shook his head

Empty Cupboards

“You sure you are not coming?” Steve asked for the 1000th time.

Bucky rolled his eyes and gave a look to his best friend. Steve released a tired sign. He did not want to leave Bucky alone. He simply continued to packing his bag. Soon he was ready to leave. Both friends walked back to common room together in silence.

“Will you be okay?” Steve asked again. Now Bucky was annoyed.

“Just get the hell out of here.” He hissed.

Before Steve could say anything they were interrupted by an excited voice.

“You ready?” Wanda asked. Her eyes were shining with childlike excitement. Both the super soldiers smiled at return.

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go.” She ran to helicarrier, pulling Steve with her. Bucky shook his head and followed them.

Most of the team members were present there. Some talking to others, while some were checking through their stuffs. Tony was taking them to some private island for vacation. Everyone agreed to the plan excitedly for many reasons.

i.                     There was no mission coinciding.

ii.                   It was Tony who was paying.

Now no one was stupid to miss this opportunity. No one except Y/N and Bucky. It was unfortunate that the vacation plan coincided with Y/N’s weekend camping with siblings and cousins. But she would be still having fun. Bucky had no such reason. He did not want to go because he did not feel like going. Everyone tried to convince him to change his mind. Y/N tried to lecture him for being a grumpy cat and missing out good opportunities to have fun.

“It’s not every day that Tony feels this generous. You are going to regret it.” She had told him.

“You are the one to talk. You are not going either.” Bucky argued back.

“I don’t have a choice. This camping trip was planned in advance. Hell I was the one who suggested it. I cannot back out now.”

“Well it sucks to be you. But I am not going.” With that he walked out of the room leaving a very frustrated Y/N behind.

“Bucky-“ a voice brought him back to present. He turned to the owner of the voice with deep frown.

“Steve get your ass off to the carrier. I am going to be fine. I am a high-class assassin. If there would be any trouble, I will let you know. Just for sake of God, get off my back.” Bucky said. He knew his friend was worried about him but he could not endure Steve being mother hen for another second. He was hoping that they would leave soon. He knew he was being stupid to miss the all-paid-vacation by Tony. But he was in mood for beach. He planned to catch up with his sleep and maybe watch the show FRIENDS which Y/N insisted that he should watch. Also he would not have to listen to the Sam’s obnoxious sound. That was a plus.

As soon as the rest of the team left, Bucky walked to the kitchen to make himself something. He checked the cupboards and found them empty. He checked some more cupboards. All of them were empty.

“Damn it!” he cursed under his breath. He will have to go for grocery shopping. He hated grocery shopping.

“What happened?”  He heard Y/N ask.

He turned around to face her. She was packed and ready to go. Instead of replying he showed her the empty cupboards.

“Sam, Scott and Peter raided the last contents yesterday night.” She told him. Bucky walked out of the kitchen.

“I better go and get some grocery then.”

“Why don’t you come with me instead?” Y/N asked.


“Come with me. For camping. My folks are not that annoying and I am sure you will like them. It would be relaxing. Others would come back on Monday and so would we. Instead after camping we come back to city and rent a room in some hotel and watch FRIENDS. Or any other show or movie which you want. This way when others return, these cupboards would still be empty and Steve will not be happy. Sam will definitely get an earful.” Y/N explained her plan.

Bucky thought for a while and nodded. He didn’t mind camping. And it would be nice to give Sam a taste of his own medicine.

“I’ll meet you here in fifteen.”


The rest of the team had returned by Monday afternoon. The vacation did not go as planned. Hulk had made an appearance. It took a while to calm things down after that. Tony and Clint had to do the cleaning of the mess created by them.

Everyone was so tired that they had decided to turn in for the rest of the day after having some quick lunch. Sam had told them how he had emptied all cupboards just to annoy Bucky.

“He must have had a fun time re-stocking them.” He said.

Everyone rushed to the kitchen, some aiming to cook while rest helping whenever need just to get food on the table as quickly as possible. Wanda opened the fridge. It was empty. Bruce had opened one of the cupboards. They were empty too.

“It’s empty.” They both said together.

“What?” Natasha asked.

Bruce was going through the rest of the cupboards. They were all empty.

“There is nothing here. Everything is empty.”

“That’s not possible. Our Winter Charming must need food to survive. Hey Friday, Where’s Barnes?” Tony said. He too went to take look at the empty cupboard, hoping it might be some prank that Barnes must have pulled to piss them. Sadly he was wrong.

“There is a voicemail for you, Mr. Stark” was Friday’s reply.

Everyone had a confused look on their face. They were hungry and tired and they definitely need some answers.

“That’s not the answer to my question. Play the voicemail anyway.” Tony said.

“Hey everyone.” It was Bucky. And he sounded different. There were loud noises around him.

“If you have hearing this message then it would mean I am not there. Y/N invited me to the camp trip and here I am. Actually it’s fun here- Hey Y/N careful. You will trip over- Never mind.”

There was a ‘thud’ sound behind him.

“Where was I? Oh yeah. Guys Sam, Scott and Peter have emptied all the groceries. So you might want to re-stock them. BTW Sam, nice try. Better luck next time. If there is any. Cheers.”

There was pin drop silence. Natasha gave Sam a look and said in a dangerously low voice.


And he did not need to be told twice.

Bitten and Broken

Lance’s breaths came out raggedly with hiccups, “No, no, Shiro, I can’t!”  Shiro met Lance’s eyes and shook his head with tears welled up in his eyes.

“I’m sorry, Lance, but I have to.  Please understand that if I don’t do this, it’ll spread and turn you into one of them!”  Shiro gripped Lance’s left shoulder with his human hand and with his prosthetic hand, he cupped Lance’s cheek.

Breaking eye contact, Lance jerked away and held his arm out while tears began to overflow and pour down his cheeks.  “Hunk, give me headband.”  Following orders, Hunk unwrapped his headband and handed it to Shiro obediently.

Shiro wrapped Hunk’s headband around Lance’s forearm, right above the bite he had required.  The Japanese then tore a fairly large square out of his shirt and folded it up, holding it in front of Lance’s face.  “Bite down, Aisuru, please.”

With a sob, Lance bit down on the cloth and braced himself for what was coming.  Shiro picked up his knife and rested it between the headband and the bite from the zombie bite.  He began to push down on it, making beads of blood form around the blade, staining it a bright shade of red.  With a shaky breath, Shiro retracted the blade and swung it down harshly, shivering in disgust when he heard the disgusting, cringe worthy noises.

Lance made a choking sound before he doubled over himself only for Keith to come up behind him to pull him up so Shiro could have access to the Cuban’s arm.  Tears welled up in Shiro’s eyes as he raised the blade up against and forced it down with all his might.  Everyone in the general area cringed badly at the sound of the knife going through Lance’s flesh and then bone.

Despite the piece of cloth in Lance’s mouth, he was still grinding his teeth painfully.  His screams were agonized and had Hunk sobbing in a matter of seconds.  Hunk was just thankful that Pidge, Allura, and Coran had stayed at the base to make sure nothing bad happened there.

After a minute or two of Lance consistently screaming, they tapered off into pathetic sobs.  Keith slowly let the Cuban down so he was lying on his back and then Keith went to help Shiro halt the steady flow of blood.  They managed to get Lance’s arm, or more precisely the nub where it used to be, bandaged up to help slow the blood flow.

Shiro double checked that the headband was tight around Lance’s upper arm before hoisting the younger male up to his feet.  “It’s okay, baby, you’ll be okay.”  The Japanese whispered sweet nothings into his boyfriend’s ear, attempting to soothe him.

Pathetically, Lance groaned back a response and clutched onto Shiro a little tighter with his only hand.  “Shit!  Shiro, just pick him up, there’s another hoard coming after us!”  The Japanese cursed and sweeped Lance off of his feet and into his arms before going into a dead sprint.

