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The Eureka Seven mashup, In Da Scub, is finally on Youtube.

>Home Made Kazoku - Shonen Heart
>50 Cent - In Da Club

Warm, aren’t I? Isn’t this what it feels like to touch another person?”
-D.Gray-man (23rd Night)

Wanna wait to edit my “kagune are magic” post because while Tatara generating fire, let alone doing so right next to his face holes, is bullshit enough, the claim that it is around 4000c really takes the cake. That is a temperature hot enough to sublimate (i.e. vaporize) diamond, a super non-reactive, stable substance. 

So I wanna see that one in print before really throwing in the towel.

The Yomo family lightning is slightly less absurd because lightning, while hotter, isn’t a sustained temperature, and it isn’t the lightning itself that is that temperature - its the air/plasma around it that’s superheated by the sudden surge of electric current. And our bodies already have electricity in them. The Yomo family lightning is a discharge of a build up electric current, not holding a steady stream of 4000 degrees celsius next to your goddamn face.

What is this, a pokedex entry?

But even if it’s not 4000c it’s still kind of absurd. Long term exposure to high temperature is really devastates to the human body. We are meat after all. And, as Touka so elegantly spat at Tsukiyama, even a ghoul can be eaten. 

So if Kaneki could eat Eto’s kakuja, it’s just kind of absurd that Tatara can do this with fire. 

Fire requires fuel. What is he burning? Fire breathers are constantly spitting out a flow of some sort of highly flammable liquid (with a practice and skill that keeps the flame from jumping back through into their mouths, which can and has killed people). You can’t actually burn anger…

Is he burning RC cells? Can he turn RC cells into a fat or an oil and burn that? How long can he sustain that kind of waste of RC cells?  And how is he protecting the rest of his body/kakuja? Even with monster regeneration, burning damage is some of the most damaging and hardest to heal from and most likely to cause your body to just straight shut down from shock.

Or are we supposed to just… give up on thinking critically about kagune because they are just magic now…