. “Just … because?”

“Because it’s not fair.”


“What’s not fair?” Matt asked.

“Ms. Lewis is here, and I think she brought her ‘friend’. And he is both kind of really scary looking and handsome enough that were I a gay man, I would do him.” Foggy sighed again, even more mournfully than before. “Except he’d be way out of my league.”

Matt laughed and gave Foggy’s shoulder a light bump. “You’re a league of your own, Fog.”

Karen snorted and turned her head to watch the approaching pair. “Oh. Yeah, okay, Foggy was right. Except for the thing about his league. I agree with Matt, any man or woman would be lucky to have you.”

“Sure, right, I knew that already. You know how? My social calendar has a waiting list. Three months, if you can believe it. Which is why I spend four nights a week in Josie’s.” He stood and waved to Darcy and her friend. “Ms. Lewis, over here.”

“Foggy,” she greeted cheerfully. “I thought we were at first names?”

“Well, business dinner, I thought I’d try for professional.”

“Tried and achieved.”

“So … I can drop it?” He smiled and waved a hand at his friends. “Darcy Lewis, this is my partner, Matt Murdock. Legal partner, not life partner, though sometimes I wonder why we keep fighting it.”

Matt stood and held his hand out in a vague Darcy-ward direction. “Ms. Lewis.” He felt her take his hand. It was a small hand, but she had long fingers and a strong, firm grip, and some interesting calluses on her palm and index finger. Weapons. Pistols. As well as a few small patches that might have been scars — slick, smooth skin, minor burns from work, most likely, not trauma. Soldering, maybe, or welding. Interesting.

“Mr. Murdock, nice to meet you. I heard a lot about you from Foggy.”

“Only bad things, I hope. Please, call me Matt.”

“The worst, I have to say.”

“It’s why we don’t co-habitate.” Foggy claimed her attention again and held out his hand to Karen. “And this is Karen Page our legal researcher.”

“It’s wonderful to meet you. I paid the electric bill last week, on time. So, thank you for your business.”

Darcy laughed. “Glad to hear it. I have a feeling we’ll be demanding pains in the ass. You’ve earned it in advance.” She shifted and it was her turn with the introductions. “This is my friend James, the future bar owner. Or, is it a tavern today? A pub? Have we decided?”

“Bar,” he said quietly. Then he nodded at the trio. “It’s nice to meet you all. Mr. Nelson, thanks for helping Darce with the painting. And, thanks for the … uh, fern?”

“Glad to help,” Foggy chirped. “So, let’s sit and talk over a fine meal as friends who have legal and financial obligations to each other do.”


A/N: It’s CB Friday! This chapter has quite the roller coaster of emotions and doesn’t really have much of pervy Ben, sorry! This is leading to something pretty big to come in two chapters! Thanks for always reading and enjoy! Your feedback is welcomed :) [Y/N/N means your nickname]

Warning: Angst?

Word Count: 4.6K

“And you didn’t call the police?!” Leia exclaimed, hands on either of your upper arms as she rubbed them. “Ben, you should’ve done something about it, the person for all we know is out there waiting for their next victim!”

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“Yeah... Sure” Drabble

Relationships: Pre-Serum!Steve x Reader; Bucky x Sister!Reader (Platonic)
Prompt: Imagine being Bucky’s Sister and dating Steve (from @alloftheimaginesblog)
Characters: Pre-Serum Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Reader.
Word Counting: 339
Warnings: None, actually.
Imagine link

“You’re taking her back by ten.” Bucky pointed at Steve by your side.

“Midnight.” You corrected him.

Your older brother stared at you for a moment, his eyes almost making holes in your face.

“Eleven.” He said back.

“Eleven and a half.” You continued, not even a bit intimidated.  

Bucky shook his head as Steve just watched you two, blushing at the exchange of looks you two had.

Bucky was always over protective about you, and it didn’t change when you decided dating his childhood best friend. Of course he trusted Steve, but you were his little sister, for God sake. He needed to protect you.

You two were like twins. You looked like twins and everyone always guessed you were the same age when both reached the teens, but you were actually two years younger than Bucky. You had the same eyes and smile and, of course, stubbornness.

“Eleven and fifteen.” He decided.

You were ready to argue, but Steve interrupted you softly.

“Eleven and fifteen.”  The blonde haired man agreed and you looked at him, making him blush a bit.