The four managed to get back to their base in about fifteen minutes, everyone out of breath to a certain degree.  

Exhausted, Shiro went to his knees once inside the gate, making sure that Lance wasn’t jostled around too badly.  “Lance, baby, are you okay?”

Lance groaned lowly and tucked his head into the crook of Shiro’s neck, “Tired, mi amor, but it’s okay, I’ll be fine with you my by side.”

Shiro shifted so he was pressing his forehead into Lance’s shoulder, tears beginning to spill down his cheeks.  “I’m so sorry, Lance, I should have prevented this from happening.  You don’t deserve this bullshit.”

The Cuban shushed his boyfriend and shifted so his hand was on the Japanese’s cheek, “Shut up.  There’s no possible way this is your fault so don’t even try that with me, Takashi Shirogane.  Nobody deserves this, but hey, what can you expect in the fucking Zombie Apocalypse?  I’m just glad I have you by my side to help me.”

Tears slid over Lance’s hand and continued to drip off of Shiro’s chin, “I love you so much, Lance, I don’t know what I would do without you.  Please never scare me like that again.”

A chuckle, “I love you too, ‘Kashi.”  Lance gently pulled Shiro’s face closer so their noses bumped against each other.  With a hint of sloppiness, Lance pressed his lips against Shiro’s.  With each other by their sides, they’d survive this hell.

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23 on the trip to Bespin maybe 👀

23. “I don’t need to be the hero tonight.”

This follows on from #3. “Could you be happy, here, with me?”

It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon, snuggling together behind the dejarik table and envisioning how they’d spend their time if they never returned to the Alliance.

“Just think,” Leia said. “No High Council.”

“No shitty rations,” Han said. Leia looked at him. “Okay. Fewer shitty rations.”

“Definitely,” she agreed. “You’re a good cook. Maybe you could teach me.”

“Flying lessons and cooking lessons. I think I could handle that,” he said, grinning. “Oh yeah—no more ice planets.”

“For certain. Though we’d probably be better at keeping each other warm, now.”

Han shook his head, chuckling at her. “Best pickup line on Hoth, and I never got to use it on you.” Leia elbowed him in the ribs, then went in for another kiss.

They held each other quietly for a while, then Han had to go and throw cold water on the whole thing.

“Y’know, there’s one problem with your little fantasy, here,” he said, stroking her hair gently. “It wouldn’t last.”

Leia pulled back from him, surprised. “What do you mean? We—wouldn’t last?”

Her earlier admission that yes, she truly believed she could be happy here with Han had been the closest she’d come yet to saying those three words, the ones she felt but couldn’t quite get out of her mouth. The same words that had fallen freely from his lips throughout this trip—but did they mean nothing after all?

“Sweetheart, ‘m not saying that, no. Not us. The running away thing, that’s what wouldn’t last.”

She looked at him, her eyes doubtful.

“Think about it. We’d make it maybe six weeks doing the whole running around the galaxy thing. And don’t get me wrong, it would be great. But ‘bout a minute later we’d be starting rebel cells and freeing slaves and saving pittins and whatever else needs doin’.”

Leia nodded, but didn’t say anything.

He took a deep breath, and continued. “I’ve seen a lot of bad shit, and I spent a long time pretending it wasn’t there. Had to, to get by. You have to do something about it,” he said. “You can’t help it.”

“No escape, eh?” Leia said ruefully.

Han tipped her chin up to look at him. His eyes were soft. “You give a damn, Leia. It’s just who you are. ‘S why I love you,” he said, and kissed her.

Of all the times he’d said those words on this trip, this was the time Leia would most remember, and treasure.

“And hell—you make me want to give a damn, too.”

Leia clutched him tightly. Suddenly the reality she’d been staving off for the last few hours was running back in, and she didn’t want it, she didn’t. But she knew he was right. “I still want to run away,” she admitted, holding back a sob.

His arms were warm, comforting, and his voice was soft again. “Nothing wrong with that. And y’know, just because we’re gonna go back sometime doesn’t mean we couldn’t still play hooky for a little while. Even after we get the ship fixed.”

His eyes were wet, too, but he was smiling at her in that way that made her melt. She nodded.

“And for now, we’re both right here,” he said. He put a palm gently on her cheek. “I don’t need to be the hero tonight. And neither do you.”

Chapter 2

Sanders Sides—A Novel

By: Yours Truly, SassyShoulderAngel319 (unless @thatsthat24 wants to adopt the rest…? *wink wink*)

Table of ContentsPrevious Chapter

Chapter 2—The Sides

Apparently Thomas gave up on wrangling the Sides into submission, because he went upstairs. Patton trailed after him, trying to wrap a soft-looking blanket around his shoulders. A few minutes after, Patton reemerged down the stairs to find Roman, Virgil, and Logan all sitting at the dining room table, startlingly quiet.

“I feel like I’m in trouble,” Patton observed as he sat opposite Logan. Roman and Virgil sat at the heads of the table—as far away from each other as possible.

Logan shook his head. “You’re not,” he replied, suddenly very aware that he was the only one lacking the purple hair. Not that he minded since he disapproved of it.

“I know, but it seems like I am since you’re all just sitting here in almost complete silence as if I just walked into the principal’s office,” Patton commented.

Roman smirked. “We were just waiting to convene the Council of Escaped Projections until you arrived!” he told Patton in his quasi-British accent. “Now that we’re all here, we can deliberate.”

“That’s a big word—sure you know what it means?” Virgil challenged.

Roman scrunched up his nose, almost snarling—but checked himself at the last moment. “Yes,” he replied coolly. “I know what deliberate means—unlike Logan and infinitesimal.”

“You have GOT to be kidding me!” Logan exclaimed. “That was ONE time!”

“Ssshhh!” Patton hissed. “Thomas is trying to rest!” He pulled something out of his pocket and passed it to Logan across the table, palm down so Roman and Virgil couldn’t see what it was. Logan accepted whatever was in Patton’s hand and put his hands under the table. 

Virgil and Roman shared a scrunched-eyebrows expression, but Logan began to talk before they could ask what happened. “So, now that we’re all here, it’s serious-talk time. We need to figure out how to get ourselves back into Thomas’ head. I don’t know the damage that’s been done to him because we’re all out here now—and I hate not knowing—but I don’t think it’s good.”

“He seems okay right now,” Patton pointed out. “A little frustrated that we were a bit… overwhelming, but he’s healthy and seems to be functioning like normal.”

“But how long is that okay going to last, padre?” Roman interrupted. “The four most prominent pieces of his being have broken away. What if he can no longer access us and what we represent? Like when Anxi—Virgil ducked out and Thomas didn’t fear death. I didn’t think it was a bad thing at the time, but it could be dangerous.”

Logan nodded in agreement. “And Roman didn’t think it was a bad thing at the time because he’s Mr. Daydream, but without each of us, Thomas cannot be a balanced human being. If he can’t access us, this could be very bad for all of us. We’re parts of a whole. We’re not… complex enough to thrive in the human world.”

“So what are we supposed to do?” Virgil asked. “We can’t just stay cooped up in this apartment. We’d murder each other—and that would be even worse for Thomas.”

“But we can’t go out into the world either,” Logan countered. “Not all at once anyway. Thomas is too well-known—”

“Well…” Virgil interrupted, making a face.

“Stop it and let me finish,” Logan snapped. “He does get recognized. If all four of us just went out and about, so would we.”

“‘Kay, but it’s going to get so boring staying in here, researching,” Roman complained.

Patton scrunched his eyebrows. “I doubt the internet is going to have any information on how to get the physical forms of aspect projections to rejoin one’s consciousness,” he commented.

Logan stared at him like he’d grown an extra head. “That was… a lot of big words,” he observed.

Patton shrugged. “I know big words,” he replied easily with a sunny grin.

“Back to the point,” Virgil said tightly. “What are we going to do? Patton’s right, the internet isn’t going to have anything useful.

