SO my skullgirls team is beo/squigly/cerebella and ever since i watched ore monogatari i like to think beo has personal space issues sometimes and that’s a constant bother for a certain acrobat who admires him very very much (and who also i like to think has a bit of a crush on him but thats a secret). squigly doesnt mind though tbh leviathan cares more than her.

haha who needs backgrounds honestly


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So finally!! After 2 long weeks of work (Bc i have a job AND uni to deal with mind u) I finished this!! I was talking one day about how Beowulf and Cerebella would be as parents and i was asked by madamlunar to draw said wrestler child. I honestly didn’t really have much of an idea of how she was gonna be at all since i was more focused on her parents than her but I’ve been thinking about her and I even found her a name!!

More details for Ceolwynne and her parents down below!

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I got a couple of asks about genderswapping Bella and ever since then I haven’t…. been able to stop thinking about it… specially since i imagine that while Beo has no problem doing a dude he’d have trouble processing it at first because he was always presented w women as the default option

anyway have some fanboy