One day, one rhyme- Day 1177

Hello, user name NothingSuss.
Now I don’t want to start a fuss
But I will not view your web cam.
Hi, AbsolutelyNotAScam
You say you want to give me cash
Into my account in a flash,
If I just send my credit card
And personal info, not hard,
Emailed to you for ‘account fees.’
Now I’m not one who’s hard to please,
But I suspect you’re not legit
With names like Mr. MoonlightFlit
And Shyster Shonky Deal-McTrick,
From links no sane person would click
“Hello, person I’ve never met,
I am your closest relative
And my fortune I’d like to give,
Just send me cash to pay my bonds
(And sundry expenses, like wands)
And I’ll leave ev'rything to you.”
Well, that sounds incredibly true,
But I’m afraid I’ll have to pass,
Ms Fraudulena Taxbypass.

On the way back to Scoone Avenue, in the dark of night, Vimes walked along the alley behind Clay Lane and stopped when he reckoned he was at a point halfway between the backs of the pawn shop and the shonky shop, and therefore behind the temple.
He threw his cigar stub over the fence. He heard it land on gravel, which moved a little.
And then he went home. And the world turned towards morning.

– Terry Pratchett, Night Watch

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I admire the courage of those who have ventured back onto the SC ship. For my part, I'm currently firmly atop that fence and am likely to remain there irrespective of cute SC banter and videos. Trashy will turn up again (Cait has failed in her BFF duties by allowing this thirsty person to get her hooks in whatever the nature of the relationship) while SC continue to gaze at each other with heart eyes (no self-respecting SO would put up with this). Side-eying them all (and Sam's shonky adjacents)

Welcome to the fence, side eyes.

Happy Birthday,  phantomofthenightclub!

May 3 - “What’s your favorite silverware? Because I like to spoon!” Jemma/Bucky or Karen Page/Frank Castle for @phantomofthenightclub

This is Jemma/Bucky, unashamedly pulling from the classic ‘huddling for warmth’ trope :3

Written by @cinnaatheart (CinnaAtHeart on AO3)

The cabin is so many shades of ‘disaster waiting to happen’ Jemma can scarcely believe it actually exists. The tiny, one-bedroom homestead is hidden in the wilds of Canada, an hour’s drive from the nearest township. The bedroom itself is poky and cramped, the mattress on the bed at least a few decades old, and the kitchen- if one could really call it that- smells ever so faintly of rancid meat and cigarette smoke. So far out, the cabin isn’t hooked to the power grid, powered instead by a generator that could be described as shonky at best, and don’t even get her started on the bathroom. It’s a horror show on all levels, and more than once she pinches herself, as though somehow it might wake her from this walking nightmare of a mission.

Jemma’s suspects their ‘banishment’ here is half-research assignment, half an excuse to keep Barnes hidden in the aftermath of the latest international disaster. Another ‘favour for a friend’, no doubt, though Coulson had been sketchy on the details.

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Marhinki Fanfictions are always like

Mari: Om gog I broke up wit Petur lol *cries*

Sohinki: Omg i wana confess mah fellins 2 mari

Mari: Let cuddle

Sohinki: Yass bitch *Kisses ur 4 head* I luh u

mari: me 2 lol *knocks the fuck out sleeping on shonkis chest n shit*

Sohinki: Das bae.

Mari: Om gog lets kep it a c kret betwink u and me so no body knows lol

Sohinki: das gr8 lol

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Australian is a legitimate language. I have an Australian friend and sometimes I swear he is making words up.

Mate, fair dinkin - you’d be spewin if you’d had a sticky at our conversation just today! Today,old mate chucked a sicky and this arvo when I rocked up he was making a sanger for smoko. We were lipsmacking about this cockroach (who is actually a sandgroper) who reckons she used to know this shark biscuit who would rock up to P.E. in his budgiesmuglers, a bag of goon in his port and then go walkabout beyond the black stump when the teacher did a 180. He had more tickets on himself than there are at the Ekka. Biggest bludger ever. The bloddy larrikin only teed up in aerial pingpong because he was true blue, and even then his effort was shonky. He never did get dux though aye.