Logan brought his hands up and rested his elbows on the table, revealing the plastic fidget spinner in his fingers. He was flicking it back-and-forth distractedly, the movement of his hands the only thing betraying the stress Logan felt. Virgil and Roman met each other’s eyes, realizing that was what Patton passed to Logan, but didn’t say anything. Always taking care of everyone, Patton.

Logan’s shoulders slouched. “I don’t know yet. But I’m going to find out,” he vowed.

“Great. Until you do that, I’m going to go take a nap,” Virgil remarked, putting his hands on the table to push himself up.

“Oh no you don’t, Phantom of the Mope-ra,” Roman retorted. “We still have some planning to do. Like what are we going to do? Logan wants to figure out how to fix this, but we all should. And while that’s going on, what do the three of us do? Like you said, we can’t all stay in here together. We have to do something so we don’t end each other’s existences more permanently.”

“In that case,” Patton began. “I’m gonna go pet some dogs.” He also moved to get up, but Virgil caught Patton’s arm.

“You’re not going anywhere either just yet. We have to exercise reasonable precautions before five identical people just enter the real world,” Virgil protested. Patton grumbled and sat down heavily in his chair again.

“Fine,” he muttered.

Virgil slapped his hands on the table with a dull thunk. “Okay. So, we can’t all stay in here but we can’t exactly all be out together at the same time dressed as we are. We’ll get noticed in about fifteen seconds. We have to be…” He scrunched up his face. “Smart about how we do this.”

Logan gave him an impressed expression. “What did you have in mind?”

Virgil shrugged. “Outfit changes, distance, and time,” he answered.

Patton scrunched his eyebrows. “Huh?”

“We can’t go out dressed exactly like ourselves. Princey here is the most Extra thing I’ve ever seen and would attract too much attention. Especially since no one actually dresses like that. Me, I am—unfortunately—going to ditch the makeup and the patchwork hoodie that makes me look like a Nightmare Before Christmas extra. Maybe… maybe try a color. Logan, the necktie in casual situations isn’t going to fly. Try a T-shirt. And Patton…” Virgil pursed his lips in thought. “Patton’s mostly okay, but the cardigan is a bit… eh… conspicuous for someone who looks as young as we are—and not an actual dad.”

Logan and Roman looked the most offended, but Virgil wasn’t done.

“And if we do leave, we have to time it just right. Say, a half-hour in between. That way any nosy neighbors will hopefully think we’re just Thomas popping in and out, changing clothes in between. And we can’t stick together.”

“But, since we’re part of a whole,” Logan interrupted. “Our optimal chance of surviving the human world is to be together so we can make up for each other’s lack in traits.”

“And how suspicious is four guys who all look ex-act-ly the same?” Virgil retorted sharply, painstakingly enunciating every syllable of “exactly” to make his point.

Patton raised his hand.

“Yes, Patton?” Logan acknowledged, just like a teacher. Roman looked over at him with widening eyes.

“Oh oooh!” Patton exclaimed. “It would look very suspicious!”

“Ding-ding-ding,” Virgil remarked sarcastically. “That’s the correct answer. Good job Patton.”

Patton clapped excitedly. Then frowned. “Who’s going to take care of Thomas if we all go out, though?”

“He’s fine,” Roman snapped. “As much as he jokes otherwise, he is an adult and can at least somewhat safely handle himself.”

Virgil cast Roman a dark glance at his tone with Patton. Anxiety’s jaw tightened and for a moment he fought down the urge to punch that pompous Prince in his pretentious pea-brained face. Once he got control of himself, Virgil’s demeanor softened slightly. “We’ll take care of Thomas in turns if he needs it.”

“Who put you in charge?” Logan asked, actually genuinely curious. “Shouldn’t I be the one coming up with a plan?”

Virgil shrugged. “I worry enough to come up with ideas that mean I don’t have to worry as much later. I don’t like working hard and worrying it literally part of my job,” he replied flatly.

“A-HA!” Roman shouted. Patton smacked his arm and shushed him. “I’ve had an idea! Logan, why don’t you become a teacher?!”

“I’m sorry, what?” Virgil demanded.

“If Logan becomes an actual teacher, he can more easily find information on how to fix this situation! Meanwhile, I shall go on a quest through all the land to find a witch or wizard—or nonbinary magic-user—who can possibly put us all back together!” Roman explained.

Virgil rubbed his temples, but he couldn’t come up with much better. Creativity wasn’t his department.

And, to be real, he wouldn’t complain about getting rid of Roman for a little bit if it meant he got some peace.

“Okay. Whatever. Just… go change clothes and leave at different times. I’ll stick around here for a while,” he relented.

Not needing to be told twice, Logan and Roman jumped to their feet and rushed upstairs to Thomas’ room. Patton stayed behind, sitting around the table corner from Virgil. “I’m proud of you, son,” Patton commented with a grin. “You’re really stepping up.”

Virgil shrunk into himself, shying away from Patton’s sunshine. He didn’t know how to handle compliments very well. “I don’t… wanna… be the one to…” he began before giving up.

Patton seemed to understand. He patted Virgil’s forearm. “I know. It’s okay. I’ll stick around here too with you for a while. If you want.”

Virgil met Patton’s eyes. “Thanks, Dad.”

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Part 6

“I was trying to protect you,” Clint said. He pulled at the cuffs that tied him to the table in front of him. Steve flinched and looked away for a moment but then he turned his face back to the man he thought he knew.

“To protect me?” He asked and shook his head, “Protect me from what? The truth?”

“Steve,” Clint said but Steve made a step back. He had had a contract this afternoon, when he was down on his luck. A car ignored his right of way and had hit his truck and he ended up in hospital. His injuries weren’t serious, but the cops had found his bow in his truck and could connect it to the assassination from earlier and before Clint managed to get away, SHIELD was there to arrest him. And now he sat in an interrogation room, together with Coulson and Steve.  

“Was anything you ever said to me true, Clint? Is Clint even your name?” He leaned over the table and glared at him. Clint closed his eyes for a moment.

“Aside from my real job? I never lied to you,” he said. “My name is Clint Francis Rogers née Barton, born and raised in Waverly, Iowa. But you know that, because I told you. I have a brother, my parents died when I was six and I ran away to the circus.”

“I know those stories. But are they true?” Steve snapped.

“Like I said, I never lied to you,” Clint said. He tried to move his hands but got stopped from the cuffs again.

“Did you know that I was sent to hunt you?” Steve asked now and sat down beside Coulson, who kept quiet since Steve had entered the room. “Did you know that before…” he couldn’t say it, Clint saw that, but he didn’t need to say it aloud.

“No,” he shook his head. “That day in the coffee shop, that was sheer coincidence. I only learned who you were months later, when I saw you investigating one of my… clients.”

“Clients? That’s what you call them? You killed them in cold blood and…” Steve started but Clint interrupted him.

“Every single one of them deserved it!” He spat. “They were bastards and you fucking know that!”

“Language!” Steve hissed back, more a reflex than deliberate. And then he blushed.

“It’s true, Steve,” Coulson chimed in. “We’ve checked all of them and they were…”

“Not nice,” Clint added. After a long moment Coulson nodded.

“That would put it mildly but yes,” he confirmed.

“I don’t understand it, Clint,” Steve huffed and ran his hands through his hair. “Why did you do that? Why this way?”

“Because that’s what I do,” Clint said. “I’m a professional and they deserved it!” Steve just opened his mouth to say something when Coulson put a hand on his arm and nodded. After a short duel with their eyes Steve sighed and sat down.

“Mr. Barton,” he started, but again Clint interrupted him.

“Rogers,” he said and shrugged when Coulson cocked his head.

“Mr. Rogers,” he said then. “You have two options now. A, you go to jail where you have to stay for the rest of your life and b, you work for us.”

“Work for us?” said Steve the same moment Clint said, “Work for you?”

