Playzone 2001 Shinseki Emotion, 2001.08.16

This was Ohno’s final day/performance for Shinseki Emotion. And this is also the final year that Ohno participates in Playzone. Also the last time he’s on stage with MA in a musical/stage play. 

Very very emotional final day.

And before I attempt to narrate/translate what went on during that final speech, just recall for a moment that this is 2001 and Ohno still felt insecure about being Arashi, that he lagged behind Arashi, and the most vocal fans questioned why he debuted and not Tackey. 

This was his first stageplay as lead with Shonentai, while carrying the title and name of being Arashi’s leader. He also said he had worried a lot for this musical, because he couldn’t give his all during practice and thought Shonentai despised him because of it even if they said nothing. Inohara’s (V6) encouraging words gave him strength. I’ve always said he’s a Shonentai baby. This is among the reasons why.

Now you can look at that crying face again. And this is what happened:

He actually said “Goodbye! Ohno Satoshi!” in this just before the final song/performance for Show Time. Jokingly, of course, and the crowd laughs. Then a huge cake was presented of Playzone saying goodbye to the 20th century, and welcoming the new century. The cake was delivered by MA (with 2 from MAD, I think). MA’s been reduced to 4 people at this point: Machida, Yara, Yonehana, Akiyama.

Curtain went down, and the next time it went up, Shonentai and Ohno stepped forward. And it didn’t take long before Ohno started bawling. I’d love to translate Ohno’s entire speech but I could only pick up very little (and he barely talked, what with all that bawling…)

Other than repeatedly saying his gratitude, he also said, “I did my best.” And, “It was good to be in Playzone.” And, “I’m really grateful to Shonentai and MA.”

The entire time, people were clapping and cheering him on, shouting “Ganbatte!” and “Kawaii!” at the same time. All the while, Ohno kept on bawling on his arm while Shonentai (Nikki, I think) yelled at him “Ohno! Don’t pretend to cry (or something along this line)!" 

At this point, Ohno can barely speak and just said something like, "I can’t stop my tears anymore. Thank you everyone. Thank you very much” in a jumble of words.

Shonentai took over because Ohno’s incoherent. Not sure if it was Higashiyama talking, “I think that was one big step.” Cue laughter. 

And then Nikki said, “Arashi fans can buy at least two Shonentai singles/CDs. I’ll check at the office! In this industry, it’s called give and take.” Cue laughter again.

Shonentai then asked the entire crowd to give Ohno a banzai cheer. The whole auditorium gave him the traditional Banzai cheer (3 times). 

Trivia: Banzai isn’t actually a war cry. It’s more like a cheer for victory, favor and enthusiasm. 

I think this moment was when Ohno won the hearts of an entire auditorium/theater. You know that phrase, “Bring the house down” ? I also like to view this moment as the stage in Ohno’s life where he finally began to build that momentum (and confidence) to take on the industry as an Arashi member with pride. It sure felt like watching his whole past support his future endeavors. 

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5LDK 2011.06.30

Higashi: I think out of all the juniors, I have spent the most money on TOKIO. Around 10 million yen (OH MY GOD I want to be a TOKIO). I won’t forget how this guy (points at Nagase) can eat beef of 26 people’s share when he was 15. Now he is so big and strong, you can say that it’s thanks to my investment.

Nagase: I am really grateful to senpai. I am 32 years old now and I don’t treat the juniors to anything.

NOW. NAGASE……………………. I never knew you are such a stingy guy.

credit; na711

[Goo Ranking] Most Likeable Johnnys (Veteran Edition)

Goo Ranking has just released its ranking of the most likeable Johnny’s talents based on a survey of over a thousand people. Arashi’s great great great senpai Higashiyama Noriyuki from Shonentai took first place while Arashi’s own Sakurai Sho took second place. The goo ranking commentary notes that Sakurai probably appealed to those surveyed due to his activities as a newscaster. Arashi is also the only group in which all the members ranked within top ten.

The rankings are as follows:

1. Higashiyama Noriyuki (Shonentai)

2. Sakurai Sho (Arashi)

3. Joshima Shigeru (TOKIO)

4. Ohno Satoshi (Arashi)

5. Aiba Masaki (Arashi)

6. Nakai Masahiro (SMAP)

7. Katori Shingo (SMAP)

8. Kokubun Taiichi (TOKIO)

9. Ninomiya Kazunari (Arashi)

10. Matsumoto Jun (Arashi)

The survey included Johnny’s talents up to Kanjani8 while groups that debut after Kanjani8 were surveyed in a separate “Newcomers Edition”. For a complete list of the ranking as well as the full article see

Every Johnny’s talent to take part in relief project

Johnny’s & Associates will launch a new relief project involving every one of their talents to support the victims of the Japan earthquake, it was revealed on March 19, reports Sponichi Annex and Sports Hochi.

It has been reported the project will include a charity CD sale and events.

On March 18, a truck originally intended to transport concert equipment, instead transported everyday needs like disposable baby diapers and disinfectant to affected areas in Iwate prefecture.

Johnny’s talents Hideaki Takizawa (28), Tsubasa Imai (29), and Yuma Nakayama (17) helped to load the goods onto the truck.

Our fans have supported us, now we want to give something back to them,” Imai said.

“If we can help motivate people to do something by doing it ourselves, I think there’s a need for all of us (at Johnny’s) to get together and ask our fans to help out as well,” Takizawa said.

Following the 1995 Kobe earthquake, 13 Johnny’s talents from the Kansai region, or with connections to Kansai had formed “J-FRIENDS” (TOKIO, KinKi Kids, and V6).  The special group released CDs and held performances to raise money for earthquake victims.

It has been reported that other talents had said they wanted to help out if another charity group were to be formed, and it is expected that this project will be bigger than ever.  The group will even include Johnny’s senior Masahiko Kondo, Shonentai, SMAP, and Arashi.


July 24th ♥ 植草克秀 (Uekusa Katsuhide)

Kacchan joined the agency in February 1980. Debuted in 1985 as member of Shounentai with the single “Kamen Butokai”. He got married in 1994 with his high school girlfriend and then model Chieko.

He is father of 2 kids, boy and girl. They divorced in 2010, sharing custody of both kids. Uekusa-san has worked as an actor in parallel with his activities as Shonentai since then. Kacchan is really loved by his kouhai since he likes to play pranks on a lot of people because he suffers from insomnia. Lately he only participates in plays if it’s to share experience with a kouhai.

Happy 46th Birthday! お誕生日おめでとう!〜