Steve wasn’t so shy with you anymore. You were together for a couple of months now, and he wasn’t blushing so much every time you looked at him, held his hand or kissed his lips.

“Bye bye, brother.” You smirked, pulling Steve to leave the house, but your brother stopped you two before you could go.

“Remember, punk.” He looked at his best friend. “You hurt her, you lose your head.”

Steve gulped loudly, and you rolled your eyes, dragging him out with you.

You were already outside when you turned to your flushed date.

“You know he’s just kidding, right?”

Steve nodded, but his mind quickly ran to the memory of the boy who had taken a kiss from you without your consent when you were a teen, and how Bucky had almost destroyed his face.

“Yeah.” He took a deep breath. “Sure.“

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3.15 coda

Connor wordlessly took Oliver’s hand as they pulled away from their hug.

“Do you have everything you brought?” Connor whispered once Annalise and Bonnie began to talk. Oliver shook his head before pressing a kiss to Connor’s cheek.

“Let me just get my laptop. I’ve been looking into every department’s database to try to track you down, but apparently no one does anything legal anymore with paperwork. Which, we need to talk about because corruption is going to be the cause of the decline of Philadelphia. Can we trust anyone?” Oliver took a deep breath, ready to continue with his rant.

“Hey, get your laptop so we can go home.” Connor interrupted him, pushing him in the direction of Bonnie’s kitchen.

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For the drabble: "why why did you come so far for me" with kakashi plz!

Lol this is dorky- I’m sorry.

Originally posted by pandoramajora

“Why…? Why did you come so far for me?” you questioned the man who stood at your front door, confusion and shock riddled throughout your voice.

Looking at you as if he didn’t have the patience to deal with your questions, Kakashi just shook his head as he stepped inside your house, “Because you messaged me saying you hadn’t eaten in two days, Y/N.” he answered as he handed you a bag of food and began to take off his coat. “You can’t just stay trapped in your house, because it got cold again…”

You shrugged, still in shock of him walking in the bitter cold for as long as he did. “Yes, I can. It’s 4 degrees outside, Kakashi! I’m not leaving my house when it’s this cold out, no matter how much I need to go and buy food. I’d rather starve than freeze.” you rebutted.

“Y/N; you can’t just not take care of yourself, because it’s cold-”

“This cold is inhuman; I grew up in the desert; I’m not designed to survive the tundra.”



He just let out a little sigh, “Just eat your rice.”

Fred Weasley Imagine Faking It Part 2

Requested by @is-that-a-kitten Anon: I NEED PART TWO OF FAKING IT

Part 1

You stabbed the food in front of you, pushing it around the plate, but not eating it. George looked at you with a raised eyebrow, but Fred hadn’t noticed that anything was wrong. 

“(Y/N)?” You looked up swiftly and saw Fred staring at you expectantly. You opened your mouth, but realised that you’d missed what he said. 

“Sorry Fred, I guess I was just daydreaming.” You mumbled and Fred chuckled. 

“Dreaming about some boy, right (Y/N)?” He joked and you turned bright red.

“Something like that.” You mumbled in reply and George shook his head subtly. You looked over at him and he gave you a look, indicating that the two of you would talk when Fred was gone. 

“Well, I’ve got a date later and i was wondering if you think I should wear this?” Fred gestured to his shirt and every word seemed like a stab to your heart. You averted your gaze and nodded. 

“Yeah you look great Fred.” You missed his concerned frown and when you looked up he was beaming happily. He stood up, brushing down his clothes and waved at the two of you. 

“Well, I need to get ready. See you later.” He shouted cheerily and walked away. George moved closer to you and rolled his eyes. 

“Could you be any more love sick?” He asked and you glared at him, hitting him playfully and he feigned hurt, but laughed quietly. 

“This isn’t funny Fred.” You grumbled, shaking your head at his teasing antics. 

“Come on, it’s just so cliche. Best friends falling in love-”

“He doesn’t love me!” You exclaimed and George stopped talking, staring at you in shock. You shut your mouth after your outburst and looked down, blinking away tears. 

“He doesn’t love me. He’s going on a date for Christ’s sake. I’m wasting my time pining for him, like some puppy, whilst he’s off flirting with anyone who’s interested. But I can’t seem to move on from him and it’s killing me to see him everyday. I never should’ve agreed to the stupid pretend dating thing in the first place.” You poured your feelings out to George, who sat and listened. He placed a hand on your shoulder.

