Married Johnny’s list

1. Kondo Masahiko [1994]

2. SMAP - Kimura Takuya [2000]

3. V6 - Inohara Yoshihiko [2007]

4. TOKIO - Yamaguchi Tatsuya [2008]

5. Shonentai - Higashiyama Noriyuki [2010]

6. ex-KATTUN - Akanishi Jin [2012]

7. Kazama Shunsuke [2013]

8. TOKIO - Kokubun Taichi [2015]

5LDK 2011.06.30

Higashi: I think out of all the juniors, I have spent the most money on TOKIO. Around 10 million yen (OH MY GOD I want to be a TOKIO). I won’t forget how this guy (points at Nagase) can eat beef of 26 people’s share when he was 15. Now he is so big and strong, you can say that it’s thanks to my investment.

Nagase: I am really grateful to senpai. I am 32 years old now and I don’t treat the juniors to anything.

NOW. NAGASE……………………. I never knew you are such a stingy guy.

credit; na711


Nicky explains that the phrase shouted in the beginning of Dekameron Densetsu(デカメロン伝説, Decameron Legend) is “wakachicon”, which is an imitation of funky guitar sound.

Song starts at 2:57.

(Later Nicky confessed that he took the phrase from a song called Tomato Ippatsu (トマト・イッパツ ) by a band named Spectrum(スペクトラム). It’s a great song, by the way!)