shoo shoo bee doo


Call Upon The Sea Ponies, but every time they say “Shoo bee doo! Shoo shoo bee doo!” or “Sea Pony”, it speeds up by 10%.
I decided to do this video since people have been bringing up this song again due to new versions of Sea Ponies being in the new My Little Pony movie.



Based on the headcanon that Gejeel secretly sings songs about Levy at night to help him sleep…as made by @fairytailheadcanons

🎶🎤 One a Shrimpy, Two a Shrimpy, Three a Shrimpy, Four. Hoppin’ over books, and readin’ her some lore. Shoo-bee-do-ba and Shoo-bee-doo-bee…4 Shorty Shrimpy’s, Driftin’ Cross the Sea.

Five a Shorty, Six a SHorty, Seven Shorty, Eight…Tiny Woman in my head, could the SHorty be my Fate?

Doop-a-shicka-dee and Boop-a-bop-a-shoo. Pocket Princess Woman, Throws me for a Loop.🎶🎶  

- Lyrics by me : ) …errrrr, I mean Gajeel lol.-  


The trailer is finally here. The animation looks pretty different from the usual style we are accustomed to, but it is that unique look that differentiates itself from the rest of the Equestria Girls films.

I did not know an animated film could use every color in existence.