“I know this seems stupid, but maybe telling him will fix things?” George suggested and you shook your head. 

“I…I can’t. It’s pretty clear he’s not bothered and if I told him, I’d only embarrass myself and ruin our friendship. That’s not happening.” You shot down his idea and George sighed. 

“I don’t know what to suggest, except going out with someone new and seeing if it makes a difference.” George said and you bit your lip, not wanting to lead anyone on, when your feelings for Fred were so strong. 

“I don’t want to hurt anyone.”

“You won’t. Let me set it up and then if it doesn’t work out, it’s on me. Just try for me? I hate seeing you so miserable.” You nodded, accepting the idea and George got up to find your date.

You opened the wardrobe, eyeing the clothes and sighing in disappointment. George had found you a date and you were surprisingly nervous. He hadn’t told you who it was and you were wondering who it was.

“What’s going on?” You looked behind you and smiled at Fred, as he leaned against the doorway. 

“Trying to find a suitable outfit.” You replied, turning back to the clothes. Fred walked over to you and tilted his head.

“What’s the occasion?” He asked and you smiled.

“I’ve got a date, actually.” Fred blinked a few times, processing your words and smile, but it didn’t reach his eyes. 

“Really? With who?” He asked, through gritted teeth, but you could tell that he was trying to be polite. 

“Um, I don’t know. George set it up.” Fred’s eyes widened and he almost growled. You pulled out an outfit and held it towards him. 

“What do you think?” You asked and Fred looked over the outfit, before nodding approvingly. Grinning, you ushered him out of the room and started getting changed, ignoring the pounding in your heart.

You slid into the seat next to George the next morning and Fred glared at his food. George nudged you playfully and you smirked coyly. You started getting food and George leaned towards you.

“Play along.” He muttered and you narrowed your eyes quizzically, as George leaned away. 

“How was it?’ George asked loudly and Fred looked up, waiting for your answer. 

“Really nice, actually. We had a good time.” You admitted, although you didn’t think you’d had a spark. Fred pulled his lips into a thin line and George grinned wickedly.

“Are you going to go out again?” He questioned and you wondered if you should tell him your honest answer of no, but decided against it. 

“Maybe.” You shrugged and Fred stood up, glaring at George. You stared at him in bewilderment, as he grabbed your hand and pulled you out of the room. He led you to a corridor and you crossed your arms.

“What the hell was that?” You asked, angry that he had dragged you out with no explanation. Fred shook his head and looked away.

“Nothing. But you shouldn’t go on a date again.” You narrowed your eyes and scoffed. 

“What, ever? Fred you’re ridiculous. You tell me I can’t date anyone else, but you don’t want me, so what am I supposed to do? Stay alone forever? It’s things like this that make me question why I fell in love with you.” Your anger poured out of you and you found yourself close to him when you finished speaking. 

“What?” The anger was gone and Fred seemed almost elated. 

“Sorry did I stutter? I said-oh.” You stopped, remembering your last words and your face turned red. Fred grabbed your arm desperately and you couldn’t look away from hm.

“You love me? Do you mean that?” He asked softly, his voice barely audible. Your words were stuck in your throat, so you only nodded and Fred kissed you, as if he’d been waiting for years.

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I like you, that's why! Part 1

Y/N couldn’t help but gaze up at her boss throughout the day. She found him to be very attractive. He had nice broad shoulders and…well a nice ass. 

“Take a picture, it will last longer” Rossi suprised y/n from her daydreaming. “Wh-what?” Y/n mumbled. 

Rossi let out a laugh and shook his head as he walked away. Y/n began to blush as she returned to her paperwork. —– Y/n knocked on Rossi’s office door. He called a “come in” and she entered hesitantly. 

“How did you know I liked him?” She questioned. 

Rossi gave a low chuckle “apart from the constant staring of his ass?”

 “Oh my god” y/n plonked down on the chair in front of him. “Am I really that obvious?” 

“Ummmm yeah” he answered. “Why don’t you just ask him out?” He asked as he leant forward more. 

“I-I can’t. He is much older than me. I mean I am 25.” Y/n shook her head and sighed. “What do you think of people dating with a large age difference?” Y/n asked sincerly. 

Rossi thought for a minute before speaking. “ I think it come with some difficulties, but…I think that if you both like eachother, you can work around them.” 