“Yes, work for us,” Coulson said. “Director Fury wants you to work for us and you can make up for everything you’ve done wrong.”

“Not everything,” Steve said toneless, rose and left the room.

“Give him time,” Coulson said. “He loves you.”

“I’m not sure,” Clint said and now Coulson smiled.

“But I am.”  He rose from his chair and went over to Clint to open the cuffs. “Welcome to SHIELD, Agent Rogers.”

Say Wow

Drabble: “brian/young k concept of hand holding after a first date and him kissing his s/o on the cheek at their doorstep? 💛”
Brian Kang/Kang Younghyun/Young K x Reader
Word Count:
Genre: Fluff

It felt like some sort of dream.

Your hands fit together almost perfectly, and the smile that was pulling up your lips seemed to be never ending as the two of you walked side by side. That was, until you slowly saw your house come into view the longer you walked along the sidewalk. A feeling of sadness was quick to settle in your heart, and you couldn’t help the frown that pulled down your previously gleaming features as you realized your date slowly came to an end.

From beside you, Brian caught sight of your new pout, and a chuckle resonated from his chest as he shook his head in amusement. “There’s no reason to be sad, y/n.” He told you, a small smirk forming on his face as you slowly turned your head to face him. “What, are you not excited for our other dates?”

“Other dates?” Your mouth dropped open to form an “o” as you turned your face back to the front, both shock and embarrassment running through your as you leaded him up to the front porch of your house. Brian nodded his head as he gave your hand a small squeeze, and instead of completely following you on to the porch he pulled you to a stop as you stepped up the small stairs, causing you to stand a few inches taller than him as you turned around to face him. “W-well of course I’m excited for them!”

Brian took notice of the blush that had covered your cheeks, and his heart swelled as he realized that he was the one to cause the sudden color change in your cheeks. He wanted to dance around in happiness that the date had gone well, but he was just as excited for the others that he had been planning for the future. “Good, good,” He gave a quick nod as he reached forward to grasp your other hand, intertwining your fingers together before raising both of your hand to press his lips against your knuckles. “How does next Saturday sound? Say, 7 o’clock?”

“S-sure,” You couldn’t help but stutter out your answer as you looked to the ground, your blush only reddening with each action that Brian did. Your heart was racing in your chest, and if it wasn’t for the thick sweater that you had chosen to wear out tonight, you were sure that he would be able to hear the rapid beats of your heart. “T-that works perfectly.”

The grin on Brian’s lips only widened as he heard your answer, and the excitement he was feeling was magnified the longer he thought of your future dates together. “Awesome,” Brian let out a small cheer as he nodded his head, and pushing against his toes he pressed his lips against your cheek for a few seconds before he let go of your hands, and as he backed up a few steps he waved goodbye before spinning around. “I can’t wait, y/n, I’ll see you then!”

Surprised filled you again as you watched Brian practically dance away from you, the spot on your cheek that his lips were previously pressed against left tingling the slightest bit before you pressed a hand against your skin. “Yeah, see you then,” Another smile slowly formed on your face as you turned around to face your front door, your free hand reaching forward for the doorknob. Excitement filled your chest as you tightly gripped the knob, and the small squeal that fell past your lips even surprised you as you looked back to where Brian once stood.


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Please write “the one where the closer you are to them the more aware of them you become, and you find them playing a hot/cold game; for instance, colors get brighter and brighter the closer you are and fade into gray when they’re too far away” for Kidge!

She was teasing him, he was certain.

With each step he took, his vision would tunnel, and the colors would grow sharper and brighter and-

It would fade again.

“Keith!” He heard someone call, and he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Keith, are you okay?” Allura said, eyes crinkled with worry. “You’ve been staring out the window for, like, five minutes.”

“Yeah.” He said, and tried to smile.

“Something wrong?” 

“No.” He shook his head. “I’m fine.”

And then he felt it, that pull-

He stood up from the sofa quickly. “I’m going for a walk.”

“Okay?” Allura called after him. “Keith?”

But he couldn’t hear her-all her could hear was the sound of blood pounding in his ears, each step his sight sharpening and blurring-

And then he stopped.

There was a girl, standing on the corner of the street, an umbrella in one hand, her backpack slung over her shoulder as she looked down the road.

His chest felt tight.

Her umbrella was bright green.

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#4 “Who gave you that black eye?”

Zane, having just finished his lunch chores, was just about to go out to train when Cole trudged past him. Not anything out of the ordinary, except his brother kept his head down and hand over his face. Zane trailed after him into the kitchen.

“Cole? Is something wrong?”

The earth ninja shook his head too quickly, pulling the fridge door open and blocking his face. “Nothing, I’m fine, Zane.”

“I sense you are lying, Cole. Please tell me what’s wrong?”

He watched the dark hand squeeze the fridge door. Cole shut it, stuffing his hands in his jeans.

Zane stepped closer, cupping the side of his brother’s face, swollen and black and blue.

“Who gave you this black eye?”

“Maybe Kai, maybe Jay.” Cole shrugged. “We were sparring earlier, and things got a little out of hand. It’s nothing, really.”

“It is, Cole, it does not look good.” Zane raised a hand, finger tips tinged with frost. “May I?”

Cole raised a brow. “Sure? I mean –”

Zane cupped his freezing hand over the injury and Cole hissed. The white ninja smiled only for a moment.

“So, what, are you just going to hold your hand over my face all afternoon?”

“If that is what it takes, then yes.”

“Zane, we have ice packs, you don’t have to.”

“But I <i>want</i> to.”

He couldn’t argue with that logic

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Mine - Chapter 8

Recap from the last chapter

Shannon shook his head. “For him, the sun rises and sets on you. If you decide to seek the truth, once you see and understand all of his tattoos and his scar, maybe you’ll believe me.”


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Trigger: Blowjob, some backstory. 

Nearby motel—Friday night

HAIR wet from her recent shower, Lily combed her tresses with one hand and rifled through her suitcase absently with the other. She grabbed a cotton floral nightie from inside, stared at the duffel bag by her feet, then frowned. In the year she’d been living with Michael, this was all she had come away with? She’d walked in with the clothes on her back and walked out with the same. Everything in the house had been his when they’d moved in together. She’d never bought a stick of furniture with him. Hell, not even a toaster. What did that say about their relationship? Had she unconsciously known that it wouldn’t last? Lily swallowed as she flipped the lid of the suitcase closed and shoved on her pajamas. She poured more wine into one of the hotel’s cheap plastic cups and grimaced. By far, she preferred tequila for a good, rousing drunk, but being in a part of town that only allowed beer and wine sales, she’d had to make do. After half the bottle, however, she couldn’t say that she felt any better. Not that she felt bad exactly, just somewhat numb. And that was the problem. On a day she’d come twice for a man she had refused to miss in years and the case she worked on being complicated by a dead body, not to mention the fact that she’d lost her fiancé, she should feel something. But Lily wondered now if she’d been truly feeling for years. Everything came back to Jared. Somehow, over the miles and years, he’d continued his hold on her without a single touch. Now suddenly, he was back in her life. In fact, he was the center of her world this week. Could she make it to the next without losing her heart again? She wanted to talk to Jared, ached to ask him questions. But that wasn’t smart. What if the truth made her want him more? If she embraced him now, how broken would she be if he walked away again? After everything he’d taken from her today, and, damn him, given her, she wasn’t ready for any sort of soul-baring. Tears lurked under the surface of her haze; she could feel them. Just like her adolescent self, she couldn’t seem to hold anything back from him. Jared was her downfall, probably always would be. Lily downed the rest of the wine in her cup. Damn, she wished this stuff would work faster. A boom blasted through her room, startling her. Someone was pounding on her door. No one knew she was here, not even Adam. Her stepfather would not be pleased with today’s developments. He thought Michael was perfect, and Jared was Satan’s spawn, so she’d bailed on dinner with her stepfather tonight, not having the energy to explain herself and defend her actions. So who the hell wanted in her room at nearly ten p.m.? She tiptoed to the door and peeked out the hole. Jared, wearing all black and carrying a grocery sack packed full. For a moment, she debated not opening the door, but he already knew she was inside. He wasn’t going to go away. With a sigh, Lily pulled the door open, then leaned against it. “Why are you here?” “I’m a Dom; it’s my job to take care of you.” That was the last damn thing she wanted to hear. “Only when we’re working. Otherwise, I can take care of myself. You’ve already been up in my face for most of the day. I don’t need you here tonight, too, ordering me around and—” “I’m not here to tell you what to do, Kitten.” He gripped the bag tighter. “I just came to bring you a few things, see what else you needed.” Without another word, he held out the bag to her. Curiosity got the better of her, and she grabbed it. A peek inside revealed some bottled water, toothbrush and toothpaste, dental floss, shampoo, and a comb.

