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After cleaning up and un-following some blogs that were…filling up with alot of drama and things i dislike seeing, I need some new blogs to follow!

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1. Anime (Currently im into My Hero Academia, Mob Psycho 100, Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z/Dragon Ball Super, Fairy Tail, Little Witch Academia, anything related to Shonen/Fantasy/Adventure)

2. Videogames (Sonic, Pokemon, Kirby, Kingdom Hearts, Fire Emblem, Ace Attorney, Megaman, Final Fantasy)

3. Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks/Laika studios (even anything related to animation -im currently studying animation-)

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*today was a good day for my shonen shipping trash heart*

Scratch that, it was a great day.

I get tsundere interaction between Sanji and Nami and a sort-of make-up scene, though they still have a few things to iron out to have a true reconciliation when they meet face-to-face.


SHE DIDN’T SAY NO..! (It feels like Oda’s celebrating with us during Sanami Week.) ^^

Then I get playful ‘no-I’m-better-no-I-am’ from Souma and Erina with Souma calling her their leader. 


Like, why do they gotta be so domestic and adorable? 

I don’t even know who to ship anymore since they’ve all got great chemistry with each other; we’ve got the obvious ones like SouEri, SouMegu, and SouTaku, but Takumi and Erina had great interaction the last chapter, and I’ve been partial to TakuMegu since their first interaction and because of their matching colour palettes.

With that said, don’t mind me, you can now go on with your regular programming. 

Warm, aren’t I? Isn’t this what it feels like to touch another person?”
-D.Gray-man (23rd Night)