Y/n gave a gentle smile. The sound of the door opening interupted them both. “Hey the team is going out fir s few drinks. You in?” Emily smiled widely at them. 

“I am in. What do you say y/n. You coming?” Rossi smiled as he stood. 



 “I thought the whole team was coming out tonight. Where is Hotch?” Y/n spoke over the loud music in the club.

 “Oh Hotch said he had other plans and couldn’t come out.” JJ responed to her and gave a frown at y/n’s obvious dissapointnent. 

“Oh okay. Do you think we can go to a pub instead? It is so loud in here.” Y/n rubbed her temple and sighed. 

“Yeah sure! Hey guys! We are going down the road.” JJ yelled as some dub step song came on. 

The others nodded and made their way out into the cold night air. 

Rossi smiled and wrapped around y/n’s shoulder. “I am sure there will be another oportunity to dance with him.” He winked. 

“Oh hey Hotch!” Reid and Morgan’s voice yelled. Both y/n and rossi looked up in suprise.

 Hotch stood with a pretty blonde woman next to her. Her arm was link with his and it made y/n’s heart sink. 

“Hey Reid.” Hotch smiled at him and then the team. “Having a fun night?” He asked as he laughed at the giddy drunk Reid and Morgan. 

Hotch looked towards y/n but furrowed his brow as she avoided eye contact. “You on a date hotch?” Penelope smiled and winked at him. 

He gave a small smile and nodded. 

“Yes. This is Marie.” 

The team said their hellos to her and shook her hand. Rossi stood back with y/n. Arm still around her shoulder and as she became tense. Y/n was upset. She held onto Rossi’s shirt sleeve. 

 “Well we are going to the pub now. Y/n was getting a headache.” JJ spoke. Concern seemed to fill Hotch’s face. “Are you okay Y/n?” 

Y/n bit her lip and nodded. “I’m fine.” 

Hotch nodded. 

“Come on. You said we would walk in the park.” Marie urged Hotch to finish up with the greetings. 

“Oh yeah..umm sure.” Hotch didn’t seem like we wanted to go but that went un noticed by y/n. 

The team waved goodbye and continued to walk down the street. 

“I think I am going to go home. I don’t feel very well.” Y/n announced to the team. 

“Awwww okay. Feel better soon okay.” JJ, Emily and Penelope gave her a hug each. 

“I’ll take you home.” Rossi smiled and waved down a taxi. 

“No it’s okay. I am fine.” 

Rossi rose an eyebrow. “You sure?” 

Y/n smiled sadly and nodded. “I just want to be alone for a little while.” 

Rossi returned the sad smile and kissed her cheek. “I hope you feel better soon.” 

Y/n gave a small nod. “Thanks Rossi”

Originally posted by aarongregthomas


A fic about: Bondy being a brat. Van being easy to fuck with.

It was the first time all the boys had been over since you and Van bought the house. You sat around the dining table and ate and drank and fell more in love with life. They’d just come back from the planning meeting for the next tour, and the excitement was bubbling in them all. When the plates were cleaned of food, you all sat around in the lounge room.

You were sitting on Van’s lap with your legs over Larry. Bondy came and sat down on the ottoman in front of you. He was looking at Van with that smile that only existed as a preface to menace and mischief.

“Well look at you, you lucky motherfucker,” he said. Van smiled. Bondy shook his head.

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Fight for Life (Still Alive)

Trigger Warning: Talks about suicide.

Ozpin had his back turned to the elevator when Qrow walked in. He didn’t turn around when Qrow walked over. Qrow could see the reflection of the shattered moon in his eyes.

“Are you thinking about her? About Summer?”

Ozpin’s eyes closed. “Yes. I’m the one who sent her on this mission after all. I can’t help but feel…..responsible.”

Qrow shook his head. “That’s bull and you know it. I’m the one who went on the mission with her.”

“Your semblance had nothing to do with this. Salem knows that silver eyed warriors pose a threat to her.”

Qrow tensed up beside him. He didn’t want to tell Ozpin yet but Ruby had inherited her mother’s eyes.

“Where should I go if I want information about that man?” Qrow asked.

Ozpin finally looked at Qrow. He actually looked angry. “You are not looking anywhere.”

Qrow gritted his teeth. “You can’t stop me. You can either help me or I can go looking alone.”