She looked at him with a questioning gaze, and he shrugged. “I wasn’t sure if you’d been able to get anything from Michael’s house, and I didn’t like the thought of you shopping at night by yourself, especially around here.” Against her better judgment, she was touched. “I managed to get all my things from his house, but thank you. Come in.” As she stepped back, he edged inside, looking around at the rundown dump. He scowled. “This is…No, Kitten, come stay with me. I promise, I won’t touch you if you don’t want me to, but you—” “Will be fine.” Lily marveled that he seemed genuinely concerned as she set the grocery bag on a nearby Formica table. “I know it’s not the Ritz, but Misty said the place was reputable enough. I’ve got lots of locks on the doors and bolts on the windows. No one is getting in here to hurt me.” Jared blew out a deep breath, clearly pensive. “This is another reason I wish I was your Dom. I could just tell you to come with me so I could sleep beside your warm body peacefully, knowing that you’re safe.” Another reason? “I am an FBI agent, you know.” “But you’re also a beautiful woman in a world with a lot of predators.” She softened again. “I’m fine. Really.” “Yeah. And smart and capable. This visit was for my peace of mind. Thanks for humoring me.” “You’re really different away from the club.” Jared shrugged, his smile self-deprecating. “I’m not a twenty-four /seven kind of Dom. In the club, subs better not fuck with me or there’s going to be punishment. Outside the club? I’m just a guy, with other concerns and thoughts…and regrets.” He was going to get personal, and a part of her didn’t want to stop him. Her hand shook as she poured herself another glass of wine, then held up the bottle. “Drink?” “No, thanks. I won’t overstay my welcome.” Jared turned for the door. Lily didn’t examine the feeling, but she knew that she wasn’t ready to see him go. “Jared?” He turned. “You need something, baby?” Before she could talk herself out of it, she nodded. “Answers.” She settled herself on the edge of the bed, then watched as he folded his big form into an ugly green plastic chair with a sleek economy of movement. “I’m wide open.” God, where the hell should she begin? It had been an eventful day by any standards, but the information Shannon had dumped on her late this evening gnawed at her brain. How much of what he’d said was true? “What’s the scar on your leg from?” “That’s not important.” He dipped his head, looked away. “What happened in high school is. Don’t you want to know about that?”

In years, she’d sworn that she had gotten over Jared. Now she knew she’d been fooling herself. Michael had accused her of giving him up for Jared. He’d been right. Jared had reminded her what it was like to truly feel and want and hurt again. The avalanche of emotion had smacked her hard. Had she, maybe, not built much of a life with Michael because she’d been subconsciously waiting for her withered relationship with Jared to blossom to life again? It sounded absurd on the surface—but Lily couldn’t deny that his pull still lured her in like no man ever had. Eventually, she’d have to listen to his explanation, but she wanted this conversation on her terms. “Do you have any scars?” He pinned her with a cautious look. “Yeah.” “You regret them?” His somber stare wiped away any levity. “No. Kitten, ask me about our breakup.” He’d promised that he wouldn’t explain until she asked him, and he was trying to live up to his word. Lily bit her lip. What if there was some explanation for everything? What if it was something that made her want to forgive him? After the magnitude of his betrayal years ago, did she want to? She was damn sure that it would be easier—and safer to her heart—to go on being angry with him. But maybe, a voice whispered in her head, it was no longer realistic. “Is it true that you haven’t had sex in the last five years?” “God damn Shannon,” Jared cursed, closing his eyes. “What didn’t he tell you?” “If what he said is true, he didn’t hold much back.” He rose, paced, stared out the window into the shabby parking lot. A moment later, he seemed to come to some decision and turned back to her. “Yeah, it’s true. Even before then, sex had become…infrequent.” When Shannon had spilled this secret, Lily had been sure the guy was insane. To hear Jared fess up to this absolutely blew her mind. “Why? In high school, you loved sex. If those rumors were true, you had a lot of it.” “I don’t know exactly what you heard back then, but yeah. I took advantage of the fact that I was the quarterback and the tallest guy in my class. I figured out quickly that if you could make a girl feel special for a moment, then it wasn’t too hard to get her horizontal.” Lily grimaced. “God, you sound like a pig.” Jared shrugged, the black T-shirt lovingly hugging his wide shoulders and muscled chest. “I was sixteen. I sure was a pig. Then came you.” She rolled her eyes. “It was a long time ago, and I don’t think for one minute that I had any lasting effect on you. You fell right back into bed with Britney a few hours after we broke up.” “I was drunk, and I was angry.” He swallowed. “Afterward, I felt really empty. When she left…I cried.” She reared back, looking up into his taut face. She’d expected to see him laugh, but Jared was dead serious. Shock pinged through her body. “The pattern sort of repeated itself a lot for the next few years. I’d meet a random girl, pick her up hoping she could bring me out of my funk. At first, I’d realize how lousy I felt after the sex. Then the feeling began to hit me in the middle. I got a lot of girls off, then sent them on their way, leaving them to wonder why I hadn’t finished fucking them.” He shrugged. “Masturbating was easier, less emotional.

“Then I found BDSM before the Hurricane video. A whole new avenue opened to me. I suddenly controlled everything. The females didn’t expect sex. And I realized that I could absorb a sub’s sexual energy and use it to propel me to my next self-induced orgasm. It worked.” “Jared …” God, such a damaged life broke her heart. Because of her? Really? Lily didn’t know what to say. He stepped closer and wrapped a hand around her nape, his hot touch searing her skin. “It worked until I saw you again. I never got over you. A week ago, I couldn’t find a woman on the planet who could tempt me to want to have sex with her. One look at you—even before I knew it was you—and my first thought was of getting deep inside you and never leaving.” He trailed his thumb down her cheek. “That’s what I think every time I look at you, Kitten.” A whole new wave of shock reverberated through her body. The girl who had once loved him wanted to leap up, wrap her arms around him, and offer him whatever he needed to feel whole. The woman she’d become after he’d burned her wasn’t sure how to believe him. He’d said that he loved her the day he took her virginity. Barely twenty-four hours later, he’d broken her heart and taken another girl to bed. “We weren’t together long enough for you to get that hung up on me, and I—” “Yeah, we were.” He closed his eyes. “And I think I left scars on you, too. Kitten, please, ask me why I broke up with you.” Lily trembled. The million-dollar question. If she asked it, she feared that everything would change, that the answer could throw her into a tailspin all over again. Being able to open up physically and emotionally to Michael had been a real step up for her. In college, she’d only managed drunk sex. Sober, she couldn’t bring herself to let anyone touch her. But she’d broken through with Michael. And now he was gone. If she didn’t get the answer to this question, would she remain in limbo, hung up on Jared forever? Maybe they both needed this to cleanse themselves of the past and move on. That didn’t mean that she wasn’t scared as hell to hear the answer. “A-All right, Jared. Tell me.” Her voice broke up as tears welled. She was fucking terrified. “Why?” “Thank you.” He leaped on the bed, pushing her flat on her back and covering her body with his own. He pressed their foreheads together and drew in a deep breath. “Jared…” He was so close, felt so good, that she couldn’t breathe. “Lily, I had to protect you. The sick fuck who’d killed my mother sent me more than one note threatening to kill you if I didn’t walk away. Then when you showed up at school late that day with a broken arm …” Jared told the entire story, the words halting at first, as though recounting all this hurt him, but Lily could feel his will and his anguish as he explained. When he was done, she blinked and tears filled her eyes. If he’d told her this story earlier, she would have tossed it back in his face angrily and called him a liar. She would have assumed it was some sob tale he’d spent years inventing, designed to dupe her into dropping her panties so he could get her into bed again. Now, looking at the torment tightening his face, she couldn’t doubt that this was the truth as he knew it. “Why didn’t you tell the police? Or tell me?” “There was no way I was going to risk you any further. You were beyond precious to me.” He cupped her cheek. “I would have done anything to keep you safe, and at sixteen, I couldn’t think of another way. Please understand.”

