shoo shoo bee doo

Based on the headcanon that Gejeel secretly sings songs about Levy at night to help him sleep…as made by @fairytailheadcanons

🎶🎤 One a Shrimpy, Two a Shrimpy, Three a Shrimpy, Four. Hoppin’ over books, and readin’ her some lore. Shoo-bee-do-ba and Shoo-bee-doo-bee…4 Shorty Shrimpy’s, Driftin’ Cross the Sea.

Five a Shorty, Six a SHorty, Seven Shorty, Eight…Tiny Woman in my head, could the SHorty be my Fate?

Doop-a-shicka-dee and Boop-a-bop-a-shoo. Pocket Princess Woman, Throws me for a Loop.🎶🎶  

- Lyrics by me : ) …errrrr, I mean Gajeel lol.-