“And what will you do if you find him? Attempt to kill him? Hazel is not a man to take lightly Qrow. Even if you did kill him it will not bring Summer back. Qrow getting yourself killed is not the answer.”

“I don’t care if I die fighting!”

Ozpin stood up quickly. Qrow flinched thinking that Ozpin might hit him like Raven would do when he pissed her off. Instead Ozpin began hugging him.

“I do.” Ozpin’s voice was so soft Qrow could barely hear him. “Please don’t do this Qrow.”

Qrow felt tears starting to fall down his face. “I’m not suicidal Oz.”

Ozpin sighed. “You don’t want to kill yourself but you also don’t want to live. You hope that by throwing yourself into hunting for Summer’s killer that you’ll find some meaning to life again.”

“How did you-”

“Because I’ve been in your place before. It is a terrible road to go on and a hard one to pull yourself off of. There are so many reasons worth living for. Your nieces, Tai, your students, and perhaps reasons I don’t know about.”

Qrow finally put his arms around Ozpin. The two men embraced each other for a long time. “Thank you Oz.”

“I told you the first time you walked into this office not to carry your grief alone. Even though you are no longer a student of Beacon you may always come here to talk.”

(Hello! I hope you guys are prepared to jump aboard the feels train for these next few stories! The nightmares one actually made me cry while writing it. This one is a bit short but it’s probably my favorite so far. Also Hazel killing Summer is a theory of mine.)

Floating (pt8)

Word Count: 1930
Author’s Note: Dun dun duuunnnnnnnnn?
Tags: @medicatemedrmccoy@from-kitten-to-kitsune @suzen23smith @outside-the-government @sistasarah-sallysaidso @nymphadora-blurryface @bluebird214

I groaned. In ecstasy. It was the best pizza I’d ever tasted. I’m reasonably sure it wasn’t just the replicated food from the last two months making my mouth say that either. I took another bite, and with it, another groan. “Oh my god, Bones.”

“Whoa, hey there. I’m not sure how I feel about you calling me Bones too,” Leonard protested.

“You keep feeding me pizza like this, and I will call you whatever you ask me to.” My beer was equally delicious. What fine epicurean tastes I had. Pizza and beer on shore leave. I was neither a classy nor expensive date. Leonard flushed a little at the comment and shook his head.

“The pizza cannot possibly be that good.” He finally took a slice and brought it to his mouth. His furrowed brow relaxed as soon as he bit into it. “Good god, woman.”

“I think you’ll find I’m rarely wrong when it comes to sinful indulgence.” I winked.

“I’ll take that under advisement,” he laughed. “But you weren’t wrong about the pizza.”

“Your beer choice was pretty good,” I grinned. My comm buzzed and I looked down at it. It was a message from my mom to call home right away. I frowned, and put my pizza down. “I’m sorry, Leo, I have a message from my mother. Do you mind if I take this call?”

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Nico shook his head. "They live in the shadows," he replied. "It's almost like another world. It's... hard to explain," he said. "Really?" Will asked. He hadn't realized that something like that existed. Nico nodded. "Hellhounds usually stay there. They like to play in the underworld a lot though. Lots of room to run around."

Nico shook his head, eyes still glued to the cat who was attacking Nico’s fingers. “I mean, not all are from there, but that’s not… Some people used to say that to me. Mostly Clarisse when she didn’t win against me in sparring, but.. They just used to assume I was from the underworld too.” He sighed bitterly. “Go back down to the underworld where monsters like you respawn, di Angelo. Do us a favour.”

Will frowned, watching Nico school his expression carefully to one of emotionless distaste. He wasn’t obviously upset, but Will still knew that the sneers had to hurt him. Will knew that from someone like Clarisse it didn’t mean much, but mean jabs still had an impeccable way of jabbing themselves into your heart and bothering you in the dead of the night. Especially jabs that played so heavily on Nico’s insecurities. Will was glad that he didn’t take them to heart and leave camp again. “I’m glad you didn’t listen to her.” Will spoke softly. Nico rolled his shoulders slightly so that he didn’t disturb the cat still perched on his shoulders. “Do hellhounds like people?” Will changed the conversation topic to a safer one.

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51 with Ten?? Please??? Thanks hsnsb ❤

“ I’ll love you forever ”

You clinged onto your boyfriend’s arm tightly , as your eyes wandered off to all the different shops around you , admiring every single one of them .