Oddly, given the circumstances and their age, she did. And she was both touched and crushed by his words. All the time they’d never had together, all the things they’d never had the opportunity to do…The relationship may not have been one to last happily ever after. But how much pain would they have never experienced if it hadn’t been for that note on his pillow and the relationship had come to its natural conclusion? “Your mom was such a nice lady. I’m sorry. And the police never caught her killer?” Jared shook his head with deep regret. “It’s in cold-case status now. A new detective tried to tackle it about four years ago. He called my dad and me, checked with some of Mom’s old neighbors, asked questions of the people she once worked for. Nothing. One of her neighbors said she thought she saw a man entering her apartment that afternoon, but she was elderly and a bit senile. My mother never mentioned a boyfriend, not to me, to her neighbors, or her coworkers. There were no prints at the scene, no DNA left behind. This psycho randomly chose my mother. The police have no record of any similar case, either.” He squeezed his eyes shut and pain crawled all over his face. “I am never going to forget what it was like to drive to her house, so excited to tell her about us, then find her so still. Dead.” Her heart went out to Jared. It was a lot to deal with at sixteen. He’d been reeling, grief-stricken. A note like the one he’d received from the killer warning him away from her would have both scared and confused him. Lily couldn’t blame him for the decisions he’d made then. “Kitten, if I’d had my way, we would have stayed together, gone to prom as a couple, graduated hand-in-hand.” He shrugged. “Built a life together.” A part of her really wanted to believe that, but after everything that had happened, she couldn’t imagine that alternate universe. “Why didn’t you ever try to tell me all this after your mom’s case cooled down?” “After you changed your cell, I only had your stepfather’s home number.” And she’d always made Adam answer the phone and tell him off. “You could have come to see me.” “I tried. Remember a couple of Christmases ago? You slammed the door in my face.” She had. And now she regretted it like hell. “We’ll never know the paths our lives would have taken if things had been different. I may be training to be a submissive. I may even have submissive tendencies. I don't know that I could live this life.” “You could, baby, under the right circumstances. It doesn’t have to be in a club if you don’t like that setting. I just want to be with you. I’d vow to be the most loving Dom ever.” “Isn’t that kind of an oxymoron? What, you’d boss me around in a tender way?” She raised a disbelieving brow. “Yeah. Say the word, Kitten, and I’ll show you exactly what I mean.” His words, along with his body heat settling under her skin, made her tremble. “I just lost a fiancé today, and there’s been too much water under the bridge. Maybe…your hang-up isn’t about me in particular. Is there another incident—” “I know what happened. I know what’s in my heart,” he growled each word fiercely, fisting the cheap bedspread beneath her. “It was you. It’s always been you.” Those words sounded so romantic, and the female in her really, really wanted to believe them. But they almost didn’t compute. Yes, she’d pined for Jared, but him for her? Oh, God. Her next confession was going to open her up wide, but he’d been so painfully honest, how could she be anything less? “I saw a therapist shortly after college. I went to him for a good two years.

He suggested that my hang-up about you stemmed from the fact that our break was really sudden. He suggested that I simply needed closure. Maybe that’s what you need, too. Maybe we just needed to talk it all out and know the score—” “No. I know what I need, what I’ve always needed.” Jared wriggled his hips between the slight spread of her thighs, forcing them wider, until his cock settled right against her pussy. “Kitten, I need you.” Then he rocked against her, igniting her body with sensation to match all the emotions swirling inside her. Lily closed her eyes. God, it would be so easy to give in. He wanted her. Between her tears and her loathing, she’d fantasized more than once about what it would be like for Jared to make love to her again. Never in her wildest fantasies had she imagined that she’d actually have this opportunity again. She licked her lips. “Jared, really, maybe you’re mistaking some old emotion or the need for closure for actual love. Someday, you will fall in love with the right person and—” “You think I’ve never been in love? Baby, I never fell out of love with you.” Lily’s heart lurched in her chest. And something that felt way too much like joy raced through her veins like a heady drug. She had to take a deep breath and stop herself. Everything on his face underscored his honesty—at least as he believed it. But how could he know for certain? If what he said was true, he’d never really been in another relationship, so it was possible he’d fixated on her because she was the last girl he’d tried to love. There was too much behind them, and even if she put the BDSM thing aside, their lives were going in opposite directions. She might have a mountain of feelings for Jared, but being with him so soon after getting out of a relationship with Michael…Frying pan, meet fire. But she wasn’t immune to his pain. If he was stuck here, then perhaps she could help him out. Maybe it would be good for both of them to get the closure they’d never had. “Kiss me, Jared.” When his entire body tensed, she added, “Please.” “If I start, Kitten, I won’t be able to stop.” He caressed a gentle hand down her hair, over her shoulder, brushing the side of her breast to settle at her waist. “You sure? It’s been five years …” Would he still be able to? Would he feel empty afterward, as he did with the others? “Oh, I’m dying to prove that, with you, everything will work just fine.” “Then kiss me,” Lily repeated. She’d worry about tomorrow when tomorrow came. Tonight, she’d be with him, try to heal his pain, scar over her own. He’d done an incredibly selfless thing to protect her all those years ago. She might wish that he’d told her what was going on. But at the end of the day, he’d been young and he’d done what he thought would be best for her, shattering his own heart in the process. Clearly, he cared about her. But unending love? They were going to be together until she went undercover. Maybe it would be best, for both of them, to spend the rest of the week together, training hard by day, working through their issues by night. Maybe by the end of the week, both of them would be ready to move on with their lives, sane, happy, and whole. “Kitten, baby …” he breathed out, then settled his mouth over hers. The kiss was soft as a rose petal. He clearly leashed himself, sinking into her mouth slowly, as if worried that he would scare her. When his tongue brushed her bottom lip, then curled into her mouth, Lily opened to him. There was no place she’d rather be than here tonight with Jared. Maybe they weren’t meant to be together forever, but every time he touched her she felt some inexorable bond with him, an invisible line that ran between them over the years, unchanged, unbroken.