To be honest, I was just havin’ a go, ya mug. You’d be flat out like a lizard drinking to find a bloke who’ll yabber on like that on the daily. They probably wouldn’t be the full quid. I know I’d be ropeable if some whacka chewed my ear off like this. You’d probably end up goin’ troppo if you were within cooee of them. I’d suggest staying at least 3 clicks away, aye.


Chess Records (Slim Harpo, Willie Dixon, King Albert and a lot of old bluesmen), Ray Charles,Johnny Cash,Miles Davis,Oasis,Verve,Led Zepplelin,The Who,Clash,RATM,Lou Reed,Beatles,NIN,Massive attack,Nirvana,Joy Division, Korn , Slipknot,Pet shop boys,East 17 ,Culture club,Eurodance,Hot chip
Techno: Lee Burridge, Dave Clark,OstGutTon records,Shonky,Shaun King, Josh Wink,James Holden, Plastikman, Lostep,Hardfloor, Shaun King, Leftfield.
Disco : Earth,Wind and Fire,Cerrone,Chic
Cinema: Burt Bucharar, Angelo Badalamenti,How to Destroy Angels

Do you like pirates?! How about mermen?! How about pirates boning mermen?!


Say what you will about the concept, I had a lot of fun with this one, shonky prose and all.

The Merman and the Barbarian Pirate tells the tale of Raef, a naive young merman who runs away from home to find a prince of his very own. What he ends up with instead is a two-faced nobleman and a pirate with a heart of gold. Calamity!

The story is simple as all getup and the majority of the emotional tension could be solved by the characters just using their words, but, let’s face it, fanfiction has ensured that I’m well-versed in throwing myself face first into this particular cliche. Plus, queer mermen. I’m not even going to go into what I would forgive for this particular combination but spoilers: it’s a lot.

The prose, as mentioned, has moments of terribad that actually loop back around to believable given we’re riding along in Raef’s head. Of any character I’ve ever read he’s totally one I could see saying “sword of flesh” in place of “dick”, the darling.

About the only major issue I had with the piece was (spoilers ahoy!) Kemp’s inevitable declaration of love being the result of an antagonist deciding it’d be hella hot of him to make out with a lady companion right in front of her. Kemp very dramatically declares that he cannot do this! For if he is to kiss anyone!!! It must be Raef!!!!!11! And like, I get the feel and all, but there’s a fuckton riding on making this creepy old lady happy, bro - just kiss the woman. It’s not the end of the world. But no, the characters all pretend that they’re in grade school for a moment and Raef, Kemp and their crew lose out. Raef and Kemp come away from the showdown trapped in a pit where their first port of call is to stick their dicks in each other, because of course it is, and I’m left staring at the pages going, “did he seriously have lube on him this whole time?”

Other than that slight foray into dramatic daytime cinema though, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It’s ridiculous, campy fanfiction at best, but as long as you go into it expecting the literary equivalent of a bowl of fruit loops you’re golden.


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I just became aware of the fact that Ciel hasn't even gone trough puberty, he's thirteen, still has a kiddy voice and he's as tiny as ever, he doesn't even show any signs of actually growing older, actually it seems to be going in reverse. He looked allot older in the beginning of Kuro and seems to have steadily grown younger. (I am aware that it has to do with Yana's art style.) That's some shonky business right there.

That’s also something Sebastian likes to comment about a lot. At least the thing about his height.

And others noticed as well:

There are flashbacks of when his parents were still alive and he definitely looked younger then, but since he has made the contract he hasn’t developed much (physically).

But don’t worry Ciel, your time will come. XD


Droog played this track at Get Lost this past weekend… First time hearing it in a club, twas magical. It’s also featured in session two of my miss lucy goes deep sessions, check it out!

miss lucy goes deep [session two] by misslucyisadj