It was the first time you were visiting Thailand and everything was great so far .

Ten noticed how excited you were , as he giggled to himself , then shaking his head .

Oblivious to what he was doing , your eyes widened when you saw the chocolate shop located just in front of you . Jumping excitedly , you pulled Ten towards the shop , your mouth agape . Ten shook his head once more , as both your hands pressed against the thin glass of the shop , your eyes not leaving the chocolate once .

Immediately , you turned towards him and gave him the sweetest smile , “ Babe … ”

Ten hummed in response ,

“ Get me these and i’ll love you forever ” keeping your smile , batting your eyes at him .

He rolled his eyes and sighed , then shook his head .

“ Babe please ? ” you tried again , pouting your lips .

He sighed then gave in , “ fine ” hugging him tightly , you gave a small peck on his cheek , causing him to smile a little . But soon went back to keeping a straight face , not wanting to give in easily , “ you’re only this nice when you have food  , why do i love you ”

You watched as Ten conversed with the assistant in Thai , pointing to the bag of chocolate that you spent 5 minutes choosing .

Ten shook the bag in front of you , but before you could take it , he hid it behind his back , pointing to his lips , “ i think i deserve an award ”

Fragments of the Past - VI - Mother


      The young elf lifted his ears at the jovial sound of his name, turning his head– there stood his mother, offering him a crooked smile with her hands on her hips. “Spacing out again, dear? I’ve been calling for you.”

      He dusted off his knees, smiling lopsidedly back at her. “Sorry, mother,” he replied sheepishly before approaching to gaze up at her. Bastet Moondark was so beautiful, her face so kindly.

      “It’s alright, little cub,” she murmured as she briefly framed his face. “Have you seen your brother?” Malfoy shook his head, idly reaching up to tug at one of his ears, and she loosed a soft huff. “What am I going to do with that boy…?”

      “Can I have his dessert?” the youngest inquired hopefully with a silly grin– his mother stifled a soft laugh as she playfully bopped his head. “Don’t start.”

      Suddenly, a deep and harsh voice came from behind them. “Look at you, you’re a mess.”

      The boy’s ears wilted as he slowly peeked over his shoulder, his smile gone in seconds as he looked toward his father, and Bastet took a deep breath, speaking calmly. “Now now, Cerunnos– he’s a child. There’s no harm in him playing.”

      “He should be training,” came the stern reply as the man glared critically at Malfoy. His mother closed her eyes, keeping her composure while staying firm. “You know he can’t, husband, he’s–”

      “He’s weak.”

      Malfoy shrank slightly, gently gripping the skirts of Bastet’s robes as she opened her mouth to speak, only to think better of it when Hades returned from his hunt. The older child shot a sour look to Cerunnos– one that was mirrored– before he put on a small smile and looked at his brother. “Wanna help me prepare these rabbits?”

      An emphatic nod was given, but he hesitated in letting go of his mother, gazing up at her with a rueful expression. The feel of her hand in his snowy hair and the gentleness of her visage were things he would never forget.

                                                                        {{ m u s i c }}

      Gen jolted upright in bed, clapping a hand over his mouth as he strangled a sharp cry in his throat; the muted sound gave way to a shuddering exhale before he buried his face into his palms, trembling where he sat.

      Over time his memories were leaving a fragmented trail; it was a trail he didn’t want to follow, and yet he had no control of his mind’s path. He was haunted; her blood was on his hands, never to be washed away– he was burdened by his guilt and regret.

      He panted softly, dragging his hands down his face before checking to see if Myst had been roused by his upstart. Upon confirming she was still asleep, he silently slipped out of the bed and made his way outside. Faint echoes of Bastet’s screams and pleas rang in his ears, making the insides itch and burn– Gods, how he longed to forget again.

      The hunter leaned against the door, sliding down it as he sank to the ground and hugged his knees, resting his forehead against them and quaking with stifled sobs. Through his soft, mournful wails, he spoke;

      “...I’m so sorry... mother...”