Jared moaned, then nudged the little spaghetti strap of her nightie down her shoulder, then shoved the garment under her breast. The cool air hit her nipple, and it puckered. He covered the little bud with his hand, pinched it with his fingers. Then he looked down at her with burning blue eyes, already panting. “Take it off for me.” That was his Dom’s voice. She couldn’t fail to recognize the lower, silkier tone. Her pussy clenched. She nodded. He eased off of her, still hovering above her. He gave her just enough room to pull the garment up her body and over her head. She used it to shield herself. Jared’s stare raked her body. Around the edges of the little nightie, he could surely see that she hadn’t been wearing any panties. “Fuck, Kitten. I can’t wait to get inside you, baby. Hand the nightgown to me.” Those hushed words, his low command, made her insides flip, then melt. Of the lovers she ever had, none had ever made her feel as beautiful and desired as Jared. Lily was shocked to feel a blush creeping up her skin as she handed the little cotton garment to him. “Can we kill the lights?” Jared shook his head. “I’m going to enjoy seeing your every expression while I’m deep inside you.” As her belly dipped in reaction, he flung her nightgown to the other side of the room. Despite the anticipation charging through her system, she laughed. “Hey,” he defended, “if I had my way, I’d burn it. As it is, I’ll make sure you don’t need that for the rest of the night.” Her belly quivered. “Kiss me, Jared. Don’t stop.” “Yes, ma'am,” he promised, before dropping his hand to her hair, tucking his fingers beneath her head, and bringing her close. This time, his mouth settled over hers firmly. He didn’t merely seduce her with his kiss; he took charge, nudging her lips apart with his own, tasting her deep inside, an endless tangle of lips and tongues that had her breathless and clinging. She wrapped her arms around his sizeable shoulders, fingers grasping into the hard flesh of his back as he moved between her thighs and began working his way down her body. His lips caressed her everywhere. She shivered as they drifted down her neck, to the sensitive little spot where it joined with her shoulder. Those same sure lips pressed tender kisses across her collarbone as his palm cradled her breast in his hand. Languid honey rolled through her blood, and yet, every sense felt attuned to him. Even her skin seemed to strain closer to him. “I fantasized about this a lot,” he whispered against her skin. “From the day I met you, I used to think about getting you alone and naked for uninterrupted hours, exploring every part of your body over and over.” His words alone made her shiver, but when he closed his lips over the hard bud of her nipple, she cried out and arched toward him. Instantly, he wrapped an arm under her back to support her—and keep her there. “When I’ve been drunk or just really damn lonely, I’d let myself think of you. You don’t know how fucking often I’d roll over in bed and wish you were there.” The sincerity pouring off of Jared made her want to cry. “I thought of you, too. When I realized I was doing it, I’d try to force myself to stop. But sometimes, I couldn’t. I’d remember the way you made me feel, like a woman, like…someone special. No one else has ever made me feel that way.” “Kitten, you are special. I’m never going to let you forget it.” Tears stung her eyes, and she slammed them shut. If he kept talking like that, they wouldn’t get closure; she wouldn’t want it. She’d want nothing more than to cling to Jared and pretend the last twelve years had never happened. She’d want to pretend they could have a fairy-tale ending. That would most likely lead to another broken heart. Lily forced out a saucy grin. “Shut up and take your clothes off.” He paused, then smiled down at her.

“You’re awfully demanding tonight, baby. If you’re not careful, that’s going to cost you tomorrow.” She shrugged, but excitement raced through her veins, pulsed between her legs. She would never have considered herself a glutton for punishment, but the way Jared dished out pain, it felt awfully sweet going down. But he did as she asked, and shrugged off his tight black T-shirt. Every time she saw him exposed, she wanted to swallow her tongue. “Are you going to tell me what this scar is?” “How much of yourself are you going to share with me?” He’d dangled the answer to her question like a carrot, wiggling it in front of her face as bait, hoping she’d expose all her secrets to him. Lily couldn’t lie and say that she wasn’t disappointed—or terrified. He sighed. “If you can’t share everything with me tonight, Kitten, I understand. It’s been a long time for us, and Michael…I know it just ended. All I’m asking is that you share as much of yourself with me tonight as you can.” He acted as if this was meaningful, almost momentous, not merely closure. Lily swallowed. Eventually, he’d see that, while there was something wonderful between them, it wasn’t a forever kind of thing. Was it? She gnawed on her lip. “Is there anything else you won’t share with me?” “No. I’m going to give you everything you’ll let me.” That made her swallow against a new tide of desire. According to Shannon, Jared had shared next to nothing of himself with anyone in years. The fact that he felt differently about her warmed something dangerous in her chest. She shouldn’t be more to him than the means to heal a wound. But she couldn’t deny that part of her wanted more. Without another word, he stood and unfastened his jeans, then slid them down his hips, taking his boxer briefs with them. Slim hips, jutting hipbones and a dark cluster of pubic hair revealed themselves before his cock sprung free. She blinked. Lily hadn’t looked at him when he’d taken her virginity. At sixteen, she’d been too embarrassed. The moment between them than had been tender, but now she knew why it had hurt so damn bad initially. He was long and incredibly thick and very hard. His stalk stood straight up, its head flaring bluish and wide and fascinating. He had, by far, the biggest cock she’d ever seen. Unconsciously, she licked her lips nervously. He groaned. “Baby, don’t tease me like that. You’re killing me.” Instantly, she understood—and wanted the opportunity to drive him mad. Since she’d walked into his dungeon, he’d had more than one chance to dish out the sensual torture. This could be hers, and she wanted it. “I’m not teasing,” she whispered. “Shit, Kitten.” He drew in a shuddering breath and stepped closer, wrapping his hands around her head. “This has been one of the most potent fantasies I’ve had for years. Suck me.” When he drew her down to his turgid cock, she opened her mouth, conscious that he watched her every move with unblinking eyes. She could feel his rapt attention all through her body. Excitement settled right beneath her clit. She licked the head once experimentally. Salty, musky, earthy. All man. She shivered as his flavor flared through her, addictive on her tongue. So she lapped at him again. His hands tightened on her head and he hissed in a breath. “You’re trying to kill me.” No, but she couldn’t lift her mouth from his thick stalk to tell him so. Instead, she closed her lips over the bulbous tip and shook her head, humming a little denial. His hips jerked, his body bucked. “Deeper, Kitten.” She sank lower on his cock, her lips skimming as much of the velvety flesh as she could. There was no way she could take him in completely, so she settled for lapping her tongue around him on her way back up, tasting the head again in a series of little licks, then cradling him as she worked back down. He jerked once more, his body tightening as she braced her hands on his hard thighs. God, he was like a rock everywhere, and while that was sexy, what got to her more was how much she aroused him. The fisting of his hands in her hair and the little curses he couldn’t hold in spurred her on to take him deeper again and again, until he pushed at the back of her throat. Lily’s mouth felt overfull. Suddenly, she felt as if she couldn’t breathe. She panicked and tried to shove him back.

