shonagh marshall

Michael Howells had the idea to place display boxes of hair throughout the exhibition. These are to remind the visitor that it was an exploration of hair and it’s materiality. We were concerned that the exhibition was not solely a photographic exhibition. Here are the most beautiful finger waves in a bright magenta, which appear like thick strokes of paint. - Shonagh Marshall, Curator

A little known fact is that Sam McKnight introduced Nick Knight to Lady Gaga. After meeting Gaga on a shoot for British Vogue he thought they would get along and after his introduction the three have gone one to collaborate on numerous projects. Here we exhibit Lady Gaga’s wig from the Born This Way album artwork shot by Nick Knight. The images that appeared in the campaign are black and white, so I always thought it was really interesting to expose that the wig was in fact a dirty pink colour with black roots. The flowers in Sam’s garden often inspire the colours of the wigs he uses. - Shonagh Marshall, Curator

An important section to me within the exhibition is entitled ‘Timeline’. Sam has worked almost everyday for almost forty years so the breadth of his archive is phenomenal. Therefore the editing process was tough and everything had to be really tightly considered. This section maps out career defining moments for McKnight from his first shoot within the December 1977 issue of British Vogue, through to a shoot with Irving Penn in 1990. I felt it was really important for visitors to have this chronological context before journeying through the thematic sections. - Shonagh Marshall, Curator

Sam McKnight has created over 190 covers for Vogue internationally, more than that of any other working photographer or model. Here we exhibit an overwhelming amount of these covers. I am fascinated by Vogue throughout history, as I feel it is an interesting, although elite, mirror of contemporaneous concerns. Here you see the faces change from the unknown models of the 1980s, through supermodels, Hollywood actresses and musicians, to the social media stars of today. When in this room I like to think of all the locations, the hours, the people and the work it took to create all these covers - what a feat. - Shonagh Marshall, Curator