Imagine - Nightmare

The room around me was burnt with dying flames dancing on the walls and the faint outline of ashes piling in certain spots on the destroyed wooden floor I was about to walk across on.
But I recognized that room as the one that I usually spent everyday on; it was my living room. Yet what made me stare at it in shock was the fact that none of my belongings were anywhere.
“Burnt again?”
My vision blurred but I blinked to see a wounded Jacob holding onto his bloody arm on the floor.
“What happened?” I asked him in a sudden alarmed voice.
He shook his head and gestured his head to his arm. “The bullet. It burns.”
He groaned and as much as I wanted to see how I could help him, I simply left him whimpering in fear and walked out the front door, attracted to an invisible force just beyond my now destroyed home.
A swarm of bloody and mutilated bodies were sprawled everywhere. Some dressed in red, some in green, and shouting from afar appeared to reach my ears faster and louder until all I could do was start running away and back inside only to find that Jacob was gone, my living room was on the roof and underneath me a certain death if I took one more step.
“Jacob! Jacob!” It was all I knew I could say as I felt the torment outside heave behind me but a fright to fall into the dark abyss below overwhelmed me too.
This was it.
I was going to die and nothing would stop it.
“Where are you?” I cried and tried to go back outside but stopped when the bloody image of people was gone and I found myself in an empty dark gray park with a bench in the distance.
But the bench wasn’t empty.
A strange cacophony started playing as I ran over and found my Jacob with his eyes closed and his chest bloody.
“No!” I weeped. “Jacob, wake up! Jacob! Jacob! Ja…”
“Hey, hey! Sweetheart, wake up.”
I heard a voice from a distance but my own shouting made it hard to focus on it but in a snap, it all went black and with accelerated breathing, I opened my eyes and had Jacob looking down at me with a worried expression on him.
“Jacob,” I grabbed his face and touched every bit of it, “you’re here. You’re alive.”
He smiled. “Of course I’m alive. Another bad dream?”
I nodded and sat up. “I hate these nightmares.”
He pulled me to his bare chest and hugged me. I rested my head on his shoulder and inhaled his unique scent, feeling relieved to have his warm body so close.
“I love you.” He suddenly said while stroking my hair.
“I love you more.” I replied and kissed his cheek.
He pulled me away and lied down, patting a hand on his bird tattoo.
I giggled and lied down while putting my head on top of it and throwing my arm across it.
“Are you feeling better now, love?” Jacob asked.
“Yes, I do.”
His hand pushed my body closer to his side. “Ready to sleep, doll?”
I giggled as he kissed my forehead slowly. “More than ready.”
“Then sweet dreams.” He replied.
I closed my eyes and soothed myself to sleep thinking of how blessed I was of having a man like Jacob in my life and how grateful I was to life for giving me someone so sweet like the man by my side. “Good night, Jacob.”




especially when you consider how sad he looks while skating the same program at Worlds, because although it might be an artistic choice I also think it’s meant to highlight the deep longing Viktor feels for someone to be close to 


this smile saved my life

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Nico shook his head. "They usually hiss at me. One tried to bite me, once. Other times, they run and hide." He couldn't help a small smile when he heard Small Bob purr. "I actually like animals, but... the feeling isn't mutual." Will thought about how that must feel, wanting to love something but always being something that they were scared of. Maybe that was how Nico had felt about Camp Half-Blood, Will thought.

“Not usually, but there’s been a couple. It’s dogs that really don’t like me,” Nico said. “It’s a shame though, because I’ve always wanted a dog.” Will perked up at that. “Really?” he asked. Nico nodded. “All I’ve managed to get along with are hellhounds,” he replied. He didn’t sound too saddened by it though, there was the ghost of a smile on his lips. Will smiled as he imagined Nico playing with a couple of giant hellhounds, treating them like puppies. Oddly enough, he could picture it easily.

“I’m not sure if hellhounds would get along with me too easily, but I’d really like to try some animal therapy with you. If it’s successful, Chiron might let me bring in some animals and help other patients.” Will knew he was getting way ahead of himself, (they still had to survive Tartarus first), but he had found something to be excited about, and he latched onto it. Nico eyed him skeptically out of the corner of his eye. “You’re jumping pretty far ahead there.” Will tried to rein in his excitement, calming the bounce in his step. “I know,” he replied easily, a smile still on his face, “but you’re the perfect candidate for that kind of thing. It’s not everyday that you learn that a guy can play with hellhounds. We wouldn’t even have to keep them at camp, they could just go down to the Underworld at the end of the day.” Nico winced at Will’s statement and Will frowned. “What? Is that not where hellhounds live? I thought that was the whole reason they were called hellhounds. Because they lived underground.”