Jared held firm. “Calm down, baby. You’re not choking. I’ll stay as still as I can. Breathe through your nose. It’s okay.” She heard his words, but they didn’t compute until he added, “I won’t let anything happen to you.” He wouldn’t; she knew that without hesitation. With that thought foremost in her mind, Lily focused on breathing through her nostrils. Relief hit her. She swallowed, and the back of her throat pushed against the swollen head of his dick. Jared cursed again. “Jesus. I’m trying really hard to go easy on you, but damn …” Her inexperience was showing. She’d given a few drunken blowjobs in college and been criticized for her technique once. Michael had never seemed that enthusiastic when she’d gone down on him. Maybe she sucked, and not in a good way. Lily backed away, and his wet cock slipped from her mouth. “Sorry if it’s not working for you. I don’t do this a lot.” That made him grin from ear to ear. “Kitten, you were doing wonderful, but it does my heart good to know I’m one of the few who’ve been in your mouth.” He tapped her cheek. “Open up, tongue out.” Automatically, she complied, and something inside her heated at his gentle command. Jared took himself in hand and eased his hard flesh back onto her tongue. “Don’t move yet,” he advised. “I want to watch this.” Slowly, he slid his cock against her tongue, from the large, salty head leaking fluid, past the ridge, down the entire silky length, until he was pressing back against her throat again. “Now close your lips around me.” Lily didn’t hesitate, and the heat of his flesh in her mouth fit perfectly. She moaned. “Good girl. I want to fuck your mouth. If it’s too much, snap your fingers, okay?” She’d barely finished nodding before he set a blistering pace as he thrust past her lips. His fingers tangled themselves in her hair again as he groaned and slid over her tongue, to the back of her throat again and again. The taste of him suffused her. His scent sank into her pores. “That’s it, Kitten. Dear fucking God, you’re going to kill me. Yes, baby! Oh, yeah. Damn … I’m not going to last. Now swallow me, every drop.” Lily tensed. She’d never actually swallowed. The few times she’d managed to finish the job, she’d always discreetly spit into a nearby cup or sink. But the thought of this intimate act with Jared, pleasing him, she was nervous, but not scared. She sucked harder, pulling against his thrusts to create more friction, running her tongue all up and down his length, nipping at the head with her teeth. “That’s it. I’m…there. Damn.” His fingers tightened in her hair. He pulsed on her tongue. “Fuck!” Warm jets of salty fluid sprayed to the back of her throat, coating her tongue. Feeling the way his body shuddered, hearing his whispered “Kitten, baby, yes …” filled her with something she couldn’t quite explain. Happiness was too simple, as was pride. It was a deepening connection, a gladness that she’d given him something he desired. She softened her suction, lapping at him, bringing him down slowly. He cradled her head at the crown, then caressed her hair, filtering the strands through his hair for a long moment until he pulled free. When she looked up to meet his gaze, he wore this dazed, happy expression. Every muscle in his body was relaxed. He was so blindingly handsome when he smiled that the sight of him almost hurt. He sighed, then leaned down to kiss the tip of her nose just before he stumbled to the bed and fell flat on his back with a wobbly smile. “That was…awesome. No, incredible.” Jared shifted his body to his side, then propped his head on his hand to look at her. “I needed that.” Warmth suffused her. As broken as he’d been, she was happy to offer him some form of release that hadn’t come from his own hand. “You don’t let the subs at the club do that to you?” Jared shook his head. “The last one who tried spent twenty minutes at it. It wasn’t going to happen, so I let her off the hook. My fault, not hers.” Conflicting emotions clashed inside her: pride that she'd succeeded where others had failed, but jealousy that other women had taken him in their mouth. It wasn’t rational or fair. If anything, he had more reason to be jealous. She’d been engaged, had sex in the last five years. Feeling proprietary wasn’t smart. She was supposed to be getting over him, helping him let go.

But she supposed it was only natural to feel close to him when his scent and taste still lingered and he laid beside her, watching intently. The right time to say good-bye would hit them both, and they’d be done, whole people ready to face their lives. “You’re staring off into space. Did I lose you already?” She shook her head. “It’s just been a momentous day.” He winced. “Two orgasms, a spanking, being fondled by your brother, and a breakup. If you’re too tired for more, I’d be perfectly happy to get you off with my tongue, then let you go to sleep. Is that what you want, Kitten?”

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Pops was rubbing her temples as her annoying long haired friend hugged her tightly.

“I’m feeling better Ed.” She growled out looking down at his dumb smiling face. “You can let go now.” Ed simply shook his head and hugged a bit tighter causing the woman to growl and try to stand up straight which in the end caused her to fall back on the bed as her friend just continued to hug and smile.

“I just want to drink a can of coke and read a book.” Pops snarled out glaring into the smiling man’s eyes.

“Just remember your friends love you.” Pops groaned trying her hardest to shove the man off of her as he giggled and hugged tighter.

“FINE I’LL REMEMBER!” Ed accepted her response and let go, taking a seat on a near by chair before yawning and closing his eyes. Pops returned with a can of soda looking at her now fully asleep friend and rolling her eyes. Taking her seat back on her bed she turned on the fan and aimed it at her friend.

Just because your feeling off doesn’t mean you don’t love your friends.


Idk why the fuck I wrote this. Just wanted to say I love you Pops, your fucking awesome and I hope we talk more and more then we do now! :)

-Ed aka KingREDEADED




especially when you consider how sad he looks while skating the same program at Worlds, because although it might be an artistic choice I also think it’s meant to highlight the deep longing Viktor feels for someone to be close to 


this smile saved my life

Anyway mcu Tony would be so fucking offended by his 616 counterpart’s Giant 6'1 Bod like he wouldn’t take his lifts off for a month in his Self-inflicted Fury at how Deeply his own universe did him dirty with that


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JI was like 👀👀👀 when CxS interacted

BTS Reaction to you saying “daddy” at dinner and both them and your father respond-

(for anon)

((kinda jokey/funny, hope you like it.))


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In the middle of dinner when you were asking your actual father to pass the salt, jin didn’t quite hear you so he simply asked “hmm?” while looking up from his food. You widened your eyes and said “no babe, talking to my dad.” To which he just nodded quickly, tried not to look suspicious and then looked back down at his food. 


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“Hey daddy,” “Yes darling? “What babe?” Everyone’s eyes widened at the dinner table except for Yoongi’s. …until he remembered where you both were at. He met the eyes of your father and simply shrugged while looking down at his plate. “She doesn’t call me that all the time, don’t worry.” He said quietly, causing you to punch him in the side of his thigh.


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When Hoseok asked what you needed after you said “Daddy, I need something”, the table became awfully quiet. Until Hoseok finally spoke up, having not processed what just happened yet. “Why is it so quiet now? Babe what did you need?”

Rap Mon-

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“Daddy, is there more food?” “I think so, let me go check.” “I hope, this food is delicious.” Your father looked at Namjoon with shock and anger. Namjoon laughed awkwardly and shook his head. “I’m just kidding. A-about the daddy thing, not the food!”


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You asked your father for a bite of what was on his plate and Jimin responded by shoving a forkful of his food in your mouth, causing you to almost choke from embarrassment. And cause Jimin seriously shoved that food right in. “Okay babe, there you go!”


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“Daddy, who cooked this?” “Your mom did, sweetie.” “I don’t know babe, probably one of your parents.” It became intensely quiet when Taehyung looked up from eating and noticed all eyes on him. “Well am I wrong?!”


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During the middle of dinner when you asked your father to pass you a knife, Jungkook responded with a “sure baby,” and gave you his. Your father’s eyes burned through Jungkook with rage when he finally looked up and noticed the sudden change in the atmosphere. “I mean no Y/N, knives are dangerous…” Jungkook said taking your knife away, completely missing the point of the stares of rage.

Thigh Kissing

Summary: Phil loves everything about Dan, but he loves kissing his thighs more than anything in the world.
Word Count: 1,144
Warnings: None
A/N: Y'all asked for thigh kissing, so I granted your wishes. If you would like to support me and my writing and get perks such as getting my fics a day early, head over to my patreon!

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Phil loved everything about Dan.

He loved the way he smiled, those dimples caving in on his cheeks, his entire face brightening up as though he was the happiest man alive. Phil had no doubt that, for a while, he was the happiest man alive. He was always grinning whenever Phil was around and then he would look at him with those gorgeous chocolate eyes, ones so soft and filled with fondness that it took Phil’s breath away.

He loved the way Dan had started to wear his hair curly, showing a confidence that didn’t used to be there. But it was there now, shining in a way that made him look like an entirely different person. He held himself taller, spoke loudly, and his hair was wild and so soft that Phil loved to run his hands through it.

“Phil, you’re messing up my hair,” Dan would complain when he did this, but he wouldn’t push Phil away and just let him twirl a curl around his fingers.

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Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: slight angst, smut, dom!yoongi
Warnings: sex, demeaning names, humiliation, degradation, unprotected sex, ass play, cum play

You did not know how to deal with that predicament. One part of you deeply wished you could figure it out while another part wanted to give up. Considering you had done everything you could not get jealous again, you sighed, your fingernails tapping against the kitchen counter as you ran one nervous hand through your locks.

“Where the fuck is my stuff?”

Grumbled Yoongi sleepily as an annoyed sigh crossed his lips, him fidgeting in the bags from your flat in the hope to find one of his sweatpants. You shook your head with a frown as you turned to him, irritation rising within you, raising the voice. After a silence, you realized how angered you sounded since you felt him spending more time composing music with Hoseok than you.

“I don’t know, Yoongi. Maybe you left it at Hoseok’s flat.”

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