Not physically towards me, excluding a few times, but he was extremely verbally and mentally abusive. When I was about eight he tried to strangle me, and only stopped when my mom yelled at him.

But my mom isn’t particularly the greatest person either. I feel like, at times, she’s mentally and verbally abusive as well.

We fight a lot and there has been occasions where she’s smacked me or called me some things that still bother me and affect my everyday life, as do some things that she “hasn't” done, such as calling an ambulance when I tried overdosing on various pills because I just wanted it all to stop, permanently.

And the only bright spot in my life has been my eagerness…

to graduate so I can finally move out and potentially get myself the medical help that I need, because I know for a fact I have depression and most likely have undiagnosed panic and anxiety disorders, and undiagnosed ADHD and ADD, and OCD.

I’ve actually been asked if I have all five of those undiagnosed conditions numerous times, but not once in my entire life (17 years) have I been tested for them.

I sometimes feel so lost in my own home that I want to lock myself away and pretend…

I don’t exist because that at least nulls the lost feeling for a while.

It’s come to my attention that I need to learn some better coping skills because my go to coping strategy no longer helps and I was hoping that maybe you’d be able to help, or be able to direct me to someone who can help.

#LAVENDER sisterhood answer:

Unbelievably GREAT WORK!

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I love how convenient it is that with fancasting people especially when the announcement of a movie involving these characters love to pretend Batman's love interests have not been mostly WOC

It amazes me that people completely forget that: Catwoman is Cuban in the comics and was black on the tv show, Talia Al Ghul is Arabic and they have a son who is biracial (because I see y'all white washing Damian to and I’m not here for that bullshit at all because he ain’t even light skinned Damian is a brown child since he was introduced Damian always had dark brown skin), Zatanna is a Jewish-Romani immigrant and will possibly be played by a black actress in the Justice League dark film, Natalia Knight I believe was Asian, Wonder Woman is Greek in the comics but is being played by a Israeli Jewish woman in the movies, Shondra Kinsolving is black. So getting mad at us fans who want to see Bruce on screen pinning after a WOC is nothing compared to the fact that every WOC he has ever dated majority of you have white washed in fan castings… but whatever I guess

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Five Things
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5 things you love:
My family
Being beach bums
Road trips
Any dates I can get with Soc

5 things you hate:
Selfish people
Dumb people
Dirty house

5 things you’re looking forward to in the future:
Getting started on graduate classes
Quality family time
Being home for a few weeks
Traveling more

5 shows you like to watch:
Handmaids Tale
Game of Thrones
Shondra everything
Evolution documentaries.

5 facts about yourself:
I’m fluent in Spanish
I love singing(when no one is listening)
I don’t have my gallbladder
I don’t have a passport
I love visiting historical sites

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If you had to say by CANON standards, not what SHOULD be canon, or what you WANT to be canon, can you provide subtext or logical proof of Bruce being bisexual?

OKAY, well. 

!!There’s not really such things called logical proof to how someone feels towards another person, regardless of gender!!

honestly im no scientist on why people are bisexual. but I do have my reasons to why I believe that Bruce is bisexual. 

FIRST, let’s start with his beginnings. When he first debuted in the Detective Comics, ESPECIALLY around the time where Robin was introduced and certain aspects had to be taken out of comics due to reader discretion, people thought that Batman was gay. 

I mean, well. 

Yes, that’s why Robin went with the Teen Titans in the first place. It’s also why a change in writers and artists was made, because during the 60s? 50s? 70s? I can’t remember the precise era, but this was frowned upon so FUCK NO we couldn’t have a gay superhero. That being said, he was turned into a ‘hairy chested man’s man’ (and this isn’t my own thoughts, it’s what actual writers have said was the goal) with ladies on his arms. ONLY for that reason. There wasn’t anything towards except that he couldn’t be bisexual since it would make people boycott the Detective Comics, and for this reason alone Batman wouldn’t have made it if the changes never happened. 

That being said, the era did pass. And we could actually look at Bruce Wayne as being an actual HUMAN, instead of something that was making money so we had to go with the public. Now, we can get in there and explore his character a bit more. And, incidentally, a few years after this we were exposed to Midnighter. 

Who’s Midnighter? Well, only a knock off Batman. And that isn’t supposed to be offensive. Seriously, he and Apollo were made to be alike Batman and Superman. Now, since they aren’t ACTUALLY them, NOW it’s okay to have gay superheros. Don’t believe me on just how much they are supposed to be them? Well,

Compare that to this lovely SuperBat fan made panel and actual comic panel for a moment. 

So we can clearly see that this was an intentional comparison between batman and Superman, but it was also the safest way for DC to still not have their comics boycotted since of course that would still happen. and not to mention that they even made apollo and midnighter break up or not have them together in specific issues, things like that due to the controversy around it. 

But this isn’t about SuperBat, although it is the easiest thing to draw from. Okay, let’s go into a deeper analysis of just him and his sexual orientation. 

See, the trouble with writing this about such a famous character is just that. so many people have their own different interpretations, and not to mention the dozns of different canon writers to Batman. So how can we draw specifically when there are so many differing opinions and styles? 

Well, to do that let’s just take all of the different canon relationships that Bruce has been in and find out what different aspects they had, regardless of gender. to see if he likes a specific TRAIT.  

First off, the two biggest ships with Bruce are Selina Kyle and Diana Prince. both are leading roles, with strong personalities, and women who are just downright self reliant and don’t need to be saved. but there are so many women who have been in his life. looking further, theres a good pattern as to who they are. he’s shown to be attracted to lois lane, has been in a relaionship with Andrea Beaumont who ended up being a bit more on the criminal side but still strong and even had her own secret identity and a take on taking down criminals,  Shondra Kinsolving who was a successful doctor all on her own and even helped Bruce to recover after the incidents of Knightfall, TALIA AL GHUL who is the friggin daughter of the league of assassins and knows how to kick ass. 

The reoccurring theme in these love interests follows the same pattern: strong, self reliant, successful, strong. (hmm… lot of… S’s…. HMMM.) But again,that wasn’t what you were asking, was it? okay. lets look into some canon proof of him acting this way towards men. and yes, im going to use superman deal with it i do what i want 

hmm, okay. again. not him doing it. lets see… oh, i know. have these. 

This next picture especially gets to me because there is no one else in the entire worl who he would allow to see him, as batman, at the graves of his parents. no one other than superman. 

now, for the “logic” behind loving someone. and that answer is? love isn’t something you can explain. if you don’t think that batman is bisexual? go ahead. i do. i think that he’s just a man, who fights love because he needs to do what’s right for his city, but finds it anyway. that it can be a man or a woman, but he will love them wholeheartedly. someone who is strong, who he won’t have to feel guilty about leaving at home to go to his city. someone who may be a bit on the dark side,or someone who understands the dark and can see through it or shine a light through it. someone he can go to battle WITH, and not for. for, as well, but someone that he can love SELFLESSLY, and not selfishly always feeling guilty and HAVING to break up with them because Gotham will always take his spot in his heart. someone who knows what that feels like, to dedicate their heart and soul to saving lives. 

and maybe, just maybe, that someone can be a man. because of over 75+ years of Batman writing, I’m sure that he wasn’t always straight to everyone. can we let love be love, and not be forcefully, “logically” explained? 

thank you.

On Kaladesh and pronounciations

Hi friends,

A lot of requests have come in asking me to share how to pronounce a few of the words and names in Kaladesh, so I thought I’d do that this week to help prepare for the prerelease weekend. If i have time, i might even record a video! For now though, what follows is an introduction to how Indian languages work, and then a guide to pronouncing the handful of words in Kaladesh that are indic descended. For the safety and security of your browsing experience, I’ve included a cut.

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James Tynion IV on Stephanie Brown's Return, Harper Row, the Return of a Female "nobody will see coming" and ... Monkeys

This week brings the first issue of DC Comics new Bat-centric weekly series, Batman Eternal. First announced last year, the series will be written by four writers with Scott Snyder acting as showrunner. DC has been dropping clues about the plot lines hints for months. In February Batman #28 gave a look at the Gotham that will ultimately be the focus of the book. I chatted with one of the writers on project, James Tynion IV (Talon, Red Hood and the Outlaws) about the book, about that surprise appearance in #28, who else might show up and … monkeys?

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Imagine one of the triplets goes to high school and gets drafted into a group of 'demonologists'. They all try to summon demons but nobody is successful until a new kid in the group with some actual experience manages to summon Dipper. Dipper and (insert triplet here) proceed to have a pleasant chat consisting of "hey uncle dipper" "hey how's math going?" "Not bad, how're the summonings lately?"

Hank wasn’t sure how he had gotten roped into the school’s demonology club, especially considering he was the “normal” triplet in everyone else’s eyes (ugh ugh UGH).

But here he was, lured in by the promise of free pizza.

To be fair there was free pizza.

It was just going to be after this summoning.

Hank was slightly worried. The sophomore who seemed to be running the show, Shondra, also actually knew what she was doing. That worried Hank: noobs who used scented candles were bad, but so were people who knew what they were doing and could call down way worse demons then some amateur hour.

Hank wasn’t leaving because he had a feeling he was going to clean up someone’s mess (also, he was 14 and starving all the time so he was totally going to hit up that pizza). Hank didn’t have the same talents as his little sister, but if he concentrated really hard, he could feel the bond between him and Uncle Dipper. (Though if it came to that, Hank knew that Uncle Dipper would show up at the first inkling of Hank being in trouble)

Hank had been so busy zoning out he hadn’t even heard them start the ritual-stupid Hank, STUPID, just hope it isn’t something big-but he tuned in just in time to hear Shondra yell out the last word-“ALCOR!”

Hank grinned as Uncle Dipper blossomed out of the darkness.

“W͞H͔O̹͖͎ ̣͓D̻͙̝A̗͈R̤̳̦̱E̛̩̭̝̖̦͈̮S̷͇̣͇̗̤͕͔ ̤̟̣̳̹̱͢S̶̥̝̤̪U̶̻M҉͕̙-̮̩̺̦̝̬-oh, hey Hank.”

Hank grinned and because he had a perverse sense of humor, crossed the circle to give his uncle a hug.

“Hey Alcor!”

For Shondra and her demonology club, the next ten minutes were some of the scariest of their lives as Hank Pines chatted with the most powerful demon in the world like it was no big deal.

When Alcor disappeared, Hank turned to them and grinned.

“Well, that was nice.”



1) Majority are HILARIOUS and POSITIVE.
2) STILL don’t understand how people think it’s Fritz and Shondra.
3) HOW in the world do people think “Shondra” is the director.
4) The return date is advertised EVERYWHERE. So read or please use Google.
5) People are either lazy or not observant. Or scarily both! (I guess that’s how fake marriages are reported)
6) It’s sad and scary how bigoted and myopic some view race, sexuality and “fidelity”
7) Dude, his last name is GOLDWYN. SO I don’t know how that makes Tony a great-grandson of the Warner (or “Warnar” as it was written) Bros. Try MGM.
8) STILL don’t understand how people love and/or respect Joke or Melliody.
9) PEOPLE NEED TO LET GO OF GHOST! It’s